Bit of Aerosiderite

Bit of Aerosiderite

To farm Bit of Aerosiderite, you need to complete Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula, a Domain of Forgery located in Liyue.

Bit of Aerosiderite are rewarded for finishing Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula—Domain of Forgery: Trial Grounds of Thunder III, and you can receive between zero to two of them per run.

To enter Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula III, you need to be Adventure Rank 30. It is recommended to have your party about Level 59 and characters that use Cryo and Pyro.

Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula is northwest of the Statue of the Seven south of Mingyun Village.

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Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula location

Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula rotates the rewards you get based on what day of the week it is.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the domain is called Trial Grounds of Thunderand you can get the Bit of Aerosiderite Weapon Ascension Material.

On Sunday, you can choose whatever domain you desire.

To complete Trial Grounds of Thunder III, you must kill 10 enemies within 360 seconds, over two waves.

  • The 10 enemies to eliminate:
    • First Wave
      • Large Electro Slime x6
      • Mutant Electro Sliime x3
    • Second Wave
      • Fatio Electro Cicin Mage x1

Due to the Electro enemies, it is wise to bring along characters that inflict Pyro and Cryo Damage.

When inside a Domain of Forgery you are inflicted by a Ley Line Disorder. This is a debuff that is never removed throughout the duration of the Rift.

In Trial Grounds of Thunder III, you have the following Ley Line Disorder:

Your character will be periodically inflicted with Engulfing Storm, continuously draining your Energy until the inflicted Electro element is removed.

Lightning bolts will periodically fall from above, dealing Electro Damage and completely draining the hit character's Energy. Lightning bolts may leave balls of lightning.

If you have completed the domain successfully, to claim the rewards, you need to spend 20 Original Resin or use a Condensed Resin to receive double. You do not have to claim the rewards if you choose not to do so.

The coastal nations of Teyvat refer to the region beyond the protection of The Seven as the Dark Sea. It is said many defeated gods refused to live under the new order of The Seven, so they fled to remote islands and became evil gods. However, their powers came from the same source as Rex Lapis, separate from this all-devouring darkness.

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Rarity 4
Type Weapon Ascension Material


Using an Alchemy Table. You can turn lower tier materials into higher tier materials.

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