11 Games like Dark and Darker

One the surface, Dark and Darker may seem like a run of the mill fantasy game. Given the fact that it involves PvPvE gameplay, though, it’s actually a more unique experience. It borrows elements from classic Fantasy RPGs with more of a focus on dungeon exploration and looting. Fans of the game will be happy […]

How to download Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker is developer Ironmace Games’ hardcore dungeon-diving title. It allows you to test your skills through a brutal descent into various dungeons. While there is no official release date, Ironmace Games have released public demos and playtests. This may leave you wondering how to download Dark and Darker. How to play the Dark […]

Dark and Darker Patch Notes (March 2023)

Players can enjoy deep and challenging combat in Dark and Darker’s dungeon-diving system. The goal is to get in, avoid or kill other players and monsters, and then escape with your life and loot. Throughout the game’s life, developer Ironmace Games have been patching Dark and Darker and releasing patch notes of major changes. All […]