Earthblade – Release date, trailer, platforms, & more

Earthblade is being developed and published by Extremely OK Games, the team behind Towerfall and Celeste. It features the team’s gorgeous pixel art, enhanced for a new title and enchanting world. Lena Raine also returns for the game’s soundtrack and brings the same level of quality Celeste’s soundtrack has. Everything we know about Earthblade We […]

Earthblade jumps and fights its way into 2024

Earthblade is the long-awaited follow-up to Celeste and Towerfall, titles by developer Extremely OK Games. Both titles were critically acclaimed thanks to their tight gameplay and, in the case of Celeste, fantastic story. Earthblade received a new trailer during The Games Awards 2022 hosted by Geoff Keighley Games Awards 2022 live stream, revealing the title […]