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Overwatch Wrecking Ball Skins – Cosmetics, Loot Boxes, Costs

Wrecking Ball is a new addition to the Overwatch roster.

Our Wrecking Ball Skins feature has all of the skins for this new addition to the Tank class in Overwatch!

Wrecking Ball is one of the more unique characters to ever be added to Overwatch. It's a very mobile tank, and shares some similarities with D.VA. However, it's mobility can be used as a damaging ability by swinging towards your enemies with its Grappling Claw. Not only can you grapple around the map, you can turn into a ball at a moments notice to speed up aggressively or to escape pressure!

Wrecking Ball Skins List

Common Skin

This is the default skin that comes with Wrecking Ball!

Classic Wrecking Ball Skin

Rare Skins (75 Credits)

Rare skins are mostly just recolors of the classic/default skin.

Epic Skins (250 Credits)

Epic skins get a larger change from the typical recoloring of the rare skins. You still don't get a lot of detail changes, but textures and colors go up more drastically with these.

Legendary Skins (1,000 Credits)

Legendary skins can be a lot different from the standard classic skin. You get completely unique details, recoloring, and textures!

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