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Fortnite Pickaxes & Harvesting Tools Cosmetics List

You've got your glider looking good and your outfit is snazzy, so now it's time to check out what options are available for your Harvesting Tool/Pickaxe!

We've got all of the cosmetics and skins for your Harvesting Tool/Pickaxe below. Style your weapon of destruction to better intimidate your foe while you hack them down to bits!

Your pickaxe is your primary tool for gathering resources in Fortnite. You will see it quite a bit, and thankfully they aren't as expensive as Outfits or Gliders. There has currently never been a Legendary pickaxe, but it will be interesting to see when one ends up being released.

Harvesting Tool/Pickaxe Skin Costs

Each item is assigned a rarity and each rarity has a different cost.

  • Green (Uncommon): 500 V-Bucks
  • Blue (Rare): 800 V-Bucks
  • Purple (Epic): 1,200 - 1,500 V-Bucks

Fortnite Harvesting Tool/Pickaxe List

Some items are limited edition and will only be available during Holidays or via the Battle Pass.

Default Pickaxe

Here's the classic pickaxe that you start with when you begin your career in Fortnite!

Default Pickaxe

Daily/Weekly Harvesting Tools/Pickaxes

Higher rarities are usually reserved for the Weekly cosmetics that are available. This is also where new stuff will generally show up, so be sure to check out what's available at the beginning of every cycle.

Uncommon (Green Rarity Pickaxes)

Rare (Blue Rarity Pickaxes)

Epic (Purple Rarity Pickaxes)

Promotional Harvesting Tools/Pickaxes

Battle Pass Harvesting Tools/Pickaxes

Battle Pass was introduced in Season 2. There is a free and paid version, but the paid version has a lot more stuff including cosmetics for your pickaxe.

Season 7

Season 6

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3


Season 2

Both of the Season 2 Battle Pass pickaxes are only available via the paid version of the Battle Pass.

Season 1

This was prior to the release of the Battle Pass and just required you to level up.

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  1. Any good backblings and pickaxes for criterion with hyper glider? Started late s4 didn’t get battle pass no paid promotion cosmetics

  2. What pickaxe and backbling goes with the hyper glider and criterion? I can’t find one ps none of the promotional things that weren’t free

  3. What goes Good with Moisty merman pool party i Haven Oracle Axe nyt itse bot matching i think rainbow smash of candy Axe?

  4. i rock the ace skin with the dusk wings and reaper axe it is such a clean combo and it feels smooth and tryhard xD 🙂 recommended.

  5. I have a question. I am currently running cuddle team leader with six string and windbreaker. What should I use for the pickaxe? I noticed axercise and rift edge look clean.

  6. What pickaxe will go with my setup. Nitelite, Six String and then Mako glider. I’m thinking I’ve have the Candy Axe but it surprisingly doesn’t go as well as I thought it would. Any suggestions? Besides the Glow Stick.


  7. Out of all these pickaxes ( excluding those not available in US or Playstation) ( I do have the Samsung Promotion) im missing a total of 8
    – Raider’s Revenge
    – Six String Striker
    – Pot O’ Gold
    – Death Valley
    – Candy Axe
    – Ski Boot
    – Night Slicer
    – You Shouldn’t Have
    Two of them are recent and I woke up late to get them before they left, but they’ll be back and so will the Christmas ones I hope and then I’ll only be missing 3 but I think death valley will come back soon

    1. Cool. I have all of them and was really lucky because:
      1)I played in the first week
      2)My parents let me get them
      3)I am a big collector so even if they were not good I got them anyway.

  8. What pickaxe and backbling would look good with abstrakt because I don’t have the renegade roller, and I don’t like his current paint bag

  9. I need a good pickaxe for a combo im using, it’s the rapscallion, the dark wings, and the starry flight. I don’t know what pickaxe to use though… 🙁

  10. You have made a spelling mistake on the blue ‘persuader’ harvesting tool. The letter ‘u’ should come before the letter ‘a’, whereas you have it the wrong way round.

    Love the site, keep it up, cheers.

    1. I have thunder crash, and my friend has picksqueak. Both are OG but I’d say go with picksqueak. It makes the best sound ever when you hit things with it, and thunder crash really only goes great with dark bomber. It just goes good with everything else.

    1. Airfoil, permafrost, or disco brawl. Disco brawl is amazing I highly recommend it for any skin.

      Also, get Ventura. Her cape is awesome on whiteout. If you have overtaker, get venturion. The cape on ventura isn’t as wide as the one from venturion so it looks better on female characters.

  11. What pickaxe should I get for both raptor and Raven. Either one 1500 which suits both of them or two 800 which can suit one of them. Any ideas about chomp jr?

    1. i own both and i think tat axe might be the better out of the two. its cute,matches alot of skins and also makes a nice sound when harvesting or bludgeoning. axercise just has alot of colors and might not go with some serious combos containing black and white colors. it makes every combo look bright and rainbow.

    1. I have it, and trust me on this one. If I could refund it I would. It’s nice and all but the hype surrounding it initially has wore off and it’s not a very good pickaxe. I use it with Elite Agent only if I’m looking to spice things up. If you want a dark themed pickaxe for the same price, I suggest the Spectre or Web Breaker.

      Just my opinion, but if you like it go for it.

    1. Thunder crash, disco brawl, Oracle axe with ominous orb, battle shroud, or cuddle bow(that thing is the best backbling)

  12. I have fate with the cloud strike gloder. I need a picase but I don’t like the orb axe and prefer skinny pickaxe with a reaper like sound. Any suggestions?

  13. I want the reaper axe so bad its ma fav, I have rainbow smash, axecalibur, trusty no.2, AC/DC, etc. I cant all of dem there’s alot and im not showing off you all said your axes i said mine xD

  14. What pickaxe fits the Enforcer AKA ‘Road trip’ the best. My feels are with the Fated frame because the colors match lel

  15. Whats your guy’s fav loadout? i know that this a pickaxe cosmetics list but whats your opinion?
    mine: Scar-Heavy Shottie-Drum Gun-heavy Sniper-10 Minis.

  16. What goes well with the Rapscallion outfit. I use it with Iron Cage but feel free to suggest any other backblings and harvesting tools that go with it.

    I own all Battle Pass backblings, Twitch Prime Backblings and Starter Pack Backblings along with the Birthday cake, Offworld Rig, Brite Bag, Save the world Backblings and Rust Bucket

    1. I also own the rapscallion outfit and i would use love wings, black shield(or red shield), or just its own backbling(dont know what the name is) and i would use the ice breaker pickaxe, raven pickaxe, reaper pickaxe or plunja.

  17. I’m saving up vbucks to but a blue skin, and I have two options.
    I can buy brite bomber, wear the pool party back bling and balloon axe with it, or I can buy the poised playmaker and wear the season 5 Viking shield backbling with some pickaxe that I haven’t decided yet¿

    1. The poised playmaker is part of the World Cup Football Skins and will not be returning. Therefore, it is rare. Your best bet is to just get Brite Bomber.

    1. There is no actual pixaxe that goes with it but one youtuber named ceeday uses the disco one and the one i think fits the best with raptor is tacticle spade or cliff hanger. I just think anything that looks kind of similar to a knife sword or a weapon would fit him

  18. I have 3000 vbucks I definetely going to buy the whiteout but What pickaxe spectral axe or death valley any sugestions?

    1. In my opinion, airfoil goes along with whiteout but if you want to get either spectral or death valley, I prefer the spectral cause it looks clean and death valley is just basically a default pickaxe with a skull on top.

  19. What whold go good with reaper right now I’m using commando with black shield and the reaper but I want some other combos

  20. what pickaxes go with nitelite or rlite agent. i have the caliper, sawtooth, positron,trusty no2 , eva,gale force,lollipopper,and other bp pickaxes apart from season 2 and omega pickaxe

  21. For the unreleased pickaxes it says, “The following skins have not been released yet….” Shouldn’t it be,” The following pickaxes have not yet been released yet….” Love the site though.

  22. I have 2000 vbucks. Should I buy the rapscallion (when it comes back) and the ice breaker? Or wait till new cooler skins come out? I have the love wings.

    1. I think you should buy them. I love both of them and have the ice breaker. And it is amazing! Plus can you help me with my problem?

    2. All the new skins that are coming are ugly in my opinion, definitely go for the rapscallion it’s in the shop now after a whole month.

  23. I have the trooper skin what back bling and pick do I use/ picks I have rainbow smash,Eva,onslaught, trusty no.2,ballon axe, dragon axe,gale force, instigator,lollipopper,lug axe,positron,sawtooth,tenderizer./Backblings I have Brite Bage, backup plan, dark matter, offworld rig, Astro, bogey bag, catalyst, goodie bag, rust bucket, true north, uplink, precision, standard issue. SORRY FOR IT BEING SO LONG😂

  24. Can I get the picksqueak pickaxe or the rainbow smash plz I really wanted the, but never Had enough vbucks for them.My ps4 name is coldbrown7.

  25. I want to buy the funk ops and i don’t know which pickaxe i want to buy with it. I know that the disco brawl obviously looks good with him but it is a pretty pricy pickaxe so i would rather buy a cheaper one. So my question is what are your suggestions on the funk ops? And does the oracle axe pair with him any good?

  26. It would be nice for black Friday if they could give a variety of axes for a lower price.(uncommon:200rare:600epic:800)

  27. This site states that all epic axes cost 1500 when that is not always the case. The oracle axe and renegade roller are 1200 but epics for example. Not complaining, just pointing it out. Love the site!

  28. Which pickaxe is better with the Elite Agent and the Red Knight; Close Shave, Cliffhanger, Batsickle or Bottom Feeder? Thx.

    1. Best uncommons would be victory lap and elite cleat and the best rare pickaxes would be spectral axe, plunja, and the slam dunk. These are all my opinion but I hope they work.

  29. what pickaxe goes well with snorkel ops and the fish tank back bling. I have all season 4 axes all season 3 axes plunja slam dunk and 1200 vbucks

  30. What looks with plunja i accidently bought it and i ran out of refunds. The skins that I have are all season 4 skins both Twitch prime skins and Rogue Agent.

  31. Should I buy dazzle + glow stick now or wait for red night/power chord to come back. I have 2800 vbucks and 2 refunds

  32. what pickaxe should i use to go with the purple lights omega? (i have 1600 vbucks and i’m also considering a glider) help pls.

      1. Go to ur locker then press on either omega or carbide and if you are at a high enough level it will let you change your colors

    1. Epic axes used to cost 1500 each, I think they wanted to lower the price but they couldn’t just give back everybody 300 v-bucks, so any new epic axe they make will now cost 1200

  33. i got omega maxed out!!!! with the omen cape, and i currently have 1600 vbucks and don’t wanna buy more. should i buy a pick axe or glider? and if so, which one?

  34. I have Venturion with the love wings, but don’t want to buy/don’t like the airfoil pickaxe. I think the gale force looks okay but any suggestions?

  35. What pickaxe would go well with ginger gunner? I’ve been thinking abour pick squeak but i can’t find any gameplay of it.

  36. Just asking, what axes goes with the visitor skin?? Also it has to be a paid one cause I am not close to omega

    1. Wait till the propeller pickaxe comes out in a couple days with the new pilot skin! That’s what I’m gonna use with my raptor!

    2. HIHI my friend has the raptor and the empire axe looks amazing with it! Plus you’ll have money left over to spend on whatever you like!

    3. Hey man I think that you should buy the icebreaker cause it looks really good on raptor and due to his shovel on the backpack it makes sense

  37. Which pickaxe i should buy???
    (Disco Brawl),(Chomp Jr.),(Death Valley)
    I want pickaxe that is kinda rare and goes well with many skins.

  38. Why does everyone prefer Chomp Jr. over Bottom Feeder? I’m like the only one who likes the bottom Feeder better.

    1. Close shave
      Death Valley
      I like the more basic looking, non colorful ones for the skull trooper.

  39. does anyone know what a good pic for skull tropper would be beacuse i have it and there is not many good pics

    1. Renegade Roller
      Trusty No.2
      Glow Stick
      Spectral Axe
      Rainbow Smash
      Pink Flamingo
      Pick Squeak

    1. -Trusty No. 2
      -Reaper Halloween stick coming out again soon
      -Omega Onslaught
      -Chomp Jr.
      -Tactical Spade

  40. What’s a good pickaxe for Canadian Mogul Master other than instigator? Also, any good purple picks for Battle Hound?

    1. As far as I know, it was updated to be an epic pickaxe. We’ll have to wait and see when it returns to the item shop.

      1. Evident, Do you think the Global Axe is the leviathans pickaxe? Because it has his theme and it’s with him in the shop.

        1. If it were it would be part of the set. Though Fortnite probably though it was good with him, so they did that.

      1. Do you think the Global Axe is the leviathans pickaxe? Because it has his theme and it’s with him in the shop.

    1. Chomp Jr
      Bottom Feeder
      *I use snorkels ops all the time its my favortite skin and I use the Bottom Feeder pickaxe

  41. The first pickaxe in the game didn’t look like that it wasn’t that shiny plus the original pickaxe wasn’t on there it was the updated one just wanted to tell you because it really shorter and really shiny

  42. Hey, your website is the best for everything, but I noticed with the party animal pickaxe that it isn’t the updated picture with the slurp juice flowing through the pipe. Only noticed cause I have it and I know that you would want your site the best it can be.

    1. Glad you like the site! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a high quality version of it with the slurp juice flowing. I’ll keep an eye out for it!

  43. Evident
    I want to get the plunja pick axe but don’t know what skin goes really well with it. Any ideas?

    1. That’s a tough one, it’s fairly neutral so it will go with most stuff. I’d look for something with blue highlights that plays off the katana handle.

  44. I’m new to fortnite and this website is so good for beginners but I did notice something. you put lollipopper with battle pass s.4 which is partially true but not entirely. its for season 4, but you don’t need to buy battlepass to obtain it (I think everyone obviously knows that) you just need to reach the tier. maybe you could put in brackets that its purely based on tier level and battle pass isn’t needed to get it

  45. Evident, I have a question .When will the slurp pickaxe/party animal be returning ???I have be grinding PVE and finally have enough for it

    1. There’s no exact date for when anything returns. We just saw the Valentine’s Day skins return, so stuff comes back randomly you just have to check each day.

  46. Hey i bought the Brite bomber but i dont know which pickaxe i should use do you know an nice epic pickaxe

      1. Evident, I have a question. Best pickaxe for leviathan? I can’t seem to find one that matches with color and theme. Or do you think epic will make one for him?

        1. The suit has pink and aqua/teal colors in it, so something like the Spectral Axe or Glow Stick might work. The unreleased Renegade Roller actually shares a lot of colors with it as well.

      1. Pot o’ Gold is still Rare not Epic. Couch lied also Tenderizer is a promotional pickaxe from twitch prime

  47. Hey evident, I have 800 vbucks and the rouge agent outfit (I bought the starter pack) what pickaxe do you think I should get? I’m really, like REALLY, confused. Help a brother out?

    1. It’s all personal preference, my favorite pickaxe is Chomp Jr. but that unfortunately costs more than you have. I think Spectre is really sleek, and Spectral Axe has a nice flare to it if you like those colors. Tooth Pick is also pretty cool and unique for the price!