Old Handguard

Old Handguard

To obtain an Old Handguard, you need to find and kill any Nobushi at any level.

You can get these from killing any of the Nobushi family, Histsukeban, Jintouban, and Kikouban.

The fastest way to get around is to use the Waypoints, kill everything in sight, and then move on.

A battle-worn handguard that was once mounted on an Inazuman blade. For those adept in the art of the sword, the tsuba is a defense from the edge of an opponent's blade. For beginners, it is a defense made for their own right hand, to protect it from itself.

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Rarity 1
Type Common Ascension Material


Old Handguard is used for the following Character Ascensions.

More Details

Each Common Ascension Material has three tiers; these are the next tiers after Old Handguard.