Dark and Darker Patch Notes (March 2023)

The dungeons aren't getting safer.

Players can enjoy deep and challenging combat in Dark and Darker's dungeon-diving system. The goal is to get in, avoid or kill other players and monsters, and then escape with your life and loot. Throughout the game's life, developer Ironmace Games have been patching Dark and Darker and releasing patch notes of major changes.

All fixes and changes in Dark and Darker - Patch Notes

Dark and Darker does not have an official release date, but Ironmace Games has been hosting several playtests. These allow players to enjoy the game in an alpha state and provide feedback to the developer. This feedback is gathered and used in patches to fix known issues. Here are the patch notes for Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker Patch Notes February 14, 2023


Fixed several issues where items could be rolled back.
Fixed an issue where Fulgor's block size was wider than intended.
Rogue’s Hide duration changed from 50 to 60 seconds.
Ironshield's policy has been updated.

Dark and Darker Patch Notes February 13, 2023


Fixed an issue with Cave Troll not recognizing the Pavise.
Fixed an issue where the Lich would take damage to himself during melee attacks.
Fixed issue with buying gold with silver coins.
Haste duration changed from 11 to 8 seconds.
Savage Roar’s fear duration changed from 4 to 3 seconds.
Cave Troll's magic resistance has been removed.
From now on, there will be a level limit for entering High-Rollers.
Updated Ironshield logic for several known exploits.

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Dark and Darker Patch Notes February 10, 2023


Fixed an issue where Victory Strike could not function properly.
Second Wind’s skill level 7 -> 6
Adrenaline Rush's skill level 3 -> 6
Meditation takes less time and spells charge slightly more than before.
Increased campfire duration for all grades.
Pavise installation conditions have been slightly changed.
Adjusted spawn data for goblin caves.
Increased the time in the Goblin Caves by 75s.
Updated parts of the Goblin Cave to make it easier to traverse the floors.
The number of people entering the Goblin Cave has changed.
The number of people entering the Forgotten Castle has been changed.
Fixed an issue that caused the Ghost King to stop moving under certain conditions.
Gathering Hall now has a minimum required level.
Improved minor performance issues.
Fixed some translation errors.

Dark and Darker Patch Notes February 9, 2023


Fixed an issue where the Cave Troll could get stuck on walls.
Fixed an issue where one of the Cave Troll's attack patterns was not working properly.
Fighter Weapon Mastery Physical Power Penalty -20% → -10%
Wizard Light’s Spell Count 8 -> 6
Wizard Ignite’s Spell Count 6 -> 5
Wizard Zap’s Spell Count 6 -> 5
Wizard Ice Bolt’s Spell Count 6 -> 5
Wizard Haste’s Spell Count 5 -> 4
Wizard Invisibility’s Spell Count 5 -> 4
Wizard Chain Lightning’s Spell Count 4 -> 3
Wizard Fireball Splash Damage 20 -> 10
Stiletto Dagger Attack #3 multiplier 1.25x -> 1.4x
Improved minor performance issues.

Dark and Darker Patch Notes February 8, 2023


Fixed an issue where VoIP settings would change.
Fixed an issue where trade chat would not pause when the chat line cap was reached when using the filters.
Fixed an issue where the ability to shoot arrows farther the longer the bow was drawn was not working properly.
Increased movement speed when reloading arrows into quivers. Each bow has a different movement speed when reloading.
Trap Detection and Tracking range increased by 1m.
Sanctuary healing slightly reduced.
Cave trolls now drop ‘Troll’s Blood’.
Added the option to select DX11 when launching the game. Thank you for enjoying Dark and Darker.

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Dark and Darker Patch Notes February 7, 2023


Fixed an issue where the game could not be played in a virtual machine environment.
Fixed an issue where audio volume channels were mixed up.
Fixed an issue where the volume could change when turning on/off the VoIP feature.
Fixed an issue that could cause several crashes.
Fixed an inability to attack issue that could occur during ranged attacks.
Fixed an issue preventing some perks and skills from working properly.
Fixed an issue where the applied state was not displayed correctly when equipping an item.
Fixed an issue where the Death Beetle's hitbox was not aligned with the model.
Fixed an issue where Goblin corpses could end up falling through the floor.
Fixed an issue where dungeons would not end normally.
Fixed a place where you could fall off the High Roller Dungeon into the void.
Fixed an Inferno module that had two overlapping doors.
Merchants now sell Potion of Protection in limited quantities.
The Goblin Merchant now sell mystery items for 75 gold instead of 100 gold.
Goblin health reduced by 10%.
Goblin Warrior/Archer’s poison damage has been slightly reduced.
Goblin Archer's slow effect has been removed.
Goblin Archer's damage has been slightly reduced.
Goblin Mage's projectile speed has been slightly reduced but it now gives a slow debuff when hit.
Cave Troll’s damage reduced by 10%.
Cave Troll now slowly regenerates health.
One more escape portal has been added to the Goblin Cave.
Improved the accessibility of the Goblin Town module in the Goblin Caves.
Ore deposits have been added to more locales in the Crypt dungeons.
Added and corrected translations.- Reduced the wait time for the tavern to fill up for both Normal and High-Roller dungeons.

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Dark and Darker Patch Notes (March 2023)

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