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Fortnite Loading Screen List – Updated for Season 7!

Check out a full list of the loading screens you can acquire and equip in Fortnite!

Our Fortnite Loading Screen List features all of the available loading screens that have been released throughout the history of Fortnite. You can equip a particular one in your locker like you do any skin. These can be earned via the Battle Pass and occasionally through challenges or events!

When you complete a full week in your battle pass you will unlock a new loading screen. That unlocked loading screen will hold a clue to either a hidden battle star or banner! Check out our full guide on how to get these: Fortnite Season 7 Hidden Battle Star Locations Guide!

Fortnite Loading Screens

Here's a full list of the loading screens available in Fortnite. You can click to enlarge each of the images!

Season 7 - Snowfall Challenges - Loading Screens

Season 7 - Battle Pass - Loading Screens

Season 6 - Hunting Party - Loading Screens

Season 6 - Battle Pass - Loading Screens

Season 5 - Road Trip - Loading Screens

Season 5 - Battle Pass - Loading Screens

Season 4 - Blockbuster - Loading Screens

Season 4 - Battle Pass - Loading Screens

Season 3 - Battle Pass - Loading Screens

Challenges and Promotional

Some Loading Screens can be earned through challenges or promotions.

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  1. You’re awesome evident, whenever i cant check the shop i check here, or when i wanna see leaked skins i check here, keep up the good work 😉

  2. The track record background for the road trip is for week 3 but says it is for week 4 as does the poolside paradise background

    1. There isn’t a Ragnarok one that I know about, and Abstrakt the skin came out in Season 4 but the loading screen is Season 5.

  3. Hi. I hope this doesn’t come across mean or anything but I noticed that the first road trip loading screen isn’t on the list and neither is the Pixels Royale loading screen. Sorry if it was rude but I just thought I’d let you know.

    1. I’ve added the Road Trip loading screen, but I haven’t seen anything about a Pixels Royale loading screen. I know there’s a spray by that name.

      1. Oh okay. I just skimmed over the battle pass a few minutes before I wrote this comment and thought the Pixels Royale spray was a loading screen. Sorry. Whoopsie. Thanks for responding so quickly. Your content truly is great. :):):)

  4. Not trying to be annoying (sorry if it seems that I am) but the carbide, raptor and elite agent loading screens are just their name

  5. This website has really evolved since when I first came here. Keep up the great work😝

    Could u also make a weapons list. Just a suggestion

  6. could you add the ways how to obtain these ? Your work here is amazing, this must be the BEST website !

  7. Random fact, they added the squad team leader to the loading screens. But when I personally saw it was when I picked week 3.
    Then it was added as a loading screen.

  8. Can u do a weapon list pls. Btw, this is one of the best if not THE best Fortnite cosmetics list website out there. Keep up the great work😄

  9. Hey don’t forget about the week 4 screen, it’s called Retribution and it has omega with an army of metal people in front of him doing the respect emote, and the evil logo

          1. The name of week 5 is actually showdown not avenger. Just trying to help keep up the amazing work

      1. @chobani. Season 3 was kinda dumb. What is happening right now is season 4 with the rocket launch would have been a better time for a space theme.