Will Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance support Crossplay?

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance will not support traditional crossplay when the game launches, which means you will not be able to play the game friends across different platforms. However, the game will support cross-gen play across platforms.  So what this means is that PlayStation 4 players will be able to play with PlayStation 5 […]

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance – Pre-Order Bonus, Special Editions

Here you will find everything you need to know about all of the Pre-order Bonuses and special editions available for Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance.  Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance’s Pre Order Bonus Players who order any version of Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance will get along with the base game a unique skin set called the Beholder […]

How to play PUBG Mobile with Controller

In short, if you want to play PUBG Mobile with a controller, the easiest way would be to simply download an emulator such as Bluestacks and hook one up from there.  This program will also allow players to fully map out controllers and will even allow you to hook up a keyboard and mouse to the game. Bluestacks also […]