Fortnite Ghost & Shadow Dropbox Locations

We're taking a look at all of the locations on where to find dropboxes for Ghost and Shadow factions! These are used in a couple of different challenges, you will either need to drop something off in one of them or you will need to explode them!

There are generally two dropbox locations per named locations on the map. Some areas just have one, but they always have at least one of each the Ghost and Shadow factions. You start out using these to drop off Security Plans for Brutus' Challenges. The next challenge you'll need to utilize these for is with TNTina's Trial Challenges. You need to find explosives, which can be best located in Team Rumble. You can use Grenades, Remote Explosives, or Proximity Mines. Go to whichever faction you are apart of and explode the other faction's dropbox! The challenge will tell you which one you need to destroy. Each one of these challenges requires that you complete 18 challenges from that particular skin's challenge set.

The only places you won't really find boxes are the new locations: The Shark, Yacht, Grotto, Rig, and Agency. You also won't find any at Frenzy Farm and Weeping Woods!

Ghost Dropbox Locations

Shadow Dropbox Locations

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