Best Riki Builds in Dota 2

Riki is one of the not-so-popular heroes in Dota 2. That said, Riki is pretty straightforward to play if you’re already familiar with Dota 2’s gameplay, but we do not recommend that you start with Riki if you’re new to Dota 2. If you’ve managed to familiarize yourself with the Dota 2 mechanics, here are […]

Best Zeus Builds in Dota 2

Zeus is one really overpowered hero in Dota 2, provided he’s in the right hands. Zeus is a carry hero and can deal extensive damage with the right loadout. Here are two of the most popular Zeus builds per the current Dota 2 7.31c patch Zeus Dota 2 Builds Zeus Standard build Skill Build Hero […]

Dota 2 Best Heroes Tier List

Dota 2 probably has the largest arsenal of heroes you can pick from compared to any other game. Each of these heroes their its own unique skillsets and offers a unique gameplay experience. Moreover, the hero meta in Dota keeps evolving with each update, making hero choices very difficult. That said, here are our picks […]

Dota 2 Ranking System, Ranks, and MMR explained

In Dota 2, there’s a ranking system for ranked matches. The ranking system is designed to represent a player’s skill level each season. The game will place you with equally ranked players, and if you’re able to beat them consistently, you’ll rise in ranks until you achieve a roughly equal level of skill with those […]

All Dota 2 Positions, Explained

Dota 2 can be an overwhelming game to start playing, with even the positions on a team seeming incredibly complex. Also, with sometimes three different names for a single position, it can be difficult to know what someone’s talking about. In general, the positions in Dota 2 are numbered. Positions 1-5 are ordered roughly based […]