Gigantic Rampage Edition Beckett in Rush mode
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All heroes and their skills in Gigantic

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When you are playing a MOBA PvP shooter like Gigantic, it can get pretty difficult to track all the characters and what they do. To make it easier for yourself, check out our list of all heroes and their skills in Gigantic below.

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All Gigantic heroes and their skills, explained

Lord Knossos

Hero Lord Knossos throws spear in Gigantic Rampage Edition
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Lord Knossos is a Bruiser who will be found on the frontline with his dual spears. He is an all-around good pick, especially at the start, as he has great offense, good defense, and mobility.

  • Skewer - A melee combo that deals four hits, with the last attack dealing more damage. You can either boost his damage or have him apply bleed and cracked armor effects to enemies. I think both are efficient in taking out the other team.
  • Chuck - Throws one of the spears into enemies and deals AoE damage. This attack can even slow down enemies if you upgrade it.
  • Gore - A charging attack that cancels the enemy's ability. To establish more crowd control, you can upgrade this skill to launch the enemy. Or you can just stick with a damage boost.
  • Bull Rush - A boost that gives him a speed increase. This skill gives him a lot of mobility in a match on top of high damage. You can also boost the speed of allies or focus on increasing your own health with upgrades.
  • Labyrinth - I love that a Minotaur-looking character has a skill called the labyrinth. This is a high-damage melee attack that ignores armor, applies bleed and cracked armor, and then stuns the enemy. This ult just does everything you need.


Hero Beckett using Cannon skill in Gigantic Rampage Edition
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Beckett is a ranged hero with great movement and verticality due to her Jetpack ability. Because of this, she works well on vertical maps like Picaro Bay. She is a squishier hero, so you need to utilize her mobility and disengage from the battle when in danger.

  • Fire Weapon / Machine Pistol - A primary weapon that shoots ammo at enemies. It's long-range, but it doesn't deal a lot of damage per bullet. The skill upgrades will let you increase the damage caused and the number of bullets.
  • Grenade - Has a four-meter radius explosion and deals a lot of damage. You can upgrade it to cause the cracked armor effect or a poison cloud, both of which deal additional damage over time.
  • Swap Weapon / Cannon - This skill allows you to switch between Machine Pistols and a Cannon. This weapon causes much greater damage and has an increased range, but it only holds three ammo and has a longer reload time.
  • Jetpack - This ability provides Beckett with high mobility, allowing her to disengage quickly and ambush enemies from the air with her attack.
  • Air Strike - Beckett's ultimate drops three missiles in an area, dealing a lot of damage.

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Tank hero Rutger putting up a Wall in Gigantic Rampage Edition
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A crowd control and damage absorption Tank, Rutger will put himself between his teammates and danger. If you're feeling brave and can keep yourself alive, then Rutger is a great pick for you.

  • Digging Claws / Sneak Attack - This is a melee combo that chains four attacks. If he is shielded, this attack will boost the shield. The Sneak Attack option causes a jump attack that deals even greater damage.
  • Tremors - A ground slam attack that slows enemies and pushes them away. The third slam has a damage increase. You can upgrade this skill to cause even more movement debuffs to enemies while you do damage.
  • Burrow / Emerge - Rutger goes underground to gain immunity from attacks and restore his shields instantly. Depending on your skill upgrades, going underground can either buff him or debuff enemies.
  • Rock Barrier / Crumble - He creates a brief stone wall, which is useful to mitigate damage from opponents and give your teammates room to breathe.
  • Rock and Roll - A charge attack ultimate that launches enemies into the air while providing himself armor and immunity.


Gigantic hero Imani
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Imani is a typical sniper, and the best place for her is far from the fray but with a good viewpoint. If you can get a target in sight, you will be dealing a lot of damage, especially with the skill buffs.

  • Autobolts - She shoots a burst of three shots and this skill has great range, but not as much as her second skill. You can upgrade this skill for more damage and quicker reload or for a speed boost so that she can move to a new position.
  • Toggle Scope / Silent Scope - Zooms in and fires single shots with a 100% crit chance. Her damage and range are increased, but her vision is limited while you look through the scope. You could easily get ambushed, so be aware of your surroundings.
  • Special Ammo - A skill that boosts her next three attacks and applies additional burn damage.
  • Smoke Bomb - If she is in a pickle, Imani can throw a smoke bomb that applies stealth to both herself and the allies in the area. This skill will also weaken enemies.
  • Kill Shot - Her ultimate zooms in and fires a Kill Shot, which buffs her next three shots and deals bonus damage to the victims of the ult.

The Margrave

The Margrave defense skill in Gigantic Rampage Edition
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

This is a frontline tank with moderate offense but very high defense. The Margrave will buff himself, debuff enemies, and absorb damage so that your teammates can take out the enemies.

  • Demon Fist - A melee attack that combines four hits, with the last one dealing a higher amount of damage. You can upgrade this skill to boost damage or apply a bunch of debuffs to enemies.
  • Hellburst - Deflects enemy projectiles while continuously attacking. To make it even better on the frontline, you can upgrade this skill also to reflect the projectiles back at the attacker.
  • Charge Forth - a crowd control skill that pushes enemies away as you dash forward. You'll also gain immunity to other heroes' crowd control skills, such as push, cancel, etc.
  • Staggering Leap - Perform a leap attack that deals high damage and stuns the enemies in the area. When it comes to this skill, I prefer to increase the stun duration and slow down the enemies.
  • Ground and Pound - This ultimate creates a shockwave to damage opponents while launching them in the air. It also gives you armor, which you can additionally boost with skill upgrades.


HK 206 Bullet barage skill in Gigantic Rampage Edition
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

HK-206 is a Ranged DPS that can take a lot of damage. The robot doesn't have a lot of mobility, especially when using the Fortify skill, so it would be better to set up somewhere away from the fray. This way, they won't damage you, but you can still take them out one by one.

  • Bullet Barrage / Fortify Barrage - Primary weapon that shoots bullets at enemies. Instead of reloading once a certain number of bullets are used, HK-206 reloads after 3.5 seconds. This weapon has a very big range.
  • Rail Gun - Fires an energy blast that can be upgraded for greater damage or to daze enemies that were hit.
  • Mortar - Throws an explosive that bounces and then explodes, knocking enemies back and applying additional burn damage.
  • Fortify / Unfortify - You enter turret mode, which reduces the damage you'll take and increases accuracy. This skill uses the Fortify Barrage, shooting empowered bullets at the enemies.
  • S.W.A.R.M. - This ultimate fires multiple missiles to deal a lot of damage.


Pakko using freeze skill in Gigantic Rampage Edition
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Pakko is a control bruiser whose skills apply the freeze effect to opponents. He has a great defense, so he can position himself on the frontline while buffing teammates and debuffing enemies.

  • Frosty Swipes - a melee attack that chains four hits. If you upgrade this skill, you can heal Pakko or weaken frozen enemies if you pair it with his freezing skills.
  • Snowball Toss - Snowballs are a great weapon, at least for Pakko. He charges them and throws them at enemies. The longer he charges this attack, the greater the damage and explosion radius it will be. He can also stun and freeze enemies with this skill.
  • Slip and Slide / Uppercut - Slides around the ground with a speed boost. Additional usage of this skill will have him slide into an enemy to uppercut them, pushing them away.
  • Frost Path - this skill creates an ice path that freezes enemies but buffs the speed of both allies and Pakko. Combine this skill with Frosty Swipes for even more boosts.
  • Breath of Frigid Air - an ultimate that applies full freeze to enemies, then turns them into snowmen, which can be broken down with attacks. This deals even more damage to frozen opponents.


Gigantic Rampage Edition Hero Voden hight jumo in battle
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Voden is a Support and DPS mix with a great utility kit that helps both himself and his teammates. And I do love that a bow and arrow ranged hero seems to be inspired by Robin Hood.

  • Arrowed - Shoots arrows at enemies, dealing a lot of damage and with great range. You can buff this skill for more damage or shoot five arrows at once to pierce through enemies and slow them down.
  • Poison Spores - this skill creates a filthy area underneath the enemy that applies poison, reducing healing and dealing damage. You can even make the projectile into a homing missile for a perfect hit.
  • Green Man - summons a decoy that will keep attacking the enemies as you move away, hidden by stealth. If you start shooting before the decoy is done, you will appear out of the bushes and interrupt the skill. This skill is useful when you need to get away from combat in dangerous situations.
  • Hidden Spring - He creates a healing puddle underneath himself that also heals allies. With upgrades, you can also remove debuffs or restore stamina.
  • Natural Roots - Voden's ultimate shoots and grows roots at targets and immobilizes them for a brief moment.


Gigantic hero Zandora in combat
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Zandora is a Support and Tank hybrid that doesn't have high damage but instead provides teammates and herself with a bunch of buffs and shields. You should be keeping her close to allies at all times to benefit from her skills.

  • Star Lance Strike - a melee combo that deals three attacks, with the last one dealing a small amount of damage more. Once this attack hits, the active aura duration (his other skills) resets. You can buff this skill to restart the last aura, or you can instead go with a damage and crit increase.
  • Strength Activation / Aura of Strength - a melee attack that activates the Aura of Strength, which boosts damage for allies and self. You can also increase the duration of the buff through skill upgrades.
  • Haste Activation / Aura of Haste - a skill that restores stamina and activates the Aura of Haste. This is a speed boost for herself and nearby allies. If you get out of her range, you'll still have the buff for two more seconds.
  • Life Activation / Aura of Life - This skill purifies all debuffs on nearby allies and activates the Aura of Life. The Aura heals all allies and Zandora. If you step out of her radius, you'll still get the healing effects for one more second.
  • Vow of Shielding - an area skill that gives Shield to all nearby allies and herself. When she gets a hit with the Star Lance Strike, she restores the shield. You can boost this Ultimate to provide healing as well.


Gigantic hero Charnok using Dragon's Breath ability
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Charnok is a caster DPS who specializes in fire damage. While he does have high damage, his defense is lacking, so you have to be careful and keep an eye on his health bar at all times.

  • Fireball - Shoots a projectile. The longer you charge it, the bigger the range and the damage it causes to the enemy. You can upgrade it to a third charge or apply a burn effect.
  • Dragon's Breath - a short-range attack that causes less damage. However, you can increase its duration through upgrades.
  • Detonate - allows Charnok to jump high while pushing the enemy away. This is a great skill to have on more vertical maps like XX
  • Hot Hail - Bombards an area and causes additional burn damage. With upgrades, this attack can also slow or stun enemies.
  • Flame On - An ultimate that shoots fire in a line, which hits the enemies into the air as well as applies burn.

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Gigantic hero Ramsay in combat
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Ramsay is a frontline fighter who uses his blade to apply poison damage to enemies. He also has great mobility to dodge attacks while the poison does its thing.

  • Cut / Far Cut - Melee attack that combines four hits. It can be turned into a ranged attack if you do it right after you dodge. If this is the playstyle you want to adopt, then you should definitely upgrade this skill to apply the slow effect.
  • Rush - A dash attack in the direction you are moving that also dodges incoming attacks. Since he is a frontliner, this will be very useful in big skirmishes.
  • Flurry - Another series of melee attacks that reduces his movement speed but causes greater damage.
  • Juju Fruit - applies toxins to his blade for five seconds. If you hit an enemy in this time span, you will apply poison that reduces healing and does damage.
  • Fruit Punch - An ultimate that drops poison fruit and applies the poison effect, reducing enemy vision and gaining stealth. It is great to use when you need to disengage but still want to cause damage.


Hero Mozu creating a Vortex in Gigantic Rampage Edition
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

You might not think Mozu looks like a great damage dealer, but she will be taking out many of the enemy players. Depending on how you build her, she can also give some beneficial buffs to her enemies. Mozu has one of the best disengage skills, which allows her to teleport to a new and hopefully safe area.

  • Magic Bolt - Fires magic bolts that become faster as you charge this attack. Depending on your upgrade choice, this skill can also reduce cooldowns for all skills or buff attack speed.
  • Attractor Beam - Mozu uses this beam attack to slow down her enemies. She can also use Magic Bolt at the same time in an upgrade.
  • Arcane Vortex - Creates a vortex that deflects enemy projectiles. While you can upgrade the vortex duration and range, I prefer to gain the ability to pull the closest enemy into it and daze them while exiting.
  • Dimension Door - Mozu opens a teleport to a selected area, which allows her to escape danger and recuperate before another attack.
  • Death Ray - Her ultimate is a more powerful beam attack that deals heavy damage and slows down enemies.


Gigantic Rampage Edition melee hero Wu in combat in Practice Arena

Wu is a melee fighter who primarily specializes in crowd control, with many of his skills focusing on that. If you manage to single out a target, they will be in great danger on their own.

  • Rain of Blows - This is Wu's primary attack. It is a melee combo that lets him hit the enemy three times, with the last hit dealing slightly greater damage.
  • Splash Kick / Downpour - Using this skill pushes enemies away and damages them with an upward kick. If you combine it with Downpour, you will also launch a downward kick into the target area.
  • Crashing Waves—This is a wave projectile attack followed by a dash attack from Wu. Once the wave hits, the enemy gets the cancel effect, allowing the dash hit to deal extra damage. You can boost this attack by pushing enemies or weakening them through upgrades.
  • Tonguelash - Another crowd control skill that lets Wu pull the enemy towards him with his tongue. You can apply various buffs through upgrades, including a self-heal and an armor buff.
  • Typhoon's Fury - This is an ultimate uppercut attack that launches the enemies into the air. You'll also gain armor and a damage buff.

Ezren Ghal

Gigantic Hero Ezren Ghal in Spectral Form
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Is there better ammo than the souls of your enemies? I wouldn't say so, and Ezren Ghal would agree with me. This hero has a very versatile kit with crowd control, enemy debuffs, self-healing, and great damage.

  • Soul Caliber - Extracts the souls of the enemies for ammo while dealing decent damage and healing himself. You can only hold up to three souls, and you have to use them in five seconds, or you lose them.
  • Soul Fire - This is a skill that uses the souls you collect with Soul Caliber as ammo. It has a decent range and great damage. In combination with the above skill, you can easily dent an enemy's health bar while keeping yourself alive.
  • Spectral Form - If you are in danger, this is the skill you should use to disengage. It allows you to walk through enemies, reducing the damage you take while also dealing damage to enemies in range.
  • Well of Souls - Creates a death pool that immobilizes enemies for a time period and damages them.
  • Soul Blast - With this ultimate, you will float above the ground, dealing great damage while healing yourself.

Tyto the Swift

Gigantic Rampage Edition hero Tyto the Swift in Practice Arena
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

A typical assassin, Tyto the Swift is in and out of a battle quickly, taking care of his enemies with great efficiency.

  • Talon - A swift melee combo that deals three strikes, with the last one striking twice and dealing extra damage.
  • Swoop - A leap attack at a target area. This is useful for ambushing an unsuspecting enemy, dealing damage, and getting out quickly.
  • Blade Dance - A spin attack that deals moderate damage to the enemies around you. You gain movement speed, but the longer the attack lasts, the longer its cooldown will be. This skill can be canceled by activating any other skill.
  • Fang - You summon Fang to attack, ignore armor, and deal damage, as well as apply bleed damage to the hit enemies. Upgrades for this skill can daze and slow down enemies, allowing you to retreat after injuring them.
  • Blur - An ultimate that lets Tyto rush forward, deal a lot of damage, and apply bleed to hit enemies. You can increase the speed of your sprint through updates, as well as regenerate your health.


Gigantic Rampage Edition hero Oru in combat
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

A DPS and a Support mix, Oru focuses on crowd control, applying debuffs to enemies while buffing himself. His abilities make him great up close and at a longer range.

  • Judgement - Throws a card at the enemy and applies Judgement and burn effects for three seconds. The upgrades allow him to majorly reduce the cooldown for two of his other skills, The Beast and Cosmic Power
  • The Beast - Applies the Beast and the major slow effect, reducing the enemy's speed by a big percentage. In addition, you can control enemies even further by pushing them at close range. If you choose the other route, you can also weaken them and apply the bleed effect.
  • The Joker - Drops three trap cards that deal damage and push enemies away. This is an especially useful skill to use in tight spaces where you can create an obstacle between yourself and the enemy when you are in danger.
  • Cosmic Power - Casts spells and reveals cards. If the cards are Judgement, you will deal 250 damage. If the cards are The Beast, you will daze an enemy for a second.
  • Death Dealer - This ultimate allows you to hover in the air while throwing death cards. With the first hit, you will deal 40 damage and apply Death. Once Death cards are revealed, you will do a lot of damage and get a damage boost for enemies below 50% health.

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Assassin hero Tripp in Practice Arena of Gigantic Rampage Edition
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Tripp is an assassin who deals very high damage with her lightning strikes. Her kit allows her to sneak up on enemies and combo them with her attacks before she disappears again.

  • Lightning Strikes / Lightning Drop - This skill deals a series of quick attacks, with the seventh and last strike hitting twice and dealing quite a bit more damage than the rest of the strikes.
  • Plasma Blades - Tripp throws daggers that apply extra bleeding damage to the enemy hit. You can increase the number of daggers thrown or choose to buff the primary attack through skill upgrades.
  • Electric Slide / Can I Kick It? - This combo will let Tripp slide forward and then attack with an upward kick that throws the enemies into the air and cancels their abilities.
  • Flashdance - This skill will let you become invisible for a short duration. You can use this skill to either ambush enemies or escape from a dangerous skirmish. If you upgrade the skill, you can also daze enemies nearby, making your escape even more efficient.
  • Bladestorm - Whoever is on the other end of this ultimate will not have a good time. Tripp dashes towards an enemy and hits them. Once the first attack hits, she will perform an additional six attacks and a final strike. This will also stun the enemy. When you are attacking, you'll gain immunity to all attacks

Uncle Sven

Gigantic Rampage Edition Hero Uncle Sven throwing an Acid Flask
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Uncle Sven and his potions have high utility in Gigantic Rampage Edition. He can heal, buff his teammates and debuff the enemies, while also enacting crowd control.

  • Fire Flask - A projectile attack that throws a fire potion at an area. This skill can be upgraded to apply additional burn damage in both routes.
  • Acid Flask - A projectile attack that creates an acid puzzle that applies cracked armor to enemies. This attack can also do additional damage through burn, but you can also just increase the regular damage.
  • Elastic Ooze - A potion that creates an elastic puddle, allowing teammates to jump high into the air. This skill is very useful in more vertical maps. If you hit an enemy with this flask, it will push them away.
  • Healing Waters - A healing puddle that can heal both allies and himself. It's got a pretty good range, but you'll want to stick close to your allies and keep an eye on their health bars. This skill has an upgrade, which allows you to share the healing with nearby allies who aren't in your puddle.
  • Chaos Quaff - You cause a lot of chaos with Uncle Sven's ultimate as you Polymorph enemies. This also has the effect of slowing and dazing them


Gigantic Rampage Edition hero Griselma movement animation
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Griselma is a handy summoner that fights alongside Portal Beasts (hands that cause damage). She also has the most unique movement animation, with her cane running around and dragging her along.

  • Reach Out / Portal Beast - Griselma shoots a beam attack at enemies. Portal Beasts, summoned by Griselma's other skill, prioritize the targets of this attack. They have 90-degree vision, and since you can summon two, try to place them around the target to do the most damage.
  • Summon - This skill summons a maximum of two Portal Beasts, which deal additional damage with Griselma. Once they are destroyed, the skill has a nine-second cooldown. One of the best upgrades for this skill is the ability for the Beasts to gain stealth when they are idle. This means that enemies can stumble upon them and get damaged.
  • Rift Zone / Portal Beast - Creates a puddle that deals damage and applies the cracked armor effect to anyone who steps into it. If you summon Portal Beasts in the puddle, it will reduce the Summon cooldown.
  • Displacement / Appear - When she is in danger, Grisema can disengage from battle with a portal. Inside it, she can heal herself, and you can devise a new plan of attack.
  • The Abyss—The ultimate skill summons the Mega Beast, which deals a greater amount of damage and launches enemies into the air.


Gigantic Rampage Edition healer Vadasi healing in battle
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Vadasi is your typical healer and one of my favorites as a healer main (though I do enjoy Uncle Sven too). She'll even sacrifice her own health to heal her teammates. Try to avoid getting right into the thick of it, but don't go too far, as you need to be in range to heal your teammates.

  • Ray of Light / Empowered Light - Ray of Light is a healing beam that heals her allies moderately, while Empowered Light consumes charged orbs, which slightly increases the healing amount.
  • Smite / Empowered Smite - Smite is a beam attack that deals mild damage, while Empowered Smite deals, which consumes charged orbs, deals stronger damage, and applies the burn effect to enemies.
  • Divine Wind / Empowered Wind - Divine Wind heals Vadasi, as she needs to stay alive if she wants to heal her teammates. Empowered wind consumes one charged orb and gives herself a bigger heal.
  • Devotion - With this skill, Vadasi charges up to three orbs, which heal allies and damage enemies. This does, however, consume her own health, so be careful when you use this skill. try to time it with Divine Wind.
  • Sanctum of Faith - This skill boosts Vadasi, increasing her armor and providing her with healing. Boosts like this are important for healers like her, as she is more likely to be targeted in a battle.

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Gigantic Rampage Edition hero Aisling and summon Sir Cador fight
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Another summoner like Griselma, Aisling summons the spirit of her father to deal damage. She mostly boosts herself and her father, but she also enacts crowd control, supporting her teammates this way.

  • Slash / Sir Cador - Aisling attacks with a three-hit melee combo while Sir Cador, her father, deals additional damage to her victims. You can buff damage on her father or switch this skill from melee to projectile.
  • Cador's Command / Sir Cador - This is the skill that she uses to summon her father, directing him to an area or an enemy. When the spirit is destroyed, Aisling will be stunned for a second. You will be pretty vulnerable at this moment, so try to disengage and go to a safe spot to recuperate.
  • Cador's War Cry / Sir Cador - The War Cry activates Cador's ability, which applies a major slowdown to enemies as well as cancels their abilities. You can also use Sir Cador to cripple opponents or block projectiles.
  • Into the Blade - With this skill, Cador goes back into the sword, healing Aisling and providing her with armor when summoned again.
  • Terrify - With her ultimate, Aisling teleports her father to an area where he launches enemies, slows them down, and applies major weakness to them. This skill makes Aisling a crowd control support.


Support hero Xenobia drains life force from enemy in Gigantic Rampage Edition
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

While Vadasi reminds me of Mercy, Xenobia reminds me of Moira. She damages to heal but also buffs allies and debuffs enemies.

  • Gaze of Envy - A beam that damages and absorbs enemy health so that Xenobia can heal herself. While you can add specific effects with her skill upgrades, I prefer to increase her damage and healing instead.
  • Words of Spite - Xenobia fires a homing projectile at the enemy, which applies cracked armor but can also apply bleed, slow and cripple. Even this attack can be used to heal herself if you upgrade it that way.
  • Wave of Sorrow - A ground projectile that knocks the enemies up and cancels them along with applying the weaken effect. This is another skill you can turn into a potential heal for Xenobia.
  • Mark of Despair - A skill that creates goop that slows down enemies. You can apply poison with a skill upgrade or boost basic attack damage for this skill.
  • Cursed Soul - An ultimate that dooms an area. This means that enemies' actions are disabled, and their health changes. She also heals herself from hit enemies. If she hits multiple, she will get a healing increase per enemy.


Hero T-Mat using Thrusters in Gigantic Rampage Edition
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

T-Mat is a great Ranged shooter that deals a lot of AoE damage. You should keep her away from close combat, but if she gets targeted, she has a skill that can help her disengage and find teammates for support.

  • Energy Blast - Fires a one-shot enemy blast with a very long range and great damage. You can upgrade this skill to reduce the cooldowns of your other skills or to cause greater damage.
  • Homing Missiles / Fire Missiles - When you lock in on a target, you load a missile every three seconds until you have five. When you shoot, you send off all of your missiles, which also apply burn damage.
  • Thrusters - This is the skill that allows her to evade damage. She flies for a short distance, enough to get behind a wall or to teammates.
  • EMP - Fires an explosive ball that explodes on hit and causes major shocks to enemies in the radius.
  • Overclocked - This ultimate rapidly shoots missiles, which deal additional damage through burn on hit.


Gigantic hero Roland in battle
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

A hero added in the Gigantic: Rampage Edition, Roland is a DPS shooter who likes to get himself up close and personal with enemies. This is the best tactic for him, considering he uses a powerful shotgun.

  • Blunderbuss - His primary attack is a shotgun blast that fires 20 projectiles. The shot goes wide-spread, so it's better to use it closer to the enemy or when there are more of them around.
  • Entangling Bolas - With this skill, he throws down a trap that can slow down the enemy's movement speed. Not only that, but with upgrades, you can also apply burn, stun, and cripple effects, depending on which route you go with.
  • Attack Drone - Summons an attack drone that attacks enemies near Roland. You can boost its damage, but I prefer the upgrades that boost the Drone's health as well as give Roland and his allies armor.
  • Grappling Hook - A skill that he uses to pull himself towards an enemy. If you manage to hit them, the enemy's active ability will be canceled, but if you miss, you will suffer a minor cooldown. You need to aim really well, as even two seconds can mean a lot in a game like this.
  • Mega Blast - An ultimate that takes a brief moment to charge, but when it does, it fires a massive blast that applies burn damage and pushes enemies away.


Gigantic Rampage Edition Hero Kajir attacking
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

As an assassin who works from the shadows, Kajir can hit enemies from a distance and then teleport to them for swift execution. He also has a crowd-control kit that helps him damage enemies efficiently.

  • Slice - a melee combo that lets you hit enemies four times quickly. You can improve this skill for even higher damage or to boost your other skills.
  • Back Stab - This is a charged dash attack. The longer you charge it, the greater the damage. If you reach level two of charge, you'll also apply freeze enemies. The freeze effect can be boosted through a skill upgrade.
  • Unseen Blade - Kajir can throw a dagger and teleport to the enemy that he hits. If that enemy is above 75% health, Kajir will deal extra damage. You can gain another teleport through upgrades, as well as apply freeze and curse effects to enemies.
  • Smoke Bomb / Skeleton Crew - Creates a smoke cloud that provides him with stealth. If you move, the cloud will also follow you. You can also use this skill to summon copies of Kajir, one that will attack and one that will flee, to confuse the enemies.
  • Predator - When you enter predator mode, you'll reveal all nearby enemies to yourself and your teammates. This ultimate also gives you a speed boost and a damage increase for your basic attack.

If you want to know more about the game, you can check out our Gigantic Rampage Edition Review on Pro Game Guides.

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