Wordscapes Daily Answers (December 2023)

Wordscapes is one of the most popular free-to-play mobile word games. Players are given a set of random letters that they must swipe in various directions to form words and fill out a crossword puzzle. The game has more than 6,000 levels, but you can also play a puzzle that’s updated every day. Wordscape Daily […]

Rodeo Stampede Codes (December 2023)

Updated December 1, 2023 We looked for new codes! In Rodeo Stampede, you earn Gold by having guests attend your Zoo and take care of your animals, allowing you to use that Gold to upgrade the exhibits and decorations. The more animals you have tamed and the better upgraded your zoo is, the more guests […]

Whiteout Survival Codes (December 2023)

Updated: December 1, 2023 We did our best to find more codes! Help your family survive a terrible winter in Whiteout Survival, a Frostpunk-inspired mobile sim game. You start by finding a basic abandoned camp in the forest. But with hard work, you can upgrade the buildings and make them your new home, eventually welcoming […]

Immortal Rising Codes (December 2023)

Updated December 1, 2023 We checked for the latest codes! If you’re looking for an idle RPG for your mobile device that’s a bit different from the norm, Immortal Rising is sure to have caught your eye. I love its unique, stylish look that sees you operating a single character through a series of side-scrolling […]