When was Kingdom Hearts 3 announced?

Square Enix is known for creating some of the best role-playing games, including the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises. Kingdom Hearts 3 was first announced in June 2013 during the that year’s E3 event in Los Angeles, California. When was Kingdom Hearts 3 released? Although the game was announced way back in 2013, Kingdom […]

Is Kingdom Hearts 4 based on Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

Square-Enix has unveiled Kingdom Hearts IV, shocking the world for the franchise’s 20th anniversary with a new trailer depicting Sora in a Tokyo-like metropolis. The setting is Quadratum, based on Tokyo’s Shibuya district, but why does Kingdom Hearts IV have fans questioning whether it’s based on Square-Enix’s canceled Final Fantasy Versus XIII? How is Kingdom […]

Who is Brain in Kingdom Hearts?

During the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event, developer Square Enix showed off several exciting new titles set within the beloved franchise. In them, fans saw the return of a pivotal character intent on breaking the system. Brain is a keyblade wielder that first appeared in Kingdom Hearts Union X. He is also a member of […]