Best Strength Weapons in Lords of the Fallen

You can take several different approaches to fighting in Lords of the Fallen, which are determined by what gear and weapons you wield. If you’re going for full brute strength, you will want the best strength weapons possible. While you can come across most of the best weapons by progressing through the story and fighting […]

Lords of the Fallen patch notes

Mastering the brutal combat of Lords of the Fallen is tough, but needed to progress in the game. After its launch, developer Hexworks has updated the game, making fixes, balance changes, and more. These fixes include gameplay elements and fixing PC performance, with the former being something I needed to survive. Keep reading below to […]

All Endings in Lords of the Fallen & how to get them

In typical Souls fashion, Lords of the Fallen contains a number of different endings that you can potentially achieve. Each ending requires its own set of objectives that must be completed, and provide a different end-game conclusion scene. Depending on which ending you’re going for, the difficulty of getting each ending ranged from very easy […]

Best Armor Sets in Lords of the Fallen

It’s very important to gear up your character with effective gear for your build and class in Lords of the Fallen. Whether you’re looking for the best weapons or the best armor, there are plenty of options out there. When deciding what armor is the best for your character, you’ll want to take a look […]

How to ‘follow in the steps of the doomed paladin’ in Lords of the Fallen

With the use of your handy Umbral Lamp, plenty of secrets are waiting to be discovered. If you’re a fan of story elements like me, you’ll appreciate the Stigmas found around the world featuring different characters. One character you will come across is the paladin whose lamp you now wield yourself. Following the paladin’s footsteps […]