Destiny 2 Titan build in The Final Shape
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Best Titan build for Legend difficulty campaign – Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Tackling Legend difficulty of a brand new campaign should be on the To-Do list of any player looking to grab some quick high-power armor and a couple of Exotics. Today we're looking at the best build for all my Master Chief cosplayers out there.

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Best Prismatic build for Legend difficulty in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Destiny 2 Prismatic Titan build in The Final Shape
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To take on the Legend campaign players need a good build to ensure a stress-free run through some very tedious missions; while I can't speak on the Hunter or Warlock, the Titan is my area of expertise.

Prismatic has dropped for all classes and while I ran through the Legend difficulty, I quickly realized that the Titan is missing some key synergies that their other builds offered in droves. Solar Titan gives you almost four different ways to cure and restore your health, the Strand Titan is an immortal killing machine, and even Void Titan can be a damage-soaking tank. Thus Prismatic's selection of abilities is underwhelming until we unlock more post-campaign. Still, there's enough firepower here to get you through the campaign on the hardest difficulty, but if you ever hit a wall don't be afraid to switch up your build.

Destiny 2 Prismatic Super and abilities

The abilities we have available for the Titan are fairly generous and are strong enough to get you through Legend difficulty.

  • Bladefury/Twilight Arsenal: Bladefury is an all-around excellent Super that has incredible damage and survivability. However, the moment you unlock the Twilight Arsenal I suggest switching over to that Super. Twilight Arsenal summons three void axes that launch toward your target, dealing massive damage, weakening them, and giving you the option of picking those axes up again and utilizing them like swords.
  • Towering Barricade: Summon a Towering Barricade to protect yourself and allies or lockdown a position from enemy fire.
  • Shield Throw: Hurl your void shield (like Captain America) toward your target. The shield can ricochet off targets and surfaces, granting an Overshield for each target hit. This ability is a fantastic survivability option especially since it was buffed.
  • Thermite Grenade: A grenade that sends forth a burning line of fire, dealing damage and scorching targets in its path. This grenade covers the most distance and lasts longest so its a great choice to apply scorch to all enemies in a line plus an area of effect.

Destiny 2 Prismatic Fragments

Annoyingly, throughout the Legend campaign you're not given access to any incredible Fragments and even fewer have true synergies with the Titan and our other abilities. So here, we just equip what we can and make use of them when the opportunity arrives.

With the exception of Facet of Purpose and Facet of Balance, you can slot in any Fragments that you expect to utilize more often. The former Fragment gives empowers you with some form of damage reduction based on your chosen Super, while the latter boils down to: deal damage to recover grenade and melee energy.

As stated, some of these Fragments will be more useful than others; some may rarely be triggered, but these are the only tools we have at our disposal at the moment.

Destiny 2 Prismatic Aspects

The two best choices we have for Aspects are Knockout (a way to supercharge your melee) and Unbreakable (the ability to form a giant frontal shield).

Honestly, either one of these aspects can be swapped out for any other depending on your preferences. Knockout is great but you have very few ways to survive in melee range against a large pack of mobs, so it can be a waste at times. The only universal Aspect available is Unbreakable, but can feel clunky and underwhelming since it consumes your grenade and effectively gives you one less ability.

Once again we have only a few Aspects to play with and they don't fit perfectly into any one build currently. We are just missing too many pieces to mold together a seamless build. Which is why if you're struggling with the Legend campaign, you should read on below for a build that doesn't utilize the shiny new Prismatic.

Best Non-Prismatic build for Legend difficulty in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Destiny 2 Strand Titan build in The Final Shape
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Not everyone wants to use the shiny new toys that Bungie has given us and they honestly may be right. Prismatic has one glaring negative: the total amount of Fragments, Aspects, and Abilities available are very limiting. Most Fragments and Aspects that you have access to with the Titan are fairly ant-synergistic.

Diamond Lance can be a powerful tool at your disposal, but utilizing any form of Strand will cause you to accidentally pick up a Lance over a Tangle and vice-versa—leading to some unfortunate mishaps.

The Titan is lucky to have plenty of potent builds that will have you breezing through Legend difficulty. Below I will detail my trusty 'Boxing Titan' which carried me through a vast majority of the difficult campaign.

Destiny 2 Non-Prismatic Subclass and abilities

  • Bladefury: This Super is the cherry on top of the Strand Titan build, allowing you to go toe-to-toe with any enemy in the game. When combined with all the other amplification passives that we use, Bladefury can reach some absurd damage numbers.
  • Towering Barricade: Summon a Towering Barricade to protect yourself and allies or lockdown a position from enemy fire.
  • Frenzied Blade: Our empowered melee attack is the bread and butter of this build; it recharges fast ensuring you're always slicing up enemies, becomes stronger through our chosen Fragments and Aspects, and to top it all off, it procs Banner of War.
  • Grapple: When you have a fully stacked Banner of War, the Grapple-Melee ability is one of the most damaging abilities in the game. One shoulder charge from a Titan and an entire wave of combatants are disintegrated by your power—it's ridiculously fun.

Destiny 2 Non-Prismatic Fragments

  • Thread of Transmutation: To get the ball rolling, Thread of Transmutation offers an easy way for you to generate a Tangle and refresh the Woven Mail damage reduction, making you indestructible.
  • Thread of Fury: Since we need our melee up as frequently as possible, we run Thread of Fury so that Tangle kills regenerate our Frenzied Blade.
  • Thread of Warding: The easiest way to become an immortal Titan is to pick up an Orb of Power and grant yourself Woven Mail (45% damage reduction is no joke) and thanks to the Thread of Warding, we can do just that.
  • Thread of Generation: Our grenade for Strand is our Grapple and since it can produce a disgusting amount of damage, we utilize the Thread of Generation to ensure our grenade is charged and ready at all times.

Non-Prismatic Aspects

Into the Fray is helpful for teammates if you happen to be running Legendary with a Fireteam, but its second effect of increasing melee regeneration rate is perfectly synergistic.

The big boy here is the Banner of War; this single Aspect does everything for the Strand Titan, offering health regen and increased melee damage that can be constantly applied and reapplied by teammates. Even its healing is useful to other Guardians, but with a steady stream of incoming health regen at all times and the ability to activate a 45% damage reduction almost at will, it's hard not to see how easily the Titan can be an unstoppable machine.

These two Aspects are arguably the corner stone of the Strand Titan build.

With this Berserker Titan build, you'll be boxing every enemy you come across, getting right in their face, and shrugging off incredible amounts of damage with Banner of War and Woven Mail. If you're proficient with this class, you can keep your stacks up almost indefinitely (so long as you've got mobs to box) and become almost immortal.

That's our best builds for the Titan on Legend difficulty. If you're looking for more Destiny 2 content check out The Red Death Reformed is a divisive weapon in Destiny 2: The Final Shape, All Destiny 2 Final Shape Campaign Missions, and more at Pro Game Guides.

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Best Titan build for Legend difficulty campaign – Destiny 2 The Final Shape

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