Overwatch Halloween Skins 2018 List – Swamp Monster, Banshee, Jack-O’-Lantern, and More!

New skins are out for Overwatch's Halloween celebration in 2018!

It's the spooky time of the year, and that brings along a bunch of Halloween themed skins to Overwatch. Our Overwatch Halloween Skins 2018 List has all of the new versions that you will be able to purchase for a limited time! You can find these in the new Halloween Loot Boxes, or you can purchase them with credits.

If you missed out on some of the older Halloween skins from previous years then you are in luck! The Epic versions of the previous Halloween skins are on a pretty deep sale of only 250 credits each! Snap these up quick if you haven't grabbed them yet. Legendary Halloween skins from the previous years can be purchased for 1,000 credits each.

Overwatch Epic Halloween Skins

There are three new Epic skins available in the 2018 Halloween Overwatch event! You've got the zombified undead McCree, the fully pumpkined out Mei outfit, and the spider web covered Widowmaker that goes right along with her lore. These will set you back 750 credits each!

Overwatch Legendary Halloween Skins

If you've got a lot more credits burning a hole in your pocket, then you've got six new Legendary Halloween skins to choose from! In this batch of skins, you've got a deadly fish creature with Swamp Monster, a freaky Banshee as Moira, the Enchanted Armor for Pharah, the serial killing Slasher: 76 that looks like Jason from Friday the 13th, Bride of Frankenstein version of Sombra, and finally the huge Jack-O'-Lantern version of Wrecking Ball! These new Halloween Legendary skins will cost you 3,000 credits.

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