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Best characters in For The King 2

Build the right party for the quest.

You must select from various characters when building your party in For The King 2. With only four slots, ensure you pick the best characters in For The King 2 for your party comp.

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All Classes in For The King 2, Ranked

We will update this guide as we progress!

1. Hunter

The Hunter is the best starting class due to how many special abilities it receives and its high speed, which lets it move further when exploring and act faster in combat. Elite Ambush and Elite Sneak make the Hunter the best character to engage in combat with, as Elite Ambush makes ambushing and isolating enemies easier. You can safely battle an enemy without bringing the surrounding foes but also gain an initiative advantage. Elite Sneak works the same, making it easier to avoid combat when running into an enemy in the overworld.

The Hunter also has the Called Shot special ability, which occasionally grants a perfect roll when using a bow. Called Shot is less useful than the Hunter's Elite skills but can come in handy sometimes, especially when you have negative status effects. Finally, the Hunter also has Energy Boost, which gives a chance to gain an additional action point at the end of turn.

The best equipment for the Hunter is a bow to take advantage of Called Shot and its high Awareness. Other equipment you'll find useful are ones that increase evasion, speed, crit chance, and Awareness. The Hunter can put out high damage thanks to their speed and crit chance, so I recommend capitalizing on these.

2. Herbalist

The Herbalist is a close second for the best class due to its special ability, Find Herb. While exploring the overworld, you can get a random herb when ending your turn. You can find Godsbeard, Panax, Golden Root and more. Free herbs can keep your stock replenished and are extremely powerful when combined with the Herbalist's other special ability, Party Heal.

Party Heal allows the Herbalist to provide partial healing to your allies during combat, in the overworld, and when resting, and even heal the entire party with a single Godsbeard. These skills make the Herbalist the best support character at the start of the game. For equipment, focus on staves and wands to increase the Herbalist's damage output. I also recommend items to increase your Vitality and Awareness.

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3. Blacksmith

The Blacksmith is the main physical and tanky class available at the start. It has the Steadfast ability, which gives you a chance to negate all damage while using a shield. While this can be powerful, it relies on luck, and you must also have a shield equipped for it to be effective. Using a two-handed weapon will make your Steadfast ability worthless.

The Blacksmith should use a one-handed bladed or blunt weapon due to its high Strength. A shield is another must-have for Steadfast to work. Combine this with equipment to increase your Strength and resistances to make the ultimate tank. Stocking on healing items is also helpful since the Blacksmith stands in the front line.

4. Scholar

The Scholar is a magic-based class like the Herbalist but lacks the support abilities. Instead, the Scholar has Refocus, which gives it a chance to regain Focus at the end of a turn while in the overworld or a dungeon. Focus is a powerful tool, but the infrequency of regaining it holds this special ability back.

The Scholar's other ability is Find Scroll, working similarly to the Find Herb ability but with scrolls. While scrolls are helpful, herbs are better for their healing and status removing effects. The Scholar should also focus on equipment like staves and wands, preferably one with a strong attack and an area attack. Be sure to equip items to increase the Scholar's Intelligence and resistances as well.

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5. Stablehand

The Stablehand is my least favorite class and seems weaker than the others. Hardwork is its only special ability, giving you an additional primary action when using your last Focus. It's powerful but doesn't trigger often, meaning its more niche and requires you to spend a lot of focus.

The Stablehand does have good stats, making it versatile as a swift fighter or bulky warrior. You can use bows, polearms, blades, and blunt weapons thanks to its good Strength and Awareness. Other useful equipment will restore Focus to trigger Hardwork more often and increase the stats mentioned above.

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Best characters in For The King 2

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