Minecraft: Horse Breeding Guide – How-to Breed Horses!

This guide will teach you everything there is to know about breeding horses in Minecraft! We’ll take you from start to finish, so you can ride the steed of your dreams!

What You'll Need

Before you set out on your horse taming adventure, it’s good to have some apples or carrots. Wild horses will follow you if you have one in your hand, and can be hard to get back to base otherwise. You’ll also need Golden Apples or Carrots later to accomplish the breeding, so keep that in mind as well.

Finding Horses

To breed your perfect horse, you’re going to have to start with some wild ones! Wild horses can be found in herds of 2-6 in Plains and Savannah biomes, and villages may also have some in fenced-off areas. If you already have some tame horses, that’s okay too.  You’ll need at least two of them to get started. Just take a look at the “Stats and Appearance” section down below to make sure they’re the ones you need.

Endless variety!

Stats and Appearance

There are two main things you may want to consider when breeding your horses. The first is obvious: when searching for wild horses to breed, you should always be looking for horses that have the color and pattern you want. Horses come in 7 colors and have 5 different marking patterns, which means that there are a total of 35 different appearances to choose from!

The second thing you may not have noticed: horses have variations in their physical abilities as well as their appearance.  These variations appear in their health, movement speed, and jumping height.

The slowest horses can barely run faster than a player can walk, while the fastest horse in the game is almost twice as fast as a minecart on powered track!  The only thing faster is Elytra, and that’s a topic for another article.

Horses vary in their jumping ability as well, from the minimum of one block (the same as a player) to being able to clear over 5 blocks!

The last variation is in health. Horses have a maximum health ranging from 15 to 30 hearts, and a healthy horse could make the difference in a close fight. You can see your horse’s health above your inventory when mounted. Always ride horses around for a little while and check their stats before breeding them.


Breeding horses works like many other animals in Minecraft – you need two adults, and you must feed them both to get them in the mood. However, there are a few interesting twists to breeding horses. The first is that horses need to be tamed first. This is simple – just keep getting on the horse until it stops bucking you off, and it should be ready to get started. Read this link if you’re stuck.

The second twist is that horses can only enter “breeding mode” if you feed them a Golden Apple or a Golden Carrot.  The price is steep, but a horse with the right stats is worth it.

So cute!

When two horses in breeding mode are near each other, a little foal is born! Aww! It will share the color and pattern of one of its parents, with a 1 in 9 chance of being something completely different!  The new baby’s running, jumping, and health stats are also inherited from the parents, but they are calculated differently than the color. Abilities are averaged, between two parents and a third, random value.  This means that a foal’s abilities will be a mix between its parents, with a splash of something new!

Foals can be grown to full size quickly by feeding them-you guessed it-apples and carrots. Try it out and test its abilities.  If you don’t get the horse you want, wait a little while and try again.

That's all you need to know! If you breed a super-horse, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Breeding horses is setup up in such a way as you can breed a “better than average” horse very quickly (even from inferior parents), but breeding the perfect horse is impossible. The number of breeding attempts rises exponentially, so while it may take you only 30 attempts to breed a horse than runs at 75% speed of the perfect horse, it will take you a few thousand to get one which runs at 95% or higher. The same goes for other stats.

  2. Thanks, this was very helpful! Just one question, can you selectively breed horses, or is it random? (In bedrock) there was a YouTuber I saw that had an amazing horse and he said he selectively bred horses for hours but I couldn’t tell if he was joking or lot lol. I doubt I’ll get a response but meh I’ll post this anyways. Thanks!

    1. I think it’s actually both. The foal gets an average of the parent’s stats but also randomised value as well I believe. It’ll take a while for sure!

  3. This isnt a tip,but it may be interesting and helpful so feel free to read!So I find that a perfect horse,in my book,has more sentimental value than stats.Like in the world I play with my two friends,I would rather ride Stardust,my horse I found at the start,than a horse with super stats who I have no bond with.Id say that it is better to ride a horse you love than a horse with super stats.I dont know if its just me,but they seem a better ride.Even if Firefoot was extremely annoying when she fell down Deathflower ravine.Dont worry shes ok.And I have to say this,but memories are worth more than stats.And this is the last time I say an I would rather ride,but I would rather ride Lassie,the shared horse,well I gave up my half ownership of her to my friend as I had Stardust and she had only a shared horse,but still,my friend lets us all ride her,than a mega horse I have no bond with.And heres a random pet tip,but your horses never seem to wander away that far.I mostly let them wander around the small island but its fenced in dont worry.But only let them wander if the island is small and fenced in. Also fence in dangerous places like ravines,caves,lava,ect.Also I find that if I can no longer keep a horse,or if I am going to delete the world ect,that you should let your pets out,sit up dogs and cats,let your horses out the pen, so if the world continues after you leave the animals can roam free and be happy.

    Thats all I have,so bye.