How-to Get Dust in Hearthstone – Fastest & Quickest Ways to Earn Arcane Dust!

Arcane Dust is one of the most important resources in Hearthstone when it comes to building your collection. We take a look at the best ways on earning dust in the game.

Wondering what the best ways to earn Arcane Dust in Hearthstone? Our how-to get dust guide will walk you through the quickest and easiest ways to gather that all important resource that will allow you to craft new cards! We'll be looking at how disenchanting cards works, what quests will give you dust, and how Arena is the most profitable option when looking to earn resources in Hearthstone.

If you are new to the game, Arcane Dust is the resource that is used for crafting specific cards. Gold is the other resource, but it is used just for purchasing packs. Dust can be acquired by disenchanting cards in your collection, completing certain quests, and playing in the Arena.

Disenchanting Cards for Dust

For most players, disenchanting cards is going to be the most common way to get a lot of arcane dust. However, this is not the best way to gather dust. You are taking a big hit on every card you dust, so you are better off holding onto all of your cards if possible. The benefit of holding onto cards allows you to potentially cash in on nerfs and additions to the Hall of Fame. Nerfs is the best possible scenario, if Blizzard happens to nerf a card and you are holding onto a bunch of them then you'll get full dust for each one you disenchant during the refund period. With the Hall of Fame, you'll get full dust up to a playable amount (1x Legendary or 2x of any other rarity) of the highest quality (you get dust for the golden copies over the regular ones) and you can actually still hold onto the cards. The other big benefit is that if the cards become playable in the future, you don't have to waste a bunch of dust creating them again!

If you are on a budget though, sitting on cards isn't as possible because you won't be cycling through as many packs as a player who pays for them. In this case, you can start considering which cards you'd like to dust. When it comes to Legendaries, you do have to play it smart. If you open a Legendary in a pack, it is guaranteed to be one you don't own. So, if you dust a Legendary you don't want, there's a chance you could get it back in a pack. I would only worry about this if you plan on purchasing a bunch of packs in a particular set. While it will be possible to get that Legendary again, it is very unlikely if you aren't opening many packs.

The other issue with disenchanting Legendaries is that some of them could end up being playable in the future. You'll have to be okay with this fact and just take a risk if you are hoping to create decks that are playable now. For me, I'd rather get months of playtime out of a card created with the dust from a bad Legendary then sit on it and hope it sees play. Cards like GruulThe Beast , and  Millhouse Manastorm have just about never seen play and have been in the game for years.

Arcane Dust Disenchant Amounts

Here's a list of the amounts of dust you will receive when you disenchant cards.

  • Common: 5 Arcane Dust
  • Golden Common: 50 Arcane Dust
  • Rare: 20 Arcane Dust
  • Golden Rare: 100 Arcane Dust
  • Epic: 100 Arcane Dust
  • Golden Epic: 400 Arcane Dust
  • Legendary: 400 Arcane Dust
  • Golden Legendary: 1,600 Arcane Dust

Disenchanting Golden Cards

While you might not end up having a sexy collection, disenchanting golden cards is one of the most efficient ways to get dust. As you can see from the list above, you are gaining a considerable amount of dust for each golden card you disenchant. You basically get a card of that rarity of your choice if you disenchant one. This is best represented at the Legendary rarity where if you disenchant a golden version, you can pick any Legendary to craft. You could also craft four Epic cards with that amount of dust, which can honestly be some of the hardest cards to collect a play set.

Disenchanting Wild Cards

If you have ZERO plans on playing the Wild format then you can consider dusting any cards that make the transition to the format. Some people end up regretting this, but again this is purely up to the player. In most cases, I would say hold onto the cards if possible, but if you are on a budget it's hard to say no if you have no intention on playing with those cards anymore.

Completing Quests for Arcane Dust

For the most part, the quests in Hearthstone generally only reward gold or the occasional pack. However, during certain times in the year there are events that can have some pretty big rewards, including big piles of dust.

Unique Quests

These are quests that can only be completed once. There's only one of these quests that will reward you Arcane Dust. It's called "Crafting Time" and all you have to do is disenchant a card and you will earn 95 dust.

Taverns of Time Event

The Taverns of Time event first happened in 2018 on June 11th to July 2nd. This was a super rewarding time in Hearthstone where every new daily quest reward gold and dust when completed. We are hoping that this will be a repeated event, because it allows for budget players to gather quite a bit of resources.

Quests Steps Rewards
Timewalk This Way Take 15 turns. 60 Gold & 60 Dust
The Alpha Play 5 minions that cost 1. 60 Gold & 60 Dust
Card-boiled Draw 15 cards. 60 Gold & 60 Dust
Spell of a Time Play 20 spells. 60 Gold & 60 Dust
Off the Scales Play 3 Dragons. 80 Gold & 80 Dust
Aeon and Off Take 25 turns. 100 Gold & 100 Dust
Card Mode Draw 25 cards. 100 Gold & 100 Dust
Time Will Spell Play 35 spells. 100 Gold & 100 Dust

Earning Dust in Arena

If you are a budget player and want to build up dust while bolstering your collection then Arena is the best path. Arena is hands down the "easiest" way to get resources, and if you can get to a certain skill level in this mode, you can earn all of the rewards for free. The reason I have easiest in quotes is because being good at Arena isn't that easy. You'll have to play quite a bit and work on understanding how this mode works. One of the hardest aspects of Arena is choosing the cards for your deck, but the good thing for you is that there's a tool that makes this a whole lot easier. If you plan on going hardcore in Arena, then you will want to use HearthArena. This tool gives you an overlay on top of the card choices when picking your deck in Arena. It takes into consideration your current deck, and will even assign a score to your deck once it's completed. This tool is invaluable, and do understand that most other players are using it already.

You can watch Kripp (high tier Arena player) explaining and utilizing this tool in one of his videos:

You will also need to learn how to properly play in Arena. This is a fair bit different than your constructed gameplay, so I would recommend checking out this guide by Kripp who discusses how to best play in this limited mode.

The rewards can be pretty huge in Arena, if you win all 12 games you can earn a bunch of gold/packs and even a couple of golden cards. While you aren't flat out getting dust (you do sometimes get dust as a reward), you can use the gold to purchase packs which can lead to cards you can dust and you even have the chance for those golden cards for huge dust payouts.

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