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Fortnite Terms & Glossary – Learn the Origins of Some of Fortnite’s Most Common Slang

Learn where some of the common slang from Fortnite has originated with our glossary!

Our Fortnite Glossary & Terms guide runs through all of the potential slang you might find in the game while playing. Some of these can be obvious, but there are others that could use a bit more explaining. This guide is also useful if you're just curious where some of the terms have originated!

Fortnite Terms & Glossary List

I'll try to explain the origin of the term when applicable, but it's not always available or obvious. Some of these terms originated in Fortnite, but a lot are from other shooting games from the past. If you are curious about a specific term, try doing a find on the page for it!


A 1v1 is when you battle a player one on one. This can be in a normal game, but players will so do 1v1s in Playground to practice their skills.

1x1, One by One

This is a term for a structure that is built by a player that is a one by one square built upwards. Myth, a famous streamer, used to be pretty infamous for building these up and camping them to get wins. The tactic is not used nearly as much anymore, most players are pretty aggressive.


This is a term for a specific technique of building that is considered the fastest way to get high ground on a player. To perform a 90, you place two walls, a floor, and a ramp. Each new section you are turning 90 degrees and doing it again. You would continue to do this until you've gotten above your enemy. I recommend watching a tutorial like the following one to really understand them.


ADS stands for Aim Down Sights. You do this when you press and hold right click or left trigger. This zooms in the aim of your weapon and allows for a more accurate shot.


Bloom is what Fortnite uses to determine where shots go once they are fired. Each time you fire a bullet out of a weapon that has bloom, it will land somewhere within your crosshairs. You can lessen bloom by standing completely still or crouching. Guns like the assault rifle and smg are generally the most affected by bloom.


The term bot refers to a player who plays poorly. It originates from other shooter games where you can add Bot players (computer controlled) to a multiplayer lobby and play against them. Bots were usually pretty comical due to playing poorly, moving predictably, or getting stuck in spots.

Build Battle

A build battle is when you and another player are attempting to get the high ground from the other by building speedily. This generally doesn't involve much firing of weapons, and you are largely focused on just building quicker or blocking the other player from getting above you. Really proficient players can build, edit, and fire at players quickly while in the midst of a build battle.

Bunny Hop

Pretty rare term in Fortnite for speeding up your movement by jumping at a specific time to gain momentum. This was a famous maneuver in Counter-Strike. In Fortnite, you can kind of bunny hop forward after you've exited your glider which propels you forward quickly.

Camper, Bush Camper

Campers tend to try and stay in one spot the entire game and rarely show their face to survive to the end. They will sometimes just build a 1x1 structure and wait in it until they see  an opportunity to get an easy kill. A bush camper is a particular breed of camper that will sit in one of the bushes that are scattered across the map. This can be effective because it's pretty hard to see a player that is crouched in a bush. You can occasionally get eliminations this way, or survive to the end of the game without being detected.

Choke (Choking)

To choke is to play badly in a high pressure situation, usually when you have an advantage. For example, if you were in a 1v1 at the end of the game and you have high ground and miss an easy shotgun shot. That's choking. It can also be used in more general terms, like you miss an easy snipe, you choked the shot.

Desert Eagle

This is another name for the Hand Cannon in Fortnite. In Counter-Strike, it is known as the Desert Eagle and it's basically the same gun.

Double Pump

This was a technique you could do with two shotguns but was nerfed. You'd run the shotguns, usually a pump but in later times you could run two heavies. What you would do is fire the shotgun, and then immediately switch to the next shotgun and fire that one and continue to switch back and forth. The purpose of this was to remove the delay from when you fire your single shotgun until you can fire it again which was the weakness of the pump. There is now an added delay to when you switch between any two shotguns that have been recently fired.

Downed or Knocked

This just refers to an enemy that has had all of their health removed and they can be picked up by a teammate. The important distinction is that this can only happen in Duos or Squad games. In solo, if you are lose all of your health you are eliminated from the game and cannot be resurrected.

Dog House

There's a few houses scattered across the map that have a small dog house near them, and the entire house that is near it is referred to as a dog house. The most notable one is in Pleasant Park.


A "dub" is short for the letter W (weird, I know), which means a win (getting a W).


The Epic and Legendary Burst Rifle are sometimes referred to as the FAMAS. This is largely due to it being a gun in Counter-Strike, and also because the gun model itself looks exactly like the gun in real life. The gun is not labeled as a FAMAS in-game.

First Shot Accuracy

For weapons that have bloom when they fire, you can stand completely still and ADS (aim down sights) to make your crosshairs come together. Once they do, the next shot you take with that weapon will be 100% on the dot if you don't move. It's generally not a good idea to stand too still, but there will be times when you get the jump on enemies where you can take a bit more time to take your first shot.

Ghost Peeking

Ghost Peeking was a popular way to hide behind a ramp and fire shots at enemies that were in your view. What you would do is crouch down and either spam crouch and fire a bullet each time you'd stand up, or you could hit jump and then immediately hit crouch again to spam shots out even faster. This would make it very hard to be hit by players, and you could fire shots very accurately at enemies. This has since been (mostly) patched out of the game.

Harry Pottered

Harry Potter lived under the Dursley's staircase in a small little closet when he was young. So, to get "Harry Pottered" in Fortnite is to get stuck below a player's ramp and walls. This usually leads to you getting trap killed, so try to avoid it as much as possible.

High Ground

Pretty obvious but when you are above a player you control the high ground. This is important because the player who controls it is usually in a much more advantageous position and will generally win the fight.


This is usually used when someone hits another player for a bunch of damage with an assault rifle or smg. Due to the game having bloom, it can be uncommon to "laser" someone because the bullets can spread randomly.

LeBron's House

This term largely refers to the house in Retail Row that has a basketball court attached to it. Naturally, LeBron James the basketball player would live there because he'd need to practice his game when at home. This term can be used with any house that has a court near it.


A loadout is the current weaponry you have in your possession. You'll want to have an idea of your perfect loadout so you can quickly loot equipment and replace the items you don't want. A general loadout would be: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, SMG, Medkit, Shields.

Low Ground, Low Ground Warrior

If a player isn't that proficient at building and is generally stuck fighting from below another player they are in the "low ground" or are considered a low ground warrior. You can actually get quite good at using the low ground to win fights if you play it correctly.


Just a shortened term for Materials. This refers to the wood, brick, or metal you can harvest throughout the game and use to build structures.


A shortened term for anything that heals your health like medkits or bandages.


A shortened term for the Small Shield Potion that gives you 25 shield when used.


If something has been nerfed, it has been reduced in power. You will commonly see this with weapons that have been added that start to be must carries for players. A notable example was the Compact Gun that used to have a 50 round Magazine Size, but has been reduced to 40 and thus lowering its power. The term "nerf" refers to Nerf guns and that they shoot soft projectiles.

No Skin

A "no skin" is a player that doesn't currently have a skin equipped. Players like this are typically looked at as new or bad players because they don't own a cosmetic. However, players have now started to just go without a skin so their enemies will potentially underestimate their abilities.


OG stands for Original Gangster, this is a term that was used a lot in rap and hip hop. An OG in Fortnite refers to either a player that has been playing for a long time, or a cosmetic that only a person who has been playing for a long time would have. An example of an OG skin is Ghoul Trooper, because someone would only have that if they were playing in the early stages of Fortnite.

One Shot

You will hear this term a lot in general play. What this means is that someone on your team has gotten an enemy player to within one shot of being knocked or eliminated. This term is also kind of a joke, because you'll hear people use it and the enemy in question is decidedly not one shot away from being downed. Players tend to say this anytime they get a hit on another player.

One Tap or One Tapped

If you one tap a player, that means you shot and eliminated them with one shot. This is more common with a shotgun or sniper rifle.


A pyramid is another word for the roof structure you can place in the game. It's the little triangle like piece that is used alongside walls, floors, and stairs. To pyramid someone, means you blocked them from getting higher than you with this piece. The way this structure works is a bit different than the others and it can be placed a bit higher than the other pieces, which makes it ideal for blocking people above you.


Short for "resurrected" and is used by a player who needs a teammate to pick them up after being downed.

Rocket Ride

If you weren't following Fortnite: Battle Royale in the very early days you might have missed out on this. One of the big first "viral clips" that came out was of a player jumping onto a launched rocket and being able to ride it across the map. This is now known as "rocket riding" and extends to things like the grappler where you can launch your friend outwards via a rocket or other projectile item.


This is a general term for rocket or grenade launchers, but can also extend to things like grenades or dynamite. Anything that can explode can be referred to as a splode.

Stream Sniper

A "stream sniper" is a player who watched a Twitch or YouTube Streamer and attempts to join their game. If they are successful, they will find out where they are by continuing to watch the game and attempt to eliminate them. Some players stream snipe and don't attempt to kill the streamer, and will just emote or jump up and down.

Sweat or Sweating (Tryhards)

Players are referred to as "Sweats" if they play extremely hard and potentially build at a pro level. Players like this also stereotypically wear similar skins like the World Cup Soccer Skins or other female skins that are low profile. This term is usually used negatively, but ironically the players who accuse others of getting sweaty are high tier players themselves.


Usually just means that the player who is using the term has been hit by or hit an enemy for a lot of damage.


This term is used for if you eliminate a player who has been downed immediately afterwards. While this is sometimes a good idea, it can be bad if you are actively fighting someone else and are wasting your time trying to secure an elimination.

Tommy Gun, Thompson

These are other names for the Drum Gun that was pretty popular when it was in the game but has since been vaulted. The real world name of the gun is the Thompson Submachine Gun, but is generally shortened to Tommy Gun. It is popular in pop culture due to it being synonymous with the prohibition age in America. This was the time of Al Capone and the Untouchables (Eliot Ness, etc.) The "drum" portion of the name in Fortnite is a reference to the circular "drum" magazine attached to it.


You'll sometimes see the term "w-key warrior" or holding down the "w-key." This isn't too confusing to PC players, but it might be to people who only play on console. The W-Key on a PC Keyboard makes you run forward, so someone who holds it down is always running forward and being aggressive. This term was largely popularized by the streamer Daequan.

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  1. How bout’ adding:
    Pyramid – when you block someone when building higher
    Build Battle- a fight when you mostly build to get high ground

    you can change these defenitions LOVE your sight

  2. You could do ghost peeking.
    If you don’t know what it is then it is when you are in a building and you are peeking and shooting so fast that you don’t even appear. Only console players can do it.

    Also thanks for all the great tips I love this website