All Peyote Locations in GTA 5 Online

A new way of getting high in video games!

One of the weirdest aspects of GTA 5 is the ability to play as random wild animals like Seagulls or Mountain lions. To transform your character into one of these wild animals, you must consume Peyote Plants spread throughout the GTA 5 universe. Peyote Plants are psychedelic substances when eaten, make the player hallucinate and convert them into random animals. There are 76 Peyote Plants on the Online version of the map. You can start by exploring the backsides of the Laser Prints building on the southern part of the map and browse for other options from the list.

How does a Peyote Plant look in GTA 5 Online?

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A Peyote Plant looks like a mini version of a cactus plant with a single white flower on top. They can be found both on terrains and underwater. Remember, the underwater ones may appear slightly blue due to the tint of the ocean color.

All Peyote Plant Locations in GTA 5 Online

As mentioned earlier, there are 76 Peyote Plants in the Online version of the game, and you can find directions to each from the below image.

Screenshot via MapGenie

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  1. Behind the compound of the Xero Gas Company, adjacent to a palm tree
  2. Underwater between the Black Parked Ship and the Amigas Natural Gas reservoir storage tank.
  3. Underwater near the sunken remains of an Oil Rig
  4. Underwater near the Notice Signboard
  5. Underwater near the Ocean Motion Ship
  6. Near the Rocks on the edge of the Beach
  7. On the bottom of the sea near a small rocky terrain
  8. Between two rocks near the edge of the sea
  9. Inside a small pot at the entrance of the house with the "Beware of Dogs" signboard 
  10. Under the city canal stream
  11. Inside a small plant holder near the red-door garage  
  12. At the back of the house, near the black trash bags
  13. Inside the small bush area adjacent to the basketball court
  14. On the bottom of the sea near the seaweeds
  15. Right next to "The Viceroy Hotels and Resorts" signboard.
  16. At the bottom of the ocean near the Paddock area
  17. Behind a big rock covered with moss at the bottom of the sea
  18. On the first floor of a house numbered 1375
  19. Behind the Laser Prints building
  20. Inside a small plant pot right next to the swimming pool
  21. At the book door entrance of the Church or Temple building
  22. In Between two big white rocks on the opposite side of the Arcadius Building
  23. In the middle of a lane street near the GO postal building area
  24. Under a big tree near the soccer field
  25. Near a small pillar in the Red Cube monument park
  26. Adjacent to the red container box
  27. In a small bush near the palm trees near the lake area
  28. In front of a small shrub near the red gasoline container
  29. Beside a rock near the underwater cave-like structure
  30. At the bottom of the sea near the red sunken metal plate
  31. At the bottom of the ocean near the cave-like structure
  32. Near the oil storage tank
  33. On the foothill of a mini mountain near the lake area
  34. On the first-floor deck of the orange-colored house with plywood
  35. Inside the backyard of a large mansion near a swimming pool
  36. In the garden area of a white house
  37. In the backyard of a brown colored mansion near the swimming pool
  38. At the bottom of the sea near the purple-colored plant
  39. At the bottom of the sea near a very tall seaweed
  40. In the backyard of a house adjacent to a wood table near a swimming pool
  41. In a lonely house right adjacent to the yellow brick wall
  42. In a tiny river creak at the foothill of a mountain
  43. On the top of a small mountain, you can see a tower on the opposite side
  44. Right next to a large pile of broken tires
  45. Adjacent to a small shrub near the large windmill
  46. At the bottom of the ocean, near three big rocks
  47. Near a yellow generator in the sand mining area
  48. On the bottom of the sea near a big black/brown coral
  49. Dive into the sea from the Lighthouse. You will find a Peyote Plant right between two bedrocks
  50. Near a small bush at the edge of the lake
  51. At the bottom of the lake, near a yellow rock
  52. Near the window of a blue house that has writing titled "Patterson" on its wall
  53. At the entrance of a caravan-style house near the rugged sofa
  54. At the entry of a bunker-like structure
  55. On the porch of a lonely looking country style house
  56. Inside a small barren piece of land between the intersection of two roads
  57. At the bottom of the lake, near the group of cactus plants
  58. On the top of the mountain near the pink-colored plants
  59. On the top of the cliff near the flying jump kit spawn location
  60. Inside a small patch of land that has a small stream of river flowing through it
  61. At the bottom of the ocean near a sunken blue-colored wooden boat
  62. On a small beach-like island near the edge of the sea
  63. At the sea bed near a small rock near the purple-colored coral
  64. Near a small rock near the bridge area
  65. At the bottom of the sea, near a purple-colored sea plant
  66. At the edge of the beach area
  67. Inside a pot near the big cactus plant at the front of a house adjacent to the yellow garbage dump
  68. Near a tree inside the small patch of farmland
  69. At the bottom of the sea near a blue and purple-colored sea plant
  70. At the bottom of the ocean, adjacent to a red coral 
  71. Adjacent to a big rock near the picnic table
  72. At the bottom of the sea, at a foothill of a big mountain-like terrain
  73. At the edge of a small pool of water
  74. Under a small tree near the railway line
  75. Under a wooden signboard that shows the direction towards Braddock Pass and Paleto Point. Outside the Power Generation Station.
  76. On the edge of a cliff, you can see farmland right in front of it

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All Peyote Locations in GTA 5 Online

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