BitLife How-to Become A Doctor, CEO, Lawyer, or Judge Guide – Fastest Ways to High Paying Careers!

We're taking a look at how to get some of the best jobs in Bitlife - Life Simulator!

Our Bitlife How-to Become a Doctor, CEO, Judge or Teacher Guide will walk you through all you need to know to obtain these highly sought after careers in the game! These careers can be a bit difficult to get, but we've got a few tricks that should help the process!

Some careers in BitLife can be a bit tricky to obtain, but no worries because we have some foolproof ways to become get all of the jobs you've ever dreamed about! Most of these careers will also get you some big money, so they are worth the extra time and effort.

General Needs for These Careers

Right out of the gate you will want to make sure your Bitizen is smart. To influence this as your character gets older, make sure to go to the School area and hit "Study Harder" to up your smarts. Higher tier career people need to be pretty smart, and in Bitlife that is no different! Once you turn 12 you will be able to start going to the Library, so make sure to do that every year you progress in from now on. You might as well also Meditate, head to the movies, and do stuff with your parents to maintain your relationship with them. If you are smart enough, you'll end up getting a scholarship, but you might also have to ask your parents for money for college.

During this process, it's important to keep yourself healthy and disease free. So, once the gym is available, you can ask one of your parents for money. If one gives it to you, then head to the gym. In the next year, ask the other one for money and repeat the process. Make sure to keep your relationship good with both parents, and hopefully they'll continue to give you money each year. Be sure to head to the movies as well, this will keep your happiness up which keeps you from getting sick!

How-to Become A Doctor in BitLife

To become a Doctor, once you graduate High School you will need to go to University and major in either Biology or Chemistry (whichever is available). If you have kept your smarts up as high as possible, you will likely qualify for a scholarship. If not, you can take out a loan or ask your parents to help. Now that you are at University, you will need to continue to maintain your smarts and keep studying hard as well as heading to the library.

Once you graduate from University, it is time to invest further in your education by heading to some higher education. Scroll on down to Medical School and apply for that and hope you get in! If you've done all the steps above and have a high percentage of smarts then it shouldn't be a problem. Again, apply for a scholarship, and if you don't get it then ask your parents to pay or take out a loan. Don't worry, you'll make all that money back pretty quickly! Keep studying hard and heading to the library for another 7 years! The option to go see a Documentary at the movies should also open up at this point, you can go see one of those if you're struggling to keep your smarts up.

Once you've completed the grueling 7 years of high education, you will finally be able to look for a job. If you've kept your studies and smarts up, you can apply for the Family Physician position. If you are given the job, then you've done become a doctor!

Quick Rundown on the Doctor Career

  • Have high Smarts, at least 80%
  • University: Biology or Chemistry
  • Higher Education: Medical School

Become a Brain Surgeon

If you want to go even further in this career, then you'll need to make sure you are on top of your game. Make sure to keep maintaining your smarts, but also work hard at your position. Just hit the Job menu, and hit the work hard option. While you are here, check out the job listings and look for the Brain Surgeon option. If you're smart enough, you should be given the position if you apply for it!

How-to Become a CEO

If you want to become a CEO, you will want to also be a smarty pants just like being a Doctor. Thankfully, you won't need the same extreme percentage of smarts this time. Get through your elementary days by heading to the library and studying hard, and continue this with your days in high school. Once you graduate from High School you'll be offered to go to University. Go to Business School and continue with your library work and everything else. After you've graduated from Business School, you will want to then go to Graduate School. Continue doing this until you graduate from that.

Now, the important part for setting yourself up on the CEO path: get a job that says "Corporate" next to it. It doesn't matter what it is, but this will set you up on the path to being head of a company. You will need to get at least 15 years of experience in your corporate job. Once you do, look for the "Assistant Vice President" job which should be available under the listings. Once you get that job, you'll want to work hard each year and eventually you'll be promoted to Vice President, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, and finally CEO! If you aren't being promoted, try to move up to the next tier of job by browsing the job listings.

Quick Rundown on the CEO Career

  • Have high Smarts, at least 80%
  • University: Finance or something business-y
  • Higher Education: Business School
  • Job: Anything with "Corporate"
  • Experience: 15 Years
  • New Job: Assistant Vice President > Vice President > Executive Vice President > Managing Director > CEO

How-to Become a Lawyer/Judge

Much like the previous careers, you are going to need to be smart. So, go ahead with all of the basics that are mentioned in the general portion of this guide and get to your high school graduation. You will then need to head to University where you need to take History, English, or Political Science as your major. Go through University the same way you went through your past schooling by heading to the library and working hard in school. Once you graduate from University, you will then head onto high learning and Law School! Do your time the same way you've been doing all your other schooling and graduate.

Now that you've graduated from all that schooling, you will need to find a job at a Law Firm. Obviously try to find the highest paying one, if your smarts are high you should have no problem. You now have to work hard for THIRTY years to become a judge. Once you've done your thirty years, making sure to work hard and keep your smarts up you will want to look for a new job. That job is called a "Magistrate" in the job listings. Apply for that, and if you've kept your smarts up and did a good job as a Lawyer then you'll become a judge!

Quick Rundown on the Judge Career

  • Have high Smarts, at least 80%
  • University: English, History, or Political Science
  • Higher Education: Law School
  • Job: Anything with "Law Firm"
  • Experience: 30 Years
  • New Job: Magistrate (Municipal)

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