How to Register Animals in Fae Farm

Caring for animals is an essential part of cozy games like Stardew Valley or Fae Farm. If you’re trying to look after your animals in Fae Farm, you might have some difficulty; the Coop Ledger is notoriously tricky to find. Here’s how you can get it and start registering animals in Fae Farm! How do […]

How to Get Fairy Wings in Fae Farm

While playing Fae Farm as a beginner, there are many details that you may wonder about. Fairy wings are shown on characters in the promo, so can you have some of your own? Yes, and I’ve got the details on how you can do it! How do you get Wings in Fae Farm? To be […]

10 Best Fae Farm Tips for Beginners

Fae Farm has a lot of aspects to its game, even more than just farming. That’s why we’ve compiled the most helpful tips for beginner players in Fae Farm! Use these tips to get ahead and not be led astray while playing. 10 Beginners Tips for Fae Farm Players Ten – Cook All of Your […]

Fae Farm Multiplayer Guide – How it works

Multiplayer in games like Stardew Valley and Fae Farm are essential to the farming simulator game genre. Whether you’re playing locally, online, or online cross-platform, you may need some guidance. And we have it for you down below! Does Fae Farm have multiplayer? The great news is that Fae Farm does have multiplayer! You will […]