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Fortnite is a great game overall, but one thing it has been particularly good at is producing great and interesting cosmetics that have captivated the player base. These skins that people wear and enjoy are now coming from all sorts of different media. Epic has delved into superheroes from Marvel and DC, and has even brought us art from Star Wars. This isn't even to mention the original cosmetics they've produced that have been very creative and memorable. Fortnite has also started to add custom loading screens by various artists that are super creative and fun to collect!

If you're a big fan of Fortnite, then you are no doubt wondering what the best Fortnite wallpapers are so you can customize your PC or mobile desktop. We've got a bunch of high quality art that will help you accomplish this goal, so be prepared for your eyes to be tantalized!  If you're looking for the stylized loading screens from recent season of the Battle Pass, you can find them in our loading screen gallery.

Best Fortnite Wallpapers

Marvel Takeover

Fortnite Marvel Takeover wallpaper

This is a great looking promo image of a couple of Fortnite characters battling it out with the Marvel superpowers! It's a great action shot that would look awesome as your background.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.

Galactus & Marvel Characters

A beautiful promo image for the fourth season of Chapter 2 in Fortnite. It shows off the antagonist in Galactus, and the many Marvel heroes that you can get in the Battle Pass.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.

Harley Quinn

Fortnite Harley Quinn wallpaper

We start out with a wallpaper that really hits the nail on the head getting the character exactly right. You've got the madness of Harley Quinn all wrapped up into one image. It also effectively shows off the skin along with its additional style, and conveys more about the character in a sort of split-personality type theme. This is an all-around great way to tell a story in a single piece of art.

Grab the desktop version and the mobile version of this wallpaper.

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is arguably the best thing to come out of the new Star Wars trilogy. His entry into Fortnite was a great addition, and his skin along with his back bling is one of the better crossovers we've seen.

Grab the desktop version and the mobile version of this wallpaper.


While the Glow skin is an exclusive Samsung skin, it got a great looking wallpaper that shows it off.

Grab the desktop version and the mobile version of this wallpaper.

Dark Reflections

Dark Reflections is a pack that features three revamped popular skins in the dark theme of the cube that has made a mess of things in Fortnite. The image conveys the theme well, and utilizes a bunch of different variants of purple which makes it a striking wallpaper.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.


Abstrakt has that streetwear vibes with the classic graffiti style to it. He was added to the game as the male counterpart to the Teknique skin that was part of the Battle Pass.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.


I'm a big fan of the Bandolier skin, and it got a great introduction to the game with this image. It really gives off that Rambo and Predator feel, with the added bonus of some humor by featuring the Moisty Merman as the villains.

Grab the desktop version and the mobile version of this wallpaper.

Dark Reflection

Dark Reflection brings us the evilness of the cube. You can see the Dark Bomber skin in the reflection that came out soon after this was released.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.


This is a fun wallpaper that shows off the detective skins. It has some great details like the goofy chalk outline, and the lurking Noir skin in the background who is up to no good.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.


Fate gives off an evil vibe in this image, while showing off the supply boxes that were relatively new to the game at the time of this release.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.

Lite Show and Nitelite

To me, Lite Show and Nitelite are two of the best uncommon skins available. They are super unique and very striking when you see them in-game. The wallpaper does a great job of demonstrating their color range.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.

Llama Spotted

This is a fun, yet understated, wallpaper from the early days of Fortnite. I like that it's very simple, yet has some fun details like the llama in the reflection of the scope.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.


Omega has to be one of the best tier 100 skin available, and I'm still bitter about not getting all of his colored lights.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.


Omen is a pretty good skin, but this wallpaper really gives him some character.

Grab the desktop version and the mobile version of this wallpaper.

Rapscallion & Scoundrel

The prisoner skins showing off what they do best and robbing the joint!

Grab the desktop version and the mobile version of this wallpaper.


Raven was really one of the first highly detailed skins that was particularly unique to the Fortnite catalog.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.

Season 3 Battle Pass

If you're an old-school player like me, then this season 3 wallpaper brings back some great memories. While both of these astronaut skins aren't particularly well-loved, the image is class, and even shows off the old map in the visor.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.

Shark Chomp

Wow, there's so much going on in this image that it's hard to get it all down. You have the Reef Ranger and Wreck Raider skins being attacked by the shark. This is clearly a reference to Jaws, but the laser on the head is also a reference to Austin Powers. You've got the other shark skins in the water, and Wreck Raider is even wielding the shark pickaxe! This image is even funnier now that there are actually sharks roaming around the waters of Fortnite.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.

Spandex Squad

This is another set of skins that aren't exactly well-liked by the community, but the wallpaper really nails the 80s spandex exercise vibes that it is trying to get across.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.

Outbreak Skins

While the Toxic Trooper and Hazard Agent aren't particularly popular skins, they do have a really interesting wallpaper with them in it. It shows off the crystals that were all-around the map that could be used to jump around in low gravity.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.


Valkyrie is a great skin, and it makes sense that she'd have a pretty awesome wallpaper as well. It kind of gives me Game of Throne vibes, which I'm sure is what they were going for when they made it.

Grab the desktop version and the mobile version of this wallpaper.

The Prisoner

The Prisoner was the secret skin of season 7. This was back when the hidden outfit was actually a secret! Now, everyone knows what it is ahead of time which kind of takes away some of the fun. This wallpaper shows The Prisoner escaping from his confines. Each week we got a new challenge to complete that would tell a bit of story about him.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.

Ice King

The Ice King ascending from his throne is a great lasting image that will take you back to season 7. It reminds me a lot of The Lich King from World of Warcraft, which I'm not sure was intentional or not.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.

Fortnitemares 2017

The most classic of all the wallpapers on the list. Yes, this is a bit more STW than BR, but seeing this very gothic based image of the well-known Skull Trooper and Ghoul Trooper brings back the nostalgia. Too bad some of the other characters in this image haven't been made skins.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.


This is probably my favorite wallpaper of the bunch. It tells a great little story of how Inferno is clearly not a fan of Wild Card, and shows him destroying his office! Not to mention him just sitting among the carnage in a calm manner illustrates that he is clearly awesome.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.

Fallen Love Ranger

Fallen Love Ranger is a great looking dark version of a previously made skin.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.

Lava Legends

It seems like bundles and packs always get great artwork to go along with them. The Lava Legends pack is no different! It displays the skins, as well as kind of tells a funny little story of the relationship between the characters.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.


This Breakpoint wallpaper is really great at getting the effect of the skin across while stylizing the background to match. I'm not as big of a fan of the skin itself, but this wallpaper is great.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.

Beach Bomber

Beach Bomber was a bit controversial because a lot of people expected it to be a style for Brite Bomber. Well, that didn't happen, but Beach Bomber on its own is a great looking skin and truly nails the vibe of that 80s and 90s beach going skateboarder.

Grab the desktop version of this wallpaper.


This is a wallpaper where the skin wasn't as good as it made it out to be. While this is a really great looking image, the skin itelf turned out to be a bit disappointing.

Grab the desktop version and the mobile version of this wallpaper.

John Wick

While now it feels common place, it was quite a shocker to see the real Keanu Reeves version of John Wick make his way into Fortnite. The skin is great and looks exactly like him, even his animations seem similar, and it's one of the best clean skins you can get from the item shop.

Grab the desktop version and the mobile version of this wallpaper.

Angry Peely

Jonesy and Peely went into a cave together and only one came out... Well the other came out too, but in a blender. Here was Peely recognizing what Jonesy did in a trailer for Fortnite Season 10!

Grab the desktop version and the mobile version of this wallpaper.

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