NieR: Automata fans blown away by secret church only one person has found

On February 23, Nier and Drakengard series creator Yoko Taro famously stated that all the secrets in NieR: Automata had been discovered during the game’s¬†anniversary stream. Well, that seems to have been a slight deception on Yoko Taro’s part, as yesterday (July 25), a player unveiled what truly may be NieR: Automata’s final secret: A […]

What will the NieR: Automata anime be about?

NieR: Automata is held as a masterpiece among many games for its unique storytelling approach and gorgeous design. It ultimately helped push JRPGs into the mainstream. It was recently announced by Aniplex that the game is receiving an anime adaptation (details via the NieR: Automata anime website). The anime will likely follow the events of […]