A Flower Yet to Bloom

A Flower Yet to Bloom

To obtain A Flower Yet to Bloom you'll need to find and destroy Hillichurl Rouges. The higher the level of the Hillichurl Rouges you destroy, the more items they will drop.

You can also trade in Stardust for A Flower Yet to Bloom. It costs five Stardust for one A Flower Yet to Bloom on the Stardust exchange.

Hillichurl Rouges can be found around Realm of Farakhkert. Refer to the images below for exact locations:

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

A wild flower that a Hilichurl Rogue treasured. It was plucked before it could bloom. The hilichurl takes nothing with it in its sojourn across the wilderness save this flower.

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Rarity 2
Type Common Ascension Material


Three of A Flower Yet to Bloom can be combined at an Alchemy table with 50 Mora to make one Treasured Flower.