Most Used Weapons in Destiny 2 (February 2024)

Destiny 2 offers us a whole cornucopia of various weapons to dispatch enemies. With frequent updates by developers and the constant introduction of new content, the weapon meta often shifts around. For those of you wondering what are the most popular weapons in the game for this month, we have assembled a list of weapons […]

Best Destiny 2 Memes (February 2024)

Sometimes when your fireteam has been wiping nonstop and the Crucible wins aren’t coming, it’s nice to take a break and look at some memes. Memes are a refreshing way to step back and poke fun at Destiny 2’s features with no hard feelings involved. They help members of a community feel connected in their […]

Destiny 2 Riven’s Wishes I Quest Guide

Though the “last” of Destiny 2’s Ahamkara may have left us, Riven has charged us with protecting her clutch. Part of this is fulfilling the Riven’s Wishes quests. These weekly quests will appear each reset and charge players with completing various tasks in exchange for a Wish Token that can be exchanged for a wide […]