Prismatic chest with Prismatic Fragment in Destiny 2
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How to get Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2 (Map)

The Final Shape has introduced a new Prismatic subclass, which can be overpowered if you combine armor perks with Prismatic Fragments. There are 21 of them, and each offers unique buffs. Here's how to get Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2.

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Where to find Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2 (Map location)

Destiny 2 Prismatich Fragments chest location map
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Complete the Destiny 2 quests, like "Destined Heroes," to get Prismatic Fragments. You can also find Prismatic Fragments scattered around the world in golden chests. You'll often get them as a reward after you defeat incredibly challenging enemies. To discover more Prismatic Fragments, visit the chest locations explained below.

Prismatic Fragment chest locations in Destiny 2

Facet of Bravery

Hidden location of Facet of Bravery in Destiny 2
Screenshot via KackisHD YouTube

In the D2:TFS mission "Ascent," you must progress the mission until you find a crashed plane. Drop down into the plane to find the chest containing the Facet of Bravery Prismatic Fragment.

Facet of Devotion

Hidden location of Facet of Devotion in Destiny 2
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You can find a chest containing Facet of Devotion in the mission "Dissent," where you search for Zavala in Destiny 2. To get the chest, you must first defeat the boss at the end of a mission. As you turn to escape, you'll find a chest after the first set of bridges, behind a pillar.

Facet of Sacrifice

Hidden location of Facet of Sacrifice in Destiny 2
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In the mission "Iconoclasm," progress until you reach a room with an animal-like statue. Take a left, jump up on the door frame, and go through a hole in the wall to find the chest with the Facet of Sacrifice.

Facet of Grace

Destiny 2 map with marked location of Facet of Grace Prismatic Fragment chest
Facet of Grace map location (Image by Pro Game Guides)

Facet of Grace is located behind the Old Tower, as shown on the map above. You'll find the locked chest. To get the key, you must defeat Scion Weavers and a Tormentor.

Facet of Mending

Location of Facet of Mending in Destiny 2
Screenshot via KackisHD YouTube

Return to the campaign's starting area to locate the Facet of Mending. Near the Old Tower, locate four ghosts using the ghost icon on your screen. This seems like a trap, and it is! When you pick all four of them, stand on a circle near the chest to trigger an event. Defeat the enemy to get the key you need to unlock the chest.

Facet of Justice

Facet of Justice puzzle fragments in Destiny 2
Screenshot via KackisHD YouTube

Fast travel to the Landing region and follow the path until you reach the crystal room with a chest in the center. Behind the chest, you'll notice three runes on the window. Pick up the crystals and place them in the order of symbols shown on the window. The boss will then appear, and after you defeat him, you'll be able to open the chest holding the Facet of Justice.

Facet of Command

Facet of Command Scorch cannon location in Destiny 2
Screenshot via KackisHD YouTube

To get Facet of Command, fast travel to the Impasse. Follow the path until you find two generators and a Scorch Cannon. Use the Scorch Cannon to reveal orbs and deposit them into the generators. Each generator requires exactly 10 points. Combine orbs of different values to solve the puzzle—Arc orbs are worth 2 points, Solar orbs are worth 3 points, and Void orbs are worth 4 points. After solving the puzzle, defeat a boss to get the key and unlock the nearby chest.

Facet of Defiance

Protection node close to the Facet of Defiance in Destiny 2
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To get the Facet of Defiance, fast-travel to the Impasse. Enter a temple and follow the path to the open area. Make sure you have Darkness buff activated, as that's a prerequisite to entering this area. Defeat shielded husks by destroying Blighted Eyes, then defeat a Tormentor to get the key and unlock the Prismatic Fragment chest.

How to get more Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2

Sword Dance Cyst in Destiny 2
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Collect Light memory vestiges

Three Prismatic Fragments require Light memory vestiges: Facet of Awakening, Facet of Dominance, and Facet of Generosity. Collect Light vestiges in two Cyst missions, "Sword Dance" and "Searing Light." Each mission drops nine Light vestiges.

Collect Darkness memory vestiges

The Facet of Solitude and Facet of Honor require Darkness memory vestiges. To collect them, visit the three main landing areas to find corrupted (Darkness) chests and claim a memory vestige. Five memory of darkness items combine to form one prismatic memory key chest, one of which you can find at the Divide at the top of the path. Before descending the elevator shaft, look over the cliff edge and down to the right to find the glowing prismatic chest.

A big thanks to Destiny 2 Reddit users, and the @IanEvolution and @KackisHD YouTube pages, which shared their experiences with other players online. This article is a work in progress. We'll update it with more locations as we find them.

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How to get Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2 (Map)

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