Best Units for Fell Xenologue in Fire Emblem Engage

Sadly, there's no Wyvern Kagetsu or Mage Knight Pandreo in this mode.

The Fell Xenologue can be really tough for Fire Emblem Engage players. Every unit resets to their base class, there are at preset levels, and the maps happen to be incredibly difficult. If players try out the Fell Xenologue closer to the end of their save file, though, they will have the maximum amount of units and Emblem Rings to pick from. Therefore, they might want to prioritize deploying these units.

Which Units are best to use in the Fell Xenologue?


Hopefully players are making use of Alear in the Fell Xenologue in Fire Emblem Engage because, well, they are forced to. Alear will also be forced back into Divine Dragon for any players that reclassed him or her into Wyvern, Paladin, or any other class. Being a Divine Dragon isn't horrible, though, because they can make use of Byleth's and Corrin's ring to their full potential. Divine Dragon Alear will call up any terrain from Corrin's Dragon Vein and raise all stats with Byleth's instruct.


The Fell Xenologues throw plenty of reinforcements at the player at once. This makes it a prime time to use Louis to soak up damage. Being an Armored Knight can be tough due to limited movement, but players can always fix this with ol' reliable: the Sigurd ring. Alternatively, Louis gets Quick Riposte from the Hector ring.


Since units get forced into their initial class, that means there are far less candidates for flying carries. Chole does exist, but she fails to double many enemies due to her low Build, even on Hard mode. This give Rosado a chance to shine, as he has a great mixture of bulk, speed, and strength to deal with lots of enemies. He might just need a Lyn ring to keep doubling.

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Hortensia always provides value due to her personal skill, Big Personality, giving her extra range on healing staves. There are loads of strategies players can use with either the Michaiah ring or the Veronica ring to help Hortensia support the team. Psychic can heal from afar, Obstruct can hold off choke points, and Warp can rush units to the boss.


Ivy comes with a Thunder tome, which means she can provide reliable chip damage from afar. She also has enough speed to double the slow enemies and at least not get doubled herself by most other enemies. Ivy is a great candidate for the Lyn ring to fix her speed or the Soren ring to give her Bolting access.


Players who leave Amber on the bench may be surprised at how huge his attack stat gets in the Fell Xenologue. He also already comes mounted, so he doesn't suffer from not being able to reclass. Another interesting thing about the Fell Xenologue is that units do keep their skills from the main game. This means players can give Amber Canter and maybe Speed +3 while giving him the Lucina or Eirika ring to really maximize his damage output.


The crit machine can still score plenty of kills in the Fell Xenologue. All Panette needs is the Ike ring and to stay below 50% to have a high crit rate. She does suffer a bit from not being able to use a forged Killer Axe, so players will need to use a regular Killer Axe and rely on Blood Fury and Wrath to keep her crit rate high.

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The competition between Alcryst and Fogado for the best bow user in the Fell Xenologue is tough. Players will really want a bow user with all of the flyers on the maps, and Fogado does come with a mount. Alcryst can make good use of his personal skill, though, to give him extra strength. This allows him to get the kill on tougher enemies, or at least provide valuable chip damage.


Despite having no mount, Diamant still is able to provide decent value in the Successor class. This class does give him the Sol skill, which won't prog all the time, but is very nice when it does. Players can combine this with the Eirika or Hector ring to give him extra bulk, or Sigurd to give him the mount he so desperately desires.


As a Wolf Knight, Merrin easily serves as one of the fastest units in Alear's company. With a strong dagger and sword, Merrin will reliably double plenty of enemies. There might be a small issue with damage output, which is why players might want to consider the Roy ring for Lancereaver and Strength +5.

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Best Units for Fell Xenologue in Fire Emblem Engage

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