New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough – Chapter 2, Part 2

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I love point-and-click puzzle RPGs and have played many of them, and I think New York Mysteries 5: Power of Art is one of my favorites so far. I’m a sucker for a Lovecraftian twist, adding a bit of otherworldly spookiness to an already intriguing noir-style mystery. If you’re equally taken by it but have come unstuck on a few of the puzzles in the latter part of chapter two, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for below in my New York Mysteries 5 walkthrough.

New York Mysteries 5 Power of Art Walkthrough Guide, Ch2 Part 2

In this prologue to the main story, painter Noah has followed his Grandpa through one of his paintings into another world. He has just opened the gates to the lighthouse as he tries to find him while avoiding waking the creature in the woods. If you’re looking for an early or later part of the story, click through here to the New York Mysteries 5 walkthrough hub, where you’ll find links to all three chapters of the game.

The Lighthouse

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From the shore, click the gates to the lighthouse (a1) to begin a puzzle to find 15 octopuses. I found it a little annoying that once you’ve found all the octopuses in a close-up, you can still click it, but none of them are well hidden, so simply keep clicking around until you’ve got them all. I found the only tricky ones were the one on the red plant (keep clicking leaves until it is revealed), one in the pond (keep clicking shells until it is revealed), and one in the side pocket of the art bag

Image by Pro Game Guides

Once complete, the steps to the lighthouse will appear. Click the lighthouse to move inside. After speaking to your Grandpa, take the morphing object from the window (b1) and the collectible from the top of the stairs (b2). Pick up the Handle to the right of the light (b3) before heading back down to shore.

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Click the harpoon gun (a2) and add the handle in the close-up, collecting the Harpoon and Rope after using the attached handle. Now select the boat (a3) and use the harpoon to collect the Bucket from the water. 

Recovering the Crystal

Image by Pro Game Guides

Go to the wood and use the bucket to get past the spike trap (c1). You’ll be attacked by the monster, but after defeating it in a cut scene, you’ll have the Detail. Add it to the pillar holding the crystal (c2) to reveal and then begin a slide puzzle. I found that the trick here is only the exact symbol or blanks can be in a given row. See the solution below if you’re stuck. Once complete, you can take the Crystal.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Click the left side of the tree roots (c3) for a close-up, click the roots to reveal an item, and then pick up the Rose. Go back to the shore and place the rose in the hands of the statue (a4), which will open a secret compartment. Take the Detail from Inside, then head back to the lighthouse.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Add the detail to the mechanism at the top of the light (b4), which opens the panel. Click the panel once more to start a light beam puzzle. You need to rotate the guides so that all of them are passed through. If you’re stuck, you’ll see the solution above. Once complete, take the Fish and Broken Crystal from inside the panel and then put in the new crystal.

Returning to the Real World

After a cut scene with Grandpa, he’ll give you a Machete and reveal the location of the portal back home. Go to the shore and use the machete on the green cloth of the boat (a3), taking the Torch from inside before adding the fish to the rotating ball puzzle and completing it. If you’re struggling, after a reset, you need to click left twice, right three times, left twice more, and finally right. This nets you the Hexagons and a Wrench

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Head back to the lighthouse and use the wrench to open the damaged floor panel (b5), taking the Statuette and Engraved Disc from underneath. Use the machete on the window mechanism (b6) to open it. In the same close up, select the backpack and use the engraved disc to open it and get the Bolts and a Door Knocker. You can also now attach the legs and head to the statuette, which makes your inventory less cluttered. Similarly, you can use the matches on the torch to light it.

Image by Pro Game Guides

Go to the wood and use the machete on the tree roots (c4), then attach the rope, giving you access to the cave. Head inside and get the collectible on the left (d1) and the morphing object behind the beetles (d2). Use the torch to scare away the beetles, then click the suitcase they were on (d3) to start a simple object-finding puzzle. Once complete, you’ll get the Shovel

Use the shovel on the pile of dirt (d4) to reveal the main part of the door. Click it again and move it into the door frame (d5), then click the metal sections on the side and lock them all into place with your bolts. Add the door knocker, and the portal will be complete. You can now return home.

Collecting the Valuables

Image by Pro Game Guides

Head into the hall and collect the Painting (e1), then move to the bedroom and take the second (f1) and (f2) third Paintings. You’ll find the fourth Painting in the kitchen next to the stove and the fifth Painting in the basement (h1). 

Image by Pro Game Guides

While in the basement, use the machete on the chez lounge (h2) to get the Planet. Next, add the hexagons to the pattern on the wall of the stairs here (h3), then click it once more to start a character-matching puzzle. This is very simple, and you can’t actually fail. Just note that some tiles flip over to reveal a new one when you match them, so don’t obsess over one match, as it may not be there from the beginning. Once complete, you’ll find the safe behind the puzzle. Collect the Hammer, plus the Contents of the Safe, from inside.

Image by Pro Game Guides

Move back to the bedroom and use the hammer to collect the large sixth Painting (f3), revealing a cupboard behind it. Take the Lampshade from inside. Go back to the hall and add the lampshade to the lamp (e2), which reveals a pattern you’ll need for a puzzle. 

The Garden Puzzle

Image by Pro Game Guides

Head to the yard and click the backdoor mat, then get a close-up of the design on the floor. I found this puzzle really tricky, and it is quite hard to describe due to the mechanism, but here goes. use the image above for guidance, with the three numbers being push or pull rows and the two letters representing the spinning circles. 

  1. Pull towards 1.
  2. Rotate a one space clockwise.
  3. Push from 1 so that the middle of the three tokens is in the center space.
  4. Rotate b two spaces clockwise.
  5. Pull towards 1 so that the lower token is in the middle space.
  6. Rotate a once anticlockwise.
  7. Push away from 3 to the end (one space).
  8. Rotate a two spaces anticlockwise.
  9. Pull towards 3 to the end (one space).
  10. Rotate a two spaces anticlockwise.
  11. Push away from 3 to the end (one space).
  12. Rotate b three spaces clockwise.
  13. Rotate a once anticlockwise.
  14. Pull towards 3 one space (so nothing is in the middle or at either end).
  15. Push away from 2 (so the only token is in the furthest space).
  16. Rotate b once anticlockwise.
  17. Pull towards 2 just one space.

Once complete, the panel will drop down, and you can collect the Wing from below. Add this to the rest of the statuette piece, and you’ll receive the completed Statuette

Head back to the bedroom, get a close-up of the little room revealed behind the large painting (f3), and add the completed statuette to the base there. A ladder will appear, giving you access to the attic.

The Attic

Image by Pro Game Guides

Collect the morphing object from the box (k1) and the collectible from the shelves on the left (k2), which should complete all of your collectibles for this chapter (annoyingly, the hats bugged out for me). Click the globe (k3) and once again in the close-up to open it. Add the planet and click the globe once more to begin a ring puzzle. 

Each ring can go clockwise or anticlockwise, and each ring you select will move itself and at least one other ring (highlighted in blue as you hover over them). You need to align the gaps. There’s no specific way to do this, and you can’t fail, so trial and error will get you there. Once complete, take the Hint (2974) from the compartment in the globe. 

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Select the telephone (k4), add the hint, click the phone for a closer close-up, and put in the number 2974 (you have to drag from each number clockwise, as with a traditional old telephone). Once done, the box will open to reveal a compartment. Take the Key from inside.  

Now click the red box (k5) and use the key to open it, taking the Nails. In the same close-up, click the wrapped item once to peel off a layer. Use your machete to cut the string, then peel off another layer by clicking to reveal a picture. Read the note on the picture for some more backstory, then click the picture to get your seventh Painting

Select the broken painting (k6) and add the nails. Then, use the hammer to fix the frame. You can now collect the final Painting and complete Chapter 2 of New York Mysteries 5: Power of Art. 

To continue with the walkthrough here at Pro Game Guides go to New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough - Chapter 3, Part 1, or go back to the walkthrough hub linked above.

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New York Mysteries 5 Walkthrough – Chapter 2, Part 2

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