Golden Raven Insignia

Golden Raven Insignia

To obtain a Golden Raven Insignia, you need to find and kill Treasure Hoarders at Level 60+. Anything above Lvl 60+ also has a chance to drop Treasure Hoarder Insignia and Silver Raven Insignia.

You can get these from any Treasure Hoarder you kill, no matter how they look or what they use to attack you. These Hoarders tend to roam around Liyue, though you can encounter them in Mondstadt during the Story Quests with Amber and on the outskirts of Dragonspine; Liyue is where they spawn.

To get Treasure Hoarders to become Lvl 60+, you need your World Level to become World Level 5 or higher. The most efficient WL to farm is WL 6, as enemies are between Level 64 and 84. This will give you the most consistent enemy Lvl past 60+.

To get to WL 6, you need to have completed the following.

  • Be on World Level 5
  • Be Adventure Rank 45
  • Clear Ascension Quest 3

The fastest way to get around is to use the Waypoints, kill everything in sight, and then move on. You can farm these about every two days; they do not respawn as quickly as monsters.

The image below is where you can find Treasure Hoarder Insignia in Liyue. The Golden Insignias are where the Hoaders spawn.

Just click on them to enlarge them.

A raven insignia that symbolizes the pride and the guiding principle of the Treasure Hoarders. Whether it's hidden amidst the vastness of the land or in the depths of the seas, as long as there are treasures to be hunted down, the spirit of Treasure Hoarders, who will stop at nothing to acquire them, will never die.

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Rarity 3
Type Common Ascension Material


Using an Alchemy Table you can turn lower tier materials into higher tier materials.


Golden Raven Insignia is used for the following Character Ascension.

More Details

Each Common Ascension Material has three tiers; these are the tiers below Golden Raven Insignia.