Fortnite Item Shop

Time to see what's available in the Fortnite Item Shop for November 15, 2022! Each day gets us a batch of new cosmetics to purchase, however, they aren't always things we haven't seen before. We often get items that have been in the shop many times. While that might bum you out a bit, there are days when we get completely new items that have never been available, and you will get a chance to be one of the first to purchase it!

The skins available for November 15, 2022 are: Tempest, Gaara, Hinata Hyuga, Itachi Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, Kurohomura, Naruto Uzumaki, Orochimaru, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, Razor, Zina, Aspen, Bogey Basher, Bolt, Cart Champion, Eagle Enforcer, Putt Pursuer and Swing Sargeant, while also containing the following items: Fearless Fairway Bundle, Sasuke & Sakura Bundle, Shinobi Gear Bundle, Lil’ Octane, Jump Around, Gaara & Hinata Bundle, Itachi & Orochimaru Bundle, Kurama, Manda, Naruto & Kakashi Bundle, Storm Bolt, Storm Eye, Battle Breakers, Bombastic, Champion Sail Shark, Dauntless Driver, Nindo Gear Bundle, Rasenshuriken, Silver Flame, Sword of Kusanagi, Turbulent, Akatsuki, Blaze, Champion Balisong, Champion’s Total, Dip, Icicle, Minato’s Kunai and Par Pack.

You can check out what's available in the current shop in our always updated item shop page

Avaliable on November 15, 2022

48 All
19 Outfit
7 Bundle
6 Harvesting Tool
5 Emote
5 Glider
3 Wrap
2 Back Bling
1 Music


Raging Storm

Rocket League

Battle Breakers

Fortnite Champion Series

Fearless Fairway

Pineapple Bandit

Autumn Attack

Biker Brigade