Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – Weapon Tier List

Pick up the best weapon you can in Sunbreak.

With the release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the eternal question of Monster Hunter games is being asked once again: which weapons are the best? With new skills added and changes to almost all the weapons, there are some alterations since Monster Hunter Rise. Keep reading to discover how we’ve ranked all the Sunbreak weapons on our MHRL Sunbreak Weapon Tier List.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak S Tier Weapons


Ranged weapons were broken (in a good way) Monster Hunter Rise, and they’re even better in Sunbreak. Because MHR and Sunbreak lean so heavily into mobility and dodging with Wire Bugs and skills, the fact that the Bow can dodge and do damage at the same time makes it top tier. There’s probably not another weapon in the game that you confidently take on Master Rank hunts, knowing you’ll not get hit the entire time. And Stake Thrust is one of the best moves in the game.

Light Bowgun

Along with the Bow, the Light Bowgun is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the mobility afforded in Monster Hunter Rise. Already a more mobile and dodge-based weapon, the Wyvern Counter and ability to fight from a distance make this weapon’s defense some of the best in the game.

Heavy Bowgun

The Heavy Bowgun’s weaknesses have always come from a lack of mobility. Well, in MHR, that’s non-existent. Carving through enemies with Armor Piercing ammo in Rise made this weapon top tier. Now, with Crouching Shot and Wire Bug movement, the Heavy Bowgun deals massive damage and still retains the reactive movement that makes it so powerful.

Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is perhaps the most balanced weapon in terms of attacking and defending. But what sets it apart from its peers is the incredible number of burst windows you have. The transformation combos have only gotten easier, and the Elemental Burst Counter might now be the most potent offensive and defensive skill in the game.

Great Sword

There’s not another weapon in the game that allows you to stay in the fight longer than the Great Sword does. And even if you’re only landing repeated slashes without charge, you’ll still out-damage most other weapons. The mistake many players make with the Great Sword is believing it’s a passive, timing-based weapon that needs you to know the fight perfectly to find your opening. But in reality, in fifth-generation games, the Great Sword is an active weapon for picking your own fights. The new Strongarm Style and a combination of other skills allow you to never be off the Monster unless you want to be.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak A Tier Weapons

Long Sword

While still one of the most popular weapons, the Long Sword has fallen from the grace of S-tier, with its most potent new skills locking down its mobility. It feels like Capcom tried very hard to balance Sakura Slash, and in the process, Capcom made it to where you’re locked into attacks far more than when using the Great Sword. While you can still easily build Spirit Gauge, you may miss your chance to use it.

Charge Blade

The Charge Blade should be in the place the Switch Axe is now in terms of in-game performance. But because of its complicated playstyle it falls to a lower tier. The Charge Blade received some simplification of its combos. It's still high-tier, but it struggles to compare with the likes of the Greatsword or Switch Axe in terms of versatility and damage.

Sword and Shield

Perhaps the least-changed weapon in Sunbreak, Sword and Shield is in its usual position as a mid-tier weapon that can do a lot. It's best for beginners or entering a fight you’re not familiar with. If you’re confident in a fight or looking for a more interesting play style, you should absolutely pick a different weapon.

Dual Blades

Great I-frames (invincibility frames), consistent damage, and really nice Wire Bug skills, the Dual Blades really suffer in terms of raw damage output. It’s frustrating to be a Dual Blades player and watch your multiple double-digit damage numbers come out, only to watch as a Charge Blade or Switch Axe player casually drops 1K damage in a single hit. Even the new skills don’t offer the kind of damage to keep this weapon in-line with other melee weapons.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak B Tier

Insect Glaive

For years, Insect Glaive users have revelled in their mobility and flexibility while soaring in the skies of Monster Hunter games. Now, in MHR and Sunbreak, the Glaive is matched by almost every other weapon thanks to the natural verticality and Wire Bugs. There were some great additions to the Insect Glaive in Sunbreak, but it's brought back to earth by every other weapon's mobility, placing it firmly in the B Tier.

Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn is one of the most enjoyable, fun, and unique weapons in MHR. It also does unreliable damage and can lock you into movements you don’t want to be doing for the sake of completing combos. However, there’s so much utility that you’d actually be crazy not to include the Hunting Horn in a group if you’re playing Multiplayer. If this tier list only took into account multiplayer potential, HH would be top tier. However, because of its intrinsic issues, it remains in B.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak C Tier Weapons


While the weapon’s overall ease to play and damage has been increased in Sunbreak, the Hammer still feels like a situational weapon. In multiplayer, you have one job: stand by the Monster’s head and stun lock it. And the best techniques, Spinning Bludgeon and Impact Burst, are from Rise rather than added in Sunbreak, making the buff underwhelming.


In a game that has been built around movement and mobility, the Lance feels sluggish and slow. It has a very high skill ceiling, but in Sunbreak, almost every weapon has been made easier, so the Lance feels like the odd one out. You can still deal impressive damage, but with underwhelming new skills, it’s really not the weapon it once was. Lance was previously one of the best weapons in the series. In Sunbreak, it’s an afterthought.

Gun Lance

The Gun Lance, like the Lance, has issues around mobility. The new Bullet Barrage ability is fantastic, but if you’re not using it or able to land it, you’re still going to struggle with consistent damage. Again, it has a very high skill ceiling, but in a game about dodging and easy combos, the Gun Lance feels very last-generation and static compared to almost every other weapon.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – Weapon Tier List

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  1. Not gonna lie, but ranking weapons based on only damage is not a good thing to rank them on. Take for instance, gun lance. The shield just by itself is a strong part of it. Also of course gun lance is going to be in a lower tier, because it’s a defensive class. I think you should redo this tier list, and look at ALL aspects of a weapon instead of just damage.