Grounded Cheats & Console Commands

If you'd like to run around Grounded without getting demolished by vicious bugs, then there are some cheats and commands you can use to alleviate this issue. Unfortunately, these only work for the PC, so if you're on Xbox, you'll have to hope they add in some cheats in the future.

To use cheats in Grounded, you will have to download a third party program. This is called Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker, and it's pretty well-known and has been used for a variety of games. As with any program, you download and use it at your own risk!

Once you have it downloaded and installed you can open up Grounded. Go to the UUU program and in the General tab, you need to select a process to inject the DLL into. If you're using the Xbox Gamepass launcher, you will find it named as Maine in the options. It will likely be the top process, but the name could be different if you're using Steam.

Select the correct process and then hit the Inject DLL option. You will see some popup windows in Grounded that show that the program has been started and is working. You might want to start a new world if you're using cheats so you don't mess up your old one, but it's up to you.

Now that you know this is working and are in a game. Hit the ~ key on the top left of your keyboard underneath Escape. This will open up the console at the bottom of the screen and look like this:

You can now type in commands in this to make changes to the game. Here's a list of cheats and commands that you can use:

unlockallperksUnlocks all perks.
UnlockAllTechTreesUnlocks all Tech Trees
sg.PostProcessQuality 0Removes the depth of field blurriness on the map.
godGod mode, which means you won't take any damage. You don't get unlimited stamina or hunger though, but they won't kill you if they are reduced.
timespeed #Either slow down, speed up, or stop time completely. The higher the number the faster time will go in game, and the lower the number is the slower it will go. If you enter 0 as your speed then it will stop time completely.timespeed 10
toggledebugcameraGives you the ability to fly around in the game as a camera. It's not great for flying long distances.
teleportUse this command to instantly jump to a location where your crosshair is pointing. This is hit and miss sometimes, it appears you have a limit on how far you can teleport.
pausePauses the game. Repeat the command to un-pause.
killKills your character and takes you back to your spawn point.
DamageTarget #Will damage a target for the designated amount of damage. This works for bugs and general objects in the game.DamageTarget 100
ResearchAllItemsAnalyzes all the items in the game that you would have to take to the Field Stations.
UnlockAllRecipesUnlocks all the available items that can be crafted in the game.
RepairAllItemsRepairs all of the items you have in your inventory.
FullRestoreCompletely fills up your stamina, thirst, hunger, and health.
AddScience #Gives you an amount of Raw Science that you have designated.AddScience 70
AddWater #Fills up your thirst based on the number you've entered.AddWater 100
AddFood #Fills up your hunger based on the number you've entered.AddFood 100
ChangeSize #Change your size based on the number you enter. This is a bit buggy, so use with caution.ChangeSize 10
BuildAllBuildingsWill construct all of your current blueprints you have laid out.
showLists graphic options and settings.
ShowWaveStatsShows Stats
SetCurrentFood #This will set your Food at your desired amountSetCurrentFood 100
SetCurrentWater #This will set your Water at your desired amountSetCurrentWater100
SetCurrentBreath #This will set your Breath at your desired amountSetCurrentBreath100
InfiniteDamageKill creatures with one shot/hit
summon [file name]This will summon a bug, item, plant, or whatever you add here if you have the correct file name.

A command has been found by commenter VooDooShamane to open up what appears to be a test world with a lot of the upcoming additions to the game coming up. You need to enter this command before you enter into a game save. You won't be able to save, but you can check out some of the awesome new stuff!

  • open AR_00_World_Dev - Opens the developer's world, where a bunch of new things are available.
  • open SurvivalTest - Opens up a developer's test ground level.

File Names

These are a bunch of the file names you can use with the "summon" command to spawn items in the game. Big thanks to all of the people in the comments who have helped contribute many of these! Shout out to herossin who contributed a whole bunch of the commands that are listed below.

Bugs, Animals, NPCs

  • summon BP_Mite_C
  • summon BP_Grub_C
  • summon BP_Mite_CableChewer_C
  • summon BP_Ant_C
  • summon BP_Ant_Soldier_C
  • summon BP_Ant_HillWorker_C
  • summon BP_Larva_C
  • summon BP_Aphid_C
  • summon BP_Spider_Small_C
  • summon BP_Spider_Boss_C
  • summon BP_Spider_Wolf_C
  • summon BP_Spider_Web_C
  • summon BP_BombardierBeetle_C
  • summon BP_Weevil_Evil_C
  • summon BP_Ladybug_C
  • summon BP_Weevil_C
  • summon BP_StinkBug_C
  • summon BP_Spiderling_C
  • summon BP_Mosquito_C
  • summon BP_Gnat_C
  • summon BP_Bee_C
  • summon BP_Wasp_C
  • summon BP_KoiFish_C
  • summon BP_DivingBellSpider_C
  • summon BP_Tadpole_C
  • summon BP_WaterBoatman_C


  • summon BP_SurvivalPlayerCharacter_Male02_C – Pete
  • summon BP_SurvivalPlayerCharacter_Female02_C – Hoops
  • summon BP_SurvivalPlayerCharacter_Female_C – Willow
  • summon BP_SurvivalPlayerCharacter_C – ???
  • summon BP_SurvivalPlayerCharacter_Gellarde_C
  • summon BP_SurvivalPlayerCharacter_MrBones_C


  • summon BP_Weed_Dandelion_A_C
  • summon BP_Weed_Dandelion_B_C
  • summon BP_Weed_Dandelion_C_C
  • summon BP_Weed_Dandelion_D_C
  • summon BP_Sprout_A_C
  • summon BP_Sprout_B_C
  • summon BP_Sprout_C_C
  • summon BP_SmallPlantA_C (Plant Fiber)
  • summon BP_Plant_Small_Leafy_A_C (Plant Fiber)
  • summon BP_Plant_Small_Leafy_B_C (Plant Fiber)
  • summon BP_Plant_Small_Leafy_A_Dry_C (Dry Grass Chunk)
  • summon BP_Plant_Small_Leafy_B_Dry_C (Dry Grass Chunk)
  • summon BP_Clover_A_C
  • summon BP_Clover_B_C
  • summon BP_Clover_Flower_C
  • summon BP_HedgeBerryA_C
  • summon BP_Hedge_Berry_A_C
  • summon BP_Hedge_Berry_B_C
  • summon BP_Hedge_Berry_C_C
  • summon BP_Eelgrass_D_C
  • summon BP_Eelgrass_C_C
  • summon BP_Eelgrass_B_C
  • summon BP_Eelgrass_A_C
  • summon BP_Spiderweb_Hanging_Sleeping_C
  • summon BP_Spiderweb_Hanging_B_Sleeping_C
  • summon BP_Spiderweb_Hanging_C_Sleeping_C
  • summon BP_Rock_Sandstone_A_C
  • summon BP_Rock_Quartzite_A_C
  • summon BP_Rock_Limestone_A_C
  • summon BP_Rock_Clay_C
  • summon BP_GrassBlade_A_C
  • summon BP_GrassBlade_B_C
  • summon BP_GrassBlade_C_C
  • summon BP_GrassBlade_D_C
  • summon BP_GrassBlade_E_C
  • summon BP_GrassBlade_F_C
  • summon BP_GrassBlade_G_C
  • summon BP_GrassBladeDry_D_C
  • summon BP_GrassBladeDry_E_C
  • summon BP_GrassBladeDry_F_C
  • summon BP_GrassBlade_Dead_A_C
  • summon BP_GrassBlade_Dead_B_C
  • summon BP_GrassBlade_Dead_C_C
  • summon BP_GrassBlade_Dead_D_C
  • summon BP_Hosta_A_C
  • summon BP_Hosta_Flower_B_C
  • summon BP_Daffodil_Blue_C
  • summon BP_Hosta_Flower_A_C
  • summon BP_Hosta_Leaf_C
  • summon BP_RoseBush_A_C


  • summon BP_World_GrassPlank_C
  • summon BP_World_Log_C
  • summon BP_World_Rope_C
  • summon BP_World_Fiber_C
  • summon BP_World_Fiber_Dry_C
  • summon BP_World_Sap_C
  • summon BP_Sap_Nodule_A_C
  • summon BP_World_Stone_Pebble_C
  • summon BP_World_Nectar_C
  • summon BP_World_Sprig_C
  • summon BP_World_Hardened_Sprig_C
  • summon BP_World_Clay_C
  • summon BP_World_CloverTop_C
  • summon BP_World_Leaf_Blower_C
  • summon BP_World_Quartzite_C
  • summon BP_World_Slimemold_C
  • summon BP_World_Rubber_C
  • summon BP_World_Resin_C
  • summon BP_World_Pollen_C
  • summon BP_World_LilypadWax_C
  • summon BP_World_Leaf_C
  • summon BP_Acorn_C
  • summon BP_World_Acorn_Top_C
  • summon BP_World_Acorn_Shell_C
  • summon BP_World_Acorn_Bits_C
  • summon BP_World_Fabric_C
  • summon BP_World_Acid_C
  • summon BP_World_Web_C
  • summon BP_World_Bone_C
  • summon BP_World_Thorn_C
  • summon BP_World_Thistle_Needle_C
  • summon BP_World_Hedge_Berry_C
  • summon BP_SlimeMold_Stalks_A_C
  • summon BP_SlimeMold_Stalks_B_C
  • summon BP_SlimeMold_Stalks_C_C
  • summon BP_SlimeMold_Stalks_D_C
  • summon BP_World_Petal_Red_C
  • summon BP_World_Petal_Yellow_C
  • summon BP_World_Petal_Hosta_C
  • summon BP_World_EelgrassStrand_C
  • summon BP_World_LilypadMembrane_C
  • summon BP_World_CatTailPlantFluff_C
  • summon BP_World_Gum_Steel_C
  • summon BP_World_Dandelion_Puff_A_C
  • summon BP_World_KoiFishScale_C
  • summon BP_World_Fertilizer_C
  • summon BP_World_Ant_Egg_C
  • summon BP_Ant_Dead_C
  • summon BP_Egg_Ant_C
  • summon BP_World_TadPoleSlime_C
  • summon BP_World_StriderLeg_C
  • summon BP_World_LeechSac_C
  • summon BP_World_DivingBellSpiderSilk_C
  • summon BP_World_Slimemold_Stalk_C
  • summon BP_World_Bait_C
  • summon BP_World_WaterBoatmanFin_C
  • summon BP_Web_Pooped_C
  • summon BP_World_Weevil_Part_C
  • summon BP_World_Weevil_Nose_C
  • summon BP_World_Weevil_Evil_Gland_C
  • summon BP_World_WaterFlea_Chunk_C
  • summon BP_World_Stinkbug_Plate_C
  • summon BP_World_Stinkbug_Gas_Sack_C
  • summon BP_World_Stinkbug_Feelers_C
  • summon BP_World_Spider_Venom_C
  • summon BP_World_Spider_Fang_C
  • summon BP_World_Spider_Chunk_C
  • summon BP_World_Mosquito_Sack_C
  • summon BP_World_Mosquito_Beak_C
  • summon BP_World_Fuzz_Mite_C
  • summon BP_World_Larva_Spike_C
  • summon BP_World_Ladybug_Wing_C
  • summon BP_World_Ladybug_Shell_C
  • summon BP_World_Ladybug_Head_C
  • summon BP_World_Grub_Hide_C
  • summon BP_World_Grub_Goop_C
  • summon BP_World_Grub_Faceplate_C
  • summon BP_World_Fuzz_Gnat_C
  • summon BP_World_Firefly_Shell_C
  • summon BP_World_Firefly_Glow_C
  • summon BP_World_Explosive_Gland_C
  • summon BP_World_BombardierBeetle_Leg_C
  • summon BP_World_Bee_Stinger_C
  • summon BP_World_Bee_Fuzz_C
  • summon BP_World_Ant_Pheromone_C
  • summon BP_World_Ant_Part_Rare_C
  • summon BP_World_Ant_Part_C
  • summon BP_World_Ant_Mandible_C
  • summon BP_World_Ant_Head_C
  • summon BP_World_Acid_Gland_C
  • summon BP_World_Shield_Weevil_C
  • summon BP_World_Rapier_Mosquito_C


  • summon BP_Storage_C
  • summon BP_Storage_Big_C
  • summon BP_PlankStorage_C
  • summon BP_LogStorage_C
  • summon BP_WaterContainer_C


  • summon BP_Feather_C
  • summon BP_World_Arrow_Crow_C
  • summon BP_World_Bandage_C
  • summon BP_World_Axe_C
  • summon BP_World_Axe_Tier2_C
  • summon BP_World_Hammer_C
  • summon BP_World_Hammer_Tier2_C
  • summon BP_World_MintMallet_C
  • summon BP_World_Torch_C
  • summon BP_World_Torch+_C
  • summon BP_World_Lantern_Firefly_C
  • summon BP_World_Shovel_C
  • summon BP_World_RepairTool_C
  • summon BP_World_Canteen_C
  • summon BP_World_Canteen+_C
  • summon BP_World_Binoculars_C
  • summon BP_World_StriderSkates_C
  • summon BP_World_Rebreather_C
  • summon BP_World_DivingLantern_C
  • summon BP_World_DivingKnife_C

Repair Kits

  • summon BP_World_Repairkit_Armor_Tier1_C
  • summon BP_World_Repairkit_Armor_Tier2_C
  • summon BP_World_Repairkit_Armor_Tier3_C


  • summon BP_World_Fist_Berry_C
  • summon BP_World_Fist_Ant_C
  • summon BP_World_Armor_Flippers_C
  • summon BP_World_Spider_Armor_Legs_C
  • summon BP_World_Spider_Armor_Head_C
  • summon BP_World_Spider_Armor_Chest_C
  • summon BP_World_Mite_Head_C
  • summon BP_World_Ladybug_Armor_Legs_C
  • summon BP_World_Ladybug_Armor_Head_C
  • summon BP_World_Ladybug_Armor_Chest_C
  • summon BP_World_Grub_Armor_Legs_C
  • summon BP_World_Grub_Armor_Head_C
  • summon BP_World_Grub_Armor_Chest_C
  • summon BP_World_GasMask_Head_C
  • summon BP_World_Firefly_Head_C
  • summon BP_World_Eyepatch_C
  • summon BP_World_Eyepatch+_C
  • summon BP_World_Clover_Armor_Legs_C
  • summon BP_World_Clover_Armor_Head_C
  • summon BP_World_Clover_Armor_Chest_C
  • summon BP_World_Breathe_Mask_C
  • summon BP_World_Bee_Armor_Legs_C
  • summon BP_World_Bee_Armor_Head_C
  • summon BP_World_Bee_Armor_Chest_C
  • summon BP_World_Aphid_Armor_Legs_C
  • summon BP_World_Ant_Armor_Legs_C
  • summon BP_World_Ant_Armor_Head_C
  • summon BP_World_Ant_Armor_Chest_C
  • summon BP_World_Acorn_Armor_Legs_C
  • summon BP_World_Acorn_Armor_Head_C
  • summon BP_World_Acorn_Armor_Chest_C
  • summon BP_World_Koi_Armor_Legs_C
  • summon BP_World_Koi_Armor_Head_C
  • summon BP_World_Koi_Armor_Chest_C
  • summon BP_World_Bee_Armor_Legs_Rotten_C
  • summon BP_World_Bee_Armor_Head_Rotten_C
  • summon BP_World_Bee_Armor_Chest_Rotten_C


  • summon BP_World_CrossBow_Crow_C
  • summon BP_World_Bow_C
  • summon BP_World_Bow_Tier2_C
  • summon BP_World_Arrow_C
  • summon BP_World_Arrow_Lure_C
  • summon BP_World_Arrow_Poison_C
  • summon BP_World_HarpoonGun_C
  • summon BP_World_TacticalHarpoonGun_C
  • summon BP_World_HarpoonBolt_C
  • summon BP_World_HarpoonBoltBone_C
  • summon BP_World_HarpoonBoltPoison_C
  • summon BP_World_LarvaSword_C
  • summon BP_World_LarvaSword_Rotten_C
  • summon BP_World_Ant_Club_C
  • summon BP_World_Ant_Club_Rotten_C
  • summon BP_World_SpikySprig_C
  • summon BP_World_Dagger_Spider_C
  • summon BP_World_DivingKnife_C
  • summon BP_World_GumSword_C
  • summon BP_World_Bomb_C
  • summon BP_World_Bomb_Sticky_C
  • summon BP_World_Spear_C
  • summon BP_World_Spear_Tier2_C
  • summon BP_World_Bone_Trident_C
  • summon BP_World_Bone_Diving_Knife_C


  • summon BP_Trap_Tripwire_Bomb_C
  • summon BP_Trap_Lure_C
  • summon BP_Trap_Barricade_Spiked_C
  • summon BP_Trap_Turret_Bushcraft_Buildable_C
  • summon BP_Trap_Plasma_Orb_C
  • summon BP_Trap_Pebble_Chute_C
  • summon BP_Trap_Lure_C
  • summon BP_Trap_FLoor_Stick_C
  • summon BP_Trap_Floor_Slide_C
  • summon BP_Trap_Barricade_Spiked_C
  • summon BP_Trap_Aphid_C


  • summon BP_TechChipWeed_C
  • summon BP_TechChipOakTree_C
  • summon BP_TechChipMint_C
  • summon BP_TechChipHedge_C
  • summon BP_TechChipFlowerbed_C
  • summon BP_TechChipAntHill_C
  • summon BP_TechChipPond_C 
  • summon BP_ScienceBits_C
  • summon BP_RawScience_B_C
  • summon BP_TazT_C
  • summon BP_Burgle_C
  • summon BP_ColorCollectible_C


  • summon BP_Hazard_Stink_C
  • summon BP_Hazard_BombardierSpray_C
  • summon BP_Hazard_BombardierRanged_C
  • summon BP_BeetleSpray_C
  • summon BP_StabbingDamage_C
  • summon BP_GeneralRangedDamage_C
  • summon BP_GasDamage_C
  • summon BP_ExplosiveDamage_C
  • summon BP_ChoppingDamage_C
  • summon BP_BurningDamage_C
  • summon BP_Hazard_GasArrow_C


  • summon BP_World_Droplet_Water_C
  • summon BP_World_Droplet_Soda_Cola_C
  • summon BP_World_Droplet_LemonJuice_C
  • summon BP_World_HoneyDew_C
  • summon BP_World_Honey_C
  • summon BP_World_Nectar_C
  • summon BP_World_Granola_Bar_C
  • summon BP_World_Food_Apple_C
  • summon BP_World_Mushroom_C
  • summon BP_World_Mushroom_Grown_C
  • summon BP_Mushroom_Garden_C
  • summon BP_World_Cooked_Tadpole_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Food_Mint_C
  • summon BP_World_Food_Hot_Dog_C
  • summon BP_World_Food_Cookie_Sandwich_C
  • summon BP_World_Cooked_Weevil_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Cooked_Grub_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Cooked_Gnat_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Cooked_Aphid_Meat_C
  • summon BP_Cooking_Cooked_Aphid_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Dried_Weevil_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Dried_Grub_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Dried_Gnat_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Dried_Aphid_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Tadpole_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_WaterBoat_Fin_Soup_C
  • summon BP_World_Food_Cricket_C
  • summon BP_World_Weevil_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Grub_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Gnat_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Aphid_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Aphid_Meat_C
  • summon BP_World_Spoiled_Meat_C


  • summon BP_World_Smoothie_WaterBreathing_C
  • summon BP_World_Smoothie_GastroGoo_C
  • summon BP_World_Smoothie_FuzzOnTheRocks_C
  • summon BP_World_Smoothie_Fiber_C
  • summon BP_World_Smoothie_Default_C
  • summon BP_World_Smoothie_Berry_C
  • summon BP_World_Smoothie_Attack_C
  • summon BP_World_Smoothie_Aphid_C
  • summon BP_World_Smoothie_HumanFood_C
  • summon BP_World_Smoothie_HumanFood+_C

Audio Logs, Tech Chips, & Story Items

  • summon BP_AudioLog_WendellA01_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_WendellA02_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_WendellA03_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_WendellA04_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_WendellA05_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_WendellA06_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_OminentA01_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_OminentA02_C
  • summonBP_AudioLog_OminentA03_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_OminentA04_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_OminentA05_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_OminentA06_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB01_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB02_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB03_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB04_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB05_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB06_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_WendellB07_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA01_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA02_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA03_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA04_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA05_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA06_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA07_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA08_C
  • summon BP_AudioLog_BurgleA09_C
  • summon BP_Audio_Log_World_AntTotem_C
  • summon BP_Audio_Log_World_Cave_C
  • summon BP_Audio_Log_Base_C
  • summon BP_Note_Spy_Hedge_C
  • summon BP_Note_Spy_Haze_C

Bug Parts

  • BP_AntLeg_R_Mid_C
  • BP_AntLeg_R_Front_C
  • BP_AntLeg_R_Back_C
  • BP_AntLeg_L_Mid_C
  • BP_AntLeg_L_Front_C
  • BP_AntLeg_L_Back_C
  • BP_AntHead_C
  • BP_AntBody_C
  • BP_AntAbdomen_C
  • BP_SoldierLeg_R_Mid_C
  • BP_SoldierLeg_R_Front_C
  • BP_SoldierLeg_R_Back_C
  • BP_SoldierLeg_L_Mid_C
  • BP_SoldierLeg_L_Front_C
  • BP_SoldierLeg_L_Back_C
  • BP_SoldierHead_C
  • BP_SoldierBody_C
  • BP_SoldierAbdomen_C
  • BP_LarvaLeg_R_Mid_C
  • BP_LarvaLeg_R_Front_C
  • BP_LarvaLeg_R_Back_C
  • BP_LarvaLeg_L_Mid_C
  • BP_LarvaLeg_L_Front_C
  • BP_LarvaLeg_L_Back_C
  • BP_LarvaHead_C
  • BP_LarvaBody_C
  • BP_LarvaAbdomen_C
  • BP_SpiderWolfLeg_R04_C
  • BP_SpiderWolfLeg_R03_C
  • BP_SpiderWolfLeg_R02_C
  • BP_SpiderWolfLeg_R01_C
  • BP_SpiderWolfLeg_L04_C
  • BP_SpiderWolfLeg_L03_C
  • BP_SpiderWolfLeg_L02_C
  • BP_SpiderWolfLeg_L01_C
  • BP_SpiderWolfHead_C
  • BP_SpiderWolfAbdomen_C
  • BP_SpiderLeg_R04_C
  • BP_SpiderLeg_R03_C
  • BP_SpiderLeg_R02_C
  • BP_SpiderLeg_R01_C
  • BP_SpiderLeg_L04_C
  • BP_SpiderLeg_L03_C
  • BP_SpiderLeg_L02_C
  • BP_SpiderLeg_L01_C
  • BP_SpiderHead_C
  • BP_SpiderAbdomen_C
  • BP_StinkBugLeg_R_Mid_C
  • BP_StinkBugLeg_R_Front_C
  • BP_StinkBugLeg_R_Back_C
  • BP_StinkBugLeg_L_Mid_C
  • BP_StinkBugLeg_L_Front_C
  • BP_StinkBugLeg_L_Back_C
  • BP_StinkBugBody_C
  • BP_LadybugLeg_R_Mid_C
  • BP_LadybugLeg_R_Front_C
  • BP_LadybugLeg_R_Back_C
  • BP_LadybugLeg_L_Mid_C
  • BP_LadybugLeg_L_Front_C
  • BP_LadybugLeg_L_Back_C
  • BP_LadybugHead_C
  • BP_LadybugBody_C
  • BP_BombardierThorax_C
  • BP_BombardierLeg_R_Mid_C
  • BP_BombardierLeg_R_Front_C
  • BP_BombardierLeg_R_Back_C
  • BP_BombardierLeg_L_Mid_C
  • BP_BombardierLeg_L_Front_C
  • BP_BombardierLeg_L_Back_C
  • BP_BombardierAbdomen_C

Water Areas

  • BP_Water_Large_C
  • BP_Water_Base_C
  • BP_Water_Puddle_C


  • BP_BugDeath_Particle_C
  • BP_BugDeath_Particle_Gnat
  • BP_BuildingSnapCorner_C
  • BP_Backpack_Player_C
  • BP_Grapple_Point_C
  • BP_NewspaperArticle_C
  • BP_World_Survival_Guide_C
  • BP_World_Debug_Sword_C
  • BP_Equippable_Compass
  • BP_ScienceBits_C
  • BP_Backpack_Player_Male02_C
  • BP_Backpack_Player_Male01_C
  • BP_Backpack_Player_Female02_C
  • BP_Backpack_Player_Female01_C
  • BP_SpectatorPawn_C
  • BP_Mite_CableChewer_C
  • BP_Item_Backpack_Survivor_C

Raw Science

  • BP_RawScience_A_C
  • BP_RawScience_B_C

Those are all the commands we know for now, let us know in the comments if you discover anymore! I'm currently only going to add commands that are NOT on the list. I unfortunately don't have time to sort through huge lists of commands and trying to figure out what the list is missing.

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  1. Possible to you summon like a 100 logs at once? Cuz adding _100 behind the summon doesn’t work

  2. The Tier 2 Crow CrossBow code:
    summon BP_World_CrossBow_Crow_C

    1. Once again, thank you!

  3. Some missing code for the smoothies
    (Human Food Smoothie)
    summon BP_World_Smoothie_HumanFood_C
    (Human Food Smoothie Beefy version)
    summon BP_World_Smoothie_HumanFood+_C

    1. Hey thank you so much!

  4. Can you update this? I’d like to easily mess around with the new stuff in survival mode.

    1. We can’t at the moment. No one has the information to do so. We’re looking daily!

  5. Hey I have a question, Does anyone have any commands to anything involving the new Shroom and Doom update? if you do please respond if you can

    1. Not yet. We are actively looking! We’ll hopefully have some soon!

      1. I don’t think the UUUclient works on this update. When I press ~ I get nothing even though the DLL is injected.

        1. It does work, you just can’t activate it in the menu, activate it in game, that usually works for me.

        2. I got it working, but I had to update my UUU to the latest version first. Maybe that’s what it needs?

        3. That’s good to know. I’ll have a look! Appreciate you bringing this to my attention.

  6. Where do you find these commands and IDs for objects and insects?

    1. Mostly from our Comments section! They’ve been a massive help

  7. Is there a way to add a count to the summon? I’m trying to summon upwards of roughly 3600 berry chunks, since I don’t see a summon for berry leather, and I’d prefer to not have to copy paste the command…

    1. summon BP_World_Fabric_C is Berry Leather. As for quantities, you can press tilde twice to bring up the history, then alternate between up and enter to spam your last command.

  8. anyone know the command for Healbasa?

    1. No. I would say just summon the ingredients but I cant find silk rope.

  9. When can we use the cheats in multiplayer

  10. how do you hack hello neighbor hide and seek

  11. Half these “cheats” don’t even work, managed to get like 3 on the list to work?

  12. Dose somebody know the summon command for sswaning fireflies in the game?
    On my save they are gone compleatly and dose not show up with the Game debug options menü.

    1. Id try and spawn a dictionary.

  13. What Timespeed is the default?

    1. I would like to know this, too.

  14. is there a cheat for bug parts? like the little bags that contains them so you can build armor with them?

  15. Thankd for the list. They work in every instamce excepy when I join another person’s game. It works when I host but in another host’s game I can only use addfood and addwater commands.
    Any help on this or is this normal?

    1. Which ones have you tried, none have worked for me

  16. are there a command can craft things without limit

  17. I would like to see the lights shining from far away.
    I have tried all kinds of commands and nothing works.

    Can I get some help, thanks!

  18. ok they added a new update the KOI fish is out

  19. Hello, when I activate the camera, I cannot close the menu anymore. How to do it please?

    1. use “toggledebugcamera” to turn it on and off.

      Only when it is off you can use the menu.

  20. Is there any way to move freely (fly) through the builds? I want to see how many insects are trapped under the ground (I have several wolf spiders stuck under the oak tree, I kill them occasionally with gas arrows).

    1. You can use “toggledebugcamera” to fly around all over (and under) the map ^^ when you found a spot for further exploration just type teleport to get your avatar over to the camera position 😉

  21. Changes from 0.4.0 (public test)

    Disclaimer: The following changes are from the public test branch. Things can be changed up in the final release. And you need to switch to the public test branch to use this items.

    Creatures added
    – BP_KoiFish_C
    – BP_DivingBellSpider_C
    – BP_Tadpole_C
    – BP_WaterBoatman_C

    Items added
    – BP_World_Armor_Flippers_C (Fin Flops; Wearable)
    – BP_World_Bait_C (Decoy Bait)
    – BP_World_Bone_C (Sunken Bone; Resource)
    – BP_World_Bone_Diving_Knife_C (Bone Dagger; Tier 2 Knife)
    – BP_World_Bone_Trident_C (Bone Trident; Tier 2 Spear)
    – BP_World_Cooked_Tadpole_Meat_C (Cooked Tadpole Meat; Edible)
    – BP_World_DivingKnife_C (Pebblet Dagger; Tier 1 Knife)
    – BP_World_DivingLantern_C (Slime Lantern)
    – BP_World_DivingMask_C (Bubble Helmet; Tier 2 Helmet)
    – BP_World_EelgrassStrand_C (Eelgrass Strand; Resource)
    – BP_World_Koi_Armor_Chest_C (Koi Scale Chestplate; Tier 2 Armor)
    – BP_World_Koi_Armor_Head_C (Koi Scale Helmet; Tier 2 Armor)
    – BP_World_Koi_Armor_Legs_C (Koi Scale Greaver; Tier 2 Armor)
    – BP_World_KoiFishScale_C (Koi Fish Scale; Resource)
    – BP_World_LilypadWax_C (Lilypad Wax; Resource)
    – BP_World_Rebreather_C (Gill Tube; Wearable)
    – BP_World_Smoothie_SwimSpeed_C (Fluid Flippers Smoothie; Edible)
    – BP_World_Tadpole_Meat_C (Raw Tadpole Meat; Edible)
    – BP_World_WaterBoatmanFin_C (Water Boatman Fin; Resource)

    Chips added
    – BP_TechChipPond_C (‘Fish Bowl’ BURG.L Chip)

    Commands added
    – InfiniteDamage (Kill creatures with one shot/hit)

    1. Does anyone know how to summon broodmother blt?

    2. How do you find these teams and id?

    3. All items from the public test branch are now in the main/default branch. The three items from the small update (Build are also included.

    4. There was a small update today for the public test branch (Build

      Items added
      – BP_World_DivingBell_Chunk_C (Diving Bell Spider Chunk; Resource)
      – BP_World_Dried_Tadpole_Meat_C (Tadpole Jerky; Edible)
      – BP_World_Spear_Tier2_Rotten_C (Rotten Stinger Spear; Tier 2 Spear)

    5. Any commands for the Buoyant Foundation?

      1. There is no single command to unlock the Buoyant Foundation. But the intended way is to bring the ‘Fish Bowl’ chip to BURG.L and buy the recipe with 2000 raw science. So “summon BP_TechChipPond_C|AddScience 2000” should give you the ability to buy the recipe from BURG.L.

        There is also the “UnlockAllTechTreeRecipes” command. It has the same result as bringing back ALL chips and buying ALL recipes. But i don’t recommend this command on a regular savegame, better use it only for testing.

  22. Good day,

    Thanks for the above list. It looks like you’re missing the following:


    Could you also please add the command for spawning individual weed stems or confirm which of the above is for this? I’ve been able to do grass planks but not individual weed stems.


    1. bp_world_log_c

      1. Thank you kindly 🙂

    2. Hey, so I’m not actively updating this post anymore, but people are welcome to comment new commands if they’d like.

      1. No worries. Thank you kindly 🙂

  23. how do you make everything go back to normal? ive deleted the unreal unlocker files but some of the modes are stiil active like the fog is still gone ? anyhelp? thanks

  24. Anyone know the code for silk rope?

    1. I would like to know the code for silk rope?
      Please and thanks.

      1. Silk rope = BP_World_WebWoven_C

        1. Thank you very much!!

  25. Items added in 0.3.0:

    Collectable Items / Inventory Items
    – BP_World_Bandage_Loot_C (Fiber Bandage)
    – BP_World_Crow_Hat_Wizard_C (Marksman’s Cap; Wearable) (Same as BP_World_Crow_Hat_Archer_C; maybe it will be changed for helloween event..?)
    – BP_World_Food_CandyCorn_C (Single Candy Cornlet; Edible)
    – BP_World_GasMask_Head_Rotten_C (Rotten Gas Mask; Wearable)

    Other items
    – BP_Food_Candy_Corn_C (Full Candy Corn; Requires Tier 2 busting tool to harvest)

    The above lists only contains items that are useful to summon. E.g. BP_Sign_C is missing because it spawns the new sign which is not useable or removeable. It’s better to build the sign the regular way. And there are other items that would crash the game. The above items are tested and should work.

    Items removed in 0.3.0:
    – BP_Spider_Boss_C

    BTW: BP_World_Crow_Hat_Archer_C is missing on this page. It’s the Marksman’s Cap which was added in 0.2.0 i think (not sure about the version, but definitly before 0.3.0)

  26. Is the dev code (AR_00_World_Dev) still working? Everything else works just fine

    1. the dev code just brings me to the main menu, its kind of weird

      1. mine does the same does it actaully work?

  27. Hello! I was wondering if there is any way to spawn in multiples of the same item at once? Instead of having to spam summon BP_World_Log_C to get 10 logs, can we do something that is only one command that spawns in 10? Not sure if it’s possible, but a friend wanted a bunch of logs and it would be muuucch easier if we could. Thought I’d ask! Thank you for your time.

    1. I’m not sure if there is a way to put in a number. But you can achieve the same result by concatenating the commands. Just separate the commands with the | character. With “summon BP_World_Log_C|summon BP_World_Log_C” you get two logs, and so on.. The console history keeps this concatenated commands as one line.

  28. Hey Everyone. Has anyone found a way to COMPLETLY remove the UI at all? Ive had it work once but I think it was a glitch. I know “Delete” is the main hotkey but it just removes the markers and changes the look of your HP/Stamina thingy. It leaves your hotbar.

  29. Looks like the public test version is crashing when running commands.

  30. Question, is there a command for: giving items, I want to get the debug sword, but when I pick it up after summoning it, its a pebblet.

    1. Also, how do I access the Dev World, The other one, not the one you can access without a code
      whats the code..