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Learn how-to obtain the new Malfeasance Hand Cannon with our guide!

The Malfeasance Hand Cannon is the latest Exotic to be added to Destiny 2: Forsaken! If you are wondering how-to get it, we've got a full Malfeasance Guide that will walk you through step-by-step on how to complete all of the quests with tips along the way.

Hand Cannons seem to be the popular go to weapon in Destiny 2: Forsaken. You've likely already completed the Ace of Spades quest to get that powerful Hand Cannon which is used frequently in PVP and PVE. Now it's time to set your focus on this new weapon that looks pretty incredible!

Malfeasance Hand Cannon

The interesting part about this gun is the Explosive Shadow Perk:

Shoot tainted slugs that burrow into the enemy. Stacking enough slugs causes them all to explode.

Step 1: Grind Gambit Mode

If you are a fan of the new Gambit mode then you are going to be excited about this one. You will need to play it a lot, because you need a specific Primeval boss to spawn to start you off on your journey to this new exotic. Normally, there are four different bosses that can spawn, but you are looking for a new one that only will spawn randomly. The one you are looking for is an Ascendant Primeval Servitor. This can take a long time, and even when you do spawn it you are going to have to make sure to take it down before the other team takes their Primeval down!

When fighting this boss, you'll notice that at certain times the Primeval will become immune. It spawns small Taken orbs that make the Taken around it immune to damage. Be sure to take these out, or you won't be able to defeat it quickly.

When your team kills the Primeval boss you should all get the The Seething Heart exotic item. Take this to the Drifter who is located at The Traveler and can be found at the Bazaar in The Last City (north west area).

Step 2: City of Secrets - Quest Step

Search for clues about the thief in the Dreaming City.

Now it's time to grind down some Taken Bosses or Minibosses. You will need to slay 25 of these to complete the quest. One way to do these would be to do Tier 3 Blind Wells that can spawn a bunch of these bosses. Another way is to look for "Enemies Moving Against Each Other" events that have a ton of boss spawns and they will continue to spawn just about every time you kill one!

Step 3: Darkness in the Light (The Corrupted Mission - RLP 580)

Help the Drifter track the thief who stole from him. Complete the mission variant of strike "The Corrupted."

Be sure you've got yourself to a pretty high Light Level because this Quest is not a joke. You are recommended to be at 580, so make sure you are in this range before attempting. You will find this quest in The Dreaming City to the north of Rheasilvia. You can apparently have up to 6 people doing this event, so the more the merrier!

Step 4: Depleted Weapon Core (Business as Usual Quest Step)

Deposit Motes. Dropped Motes subtract x2 score. Win Gambit matches.

Take the Depleted Weapon Core to The Drifter and he will give you the Business as Usual Quest Step. You will need to win 10 Gambit matches, and deposit 500 Motes of Dark to complete this quest. If you drop motes, you will have your motes subtracted by x2. You really don't want to die and lose motes, this can take you down really quickly. Bank motes as much as possible, and be very careful about Invaders who account for the majority of deaths in Gambit.

Step 5: Lights Out Quest Step

Have an ally invader defeat four opposing Guardians in a single invasion three times, OR defeat four opposing Guardians as an invader. As an invader, defeat 25 opposing Guardians in Gambit.

If you haven't realized this already, you really need to love Gambit to get this Exotic Hand Cannon! The first part of this is getting 25 Invader kills. You can do this as an Invader, or by killing an enemy Invader. The second part is going to be the most difficult. You are going to either have to defeat four opposing Guardians as an Invader on your own in a SINGLE invade, OR you can be carried by a teammate and have them do this FOUR separate times for you.

Step 6: Collect Your Reward

If you are able to complete that final quest step then all you will need to do is go back to The Drifter and collect that sweet new Hand Cannon!

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  1. I had a 90 mote game before having the quest 🙁

  2. Celestial Nighthawk, a dream, and a scout rifle to kill things from cheeky spots.

  3. You can kill more than 4 if they are the same people but once you kill all 4 individual players at least once you get teleported back.

  4. Hey I just got the quest funnily enough I haven’t actual played much of gambit. Anyway when I got it and this may nit be it but it may be a link. I got 15 motes and banked it in every time didn’t lose any ended up getting in a game of 65 motes at the end. But I got the ascendant prime evil as the boss for the second and final round. Thought it may be helpful!

  5. This is like the Luna’s Howl quest but gambit and made for people who got a pair of big balls of steel.
    The final quest step can be easily achieved with the Thunderlord and optional a super such as golden gun, hammer of sol or the daybreak.

    In case they fallback into the spawn, dont rush, peak from behind a corner with the thunderlord, if they have their super ready you better start shooting before its too late, dont chase people with shotguns near corners, just peak from a far distance because thunderlord has a long range and a ridiculous damage too.

    If they have the primeval, rush after the primeval spawned after a few seconds because in that time they are gonna waste their heavy ammo and possibly their super unless they are keeping it for YOU.

    The strategy works really well for me and learn to know your ground, you can see their locations yet they cant, take that as an advantage, dont rush without knowing your enemy, its really obvious that you will as well get camped, check your perimeter and start killing while you can.

    1. i have thunderlord and stuff but its irritating….im thinking maybe you use thunderlord on two of em and the if they run to spawn use your super….like missile titan or uhhh burning maul

  6. “Be sure you’ve got yourself to a pretty high Light Level because this Quest [The Corrupted] is not a joke.”

    It’s not just a joke, it’s downright impossible if you’re going solo. Bring at least 3 people unless you’re a fan of dying over and over and over.

    1. I have to agree i done it at recommend light level 580 and gave up in the end cause it was pissing me off how hard it was. No way it was 580 rll.

    2. Many people have done it solo, not that difficult with the right power level and gear. You just have to play it safe and be patient.

  7. I’ve gotten this medal like 30 times… use sleeper and stop complaining ain’t that hard at all.

  8. The last quest step for MALFEASANCE is ridiculous. You can grind to get 25 kills but the 4 Guardian kills is crazy WTF maybe u can get 2 at most 3 if your very lucky and if you get 4 without the enemy team helping you, stop playing go get lottery tickets cuz u are one lucky S.O.B. Bungie is stupid for this one…. Come on man!!!

    1. I done it today without meaning to just through luck with the sleeper. Pretty sure i cant do it again. But its a lot of work for a hand cannon I’m never gonna use. Also spending loads of time on gambit yuck. Crap questline.

    2. Damn maybe i get lucky but i get 4 kills pretty often, not that im tracking it but feels like every other time. Having that said i’m not even a good player really. Maybe it is just luck. I had a 5 kills once or twice just because some smartass was reviving his team mate haha

      1. You can only get 4 kills when invading before the drifter sends you back so nice try

        1. You can kill more than 4 if they are the same people but once you kill all 4 individual players at least once you get teleported back.

        2. jokes on you, 7 kills in one invade cuz lobbed a grenade into spawn and spammed my colony on the way out, 3 died as they spawned. its doable but 100% luck

    3. Last step is not hard 25 invader kills you invade and if hunter use golden gun 6 shots only 4 to drop the entire team .

    4. I wiped the opposing team yesterday and I suck hard at gambit. Trust me, it’s possible. Queue up with a good team and use a linear fusion rifle.

      1. Linear fusinon is ez with sleeper. Make sure u get heavy and have a super. Shoot 1 or 2 and super the other 2 if need be. Hunter 1000 cuts usally gets me 2 so shoot 2 more fast first

    5. Easy for me and I’m not even good

      1. Ove gotten this medal as well im fucking horrible invader

        1. If you don’t mind my asking, what strategy worked well for you to get all 4 kills? I’m also a terrible invader and haven’t had any luck.

          1. As long as you are a decent aim, hammerhead will invade for you.

          2. called queensbreaker strat

          3. Telesto and a super ready. Maybe even some heavy grenade launcher with sticky nades for good measure. Bum rush them when they have a primeval. Happy hunting!