Who is Sagira in Destiny 2

Sagira is Osiris’ ghost in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. Osiris lost Sagira a while back and is currently one of the very few Guardians who is ghost-less. Sagira first appeared way back in Destiny 1 and on many occasions, has worked with the Guardian and their Ghost. Needless to say, Ghost wasn’t happy and […]

InnovationTime misses Roblox Egg Hunts, so he made Egg Hunt 2022: Lost in Time

Let’s be honest: Roblox egg hunts are sorely missed. With the annual Roblox egg hunts replaced by the less popular dev hunts in 2019 and 2020, and then fully transitioning into Metaverse Champions in 2021, this traditional event hasn’t been the same since 2018. While there’s no news regarding an official Roblox egg hunt this […]

Apex Legends 3rd Anniversary Collection Event bases new Legend skins on existing fan favorites

The Apex Legends anniversary collection events are a lot of fun because they tend to bring new content that also gives players a flashback to beloved older content. For the 2nd Anniversary Collection Event, players could unlock new color variants of fan favorite skins. For the 3rd Anniversary Collection Event, however, the callback looks a […]