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Fortnite Taco Shop Locations

Well, this was supposed to be in the week 8 challenge of the battle pass, but instead has been moved to week 9 to make room for dance floor locations. If you are ready to get your snack on, we’ve got all of the taco shop locations on the Fortnite map below! Taco Shop Locations […]

Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass Challenges Week 9 Guide

Another week and another set of battle pass challenges. We’re closing in on the end folks, so make sure you are completing these quickly to make sure you unlock all of your skins! Be sure to finish up your Season 3 Battle Pass Challenges for Week 8! Deal damage to opponents structures This will be […]

Fortnite Light Machine Gun Damage, Stats, Clip Size, Rarities, Where-to Find, Tips & Tricks!

While we wait for the inevitable meteor that has been hovering over our heads in game. A new weapon has been added to Fortnite, and it’s the Light Machine Gun (LMG)! We’ve listed all of the current information about this new weapon below. Release Date: April 19th, 2018 Where does a gun like the light […]

Dance in Forbidden Locations, Pool, Windmill, Umbrella Location – Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass Challenges Week 2 Guide

Catching up on the previous battle pass challenge weeks, here’s our guide for week 2 of season 3’s battle pass! Use a Launchpad Well this is easy and fun! However, the most difficult part will be actually finding a launchpad, so be on the look out for any purple glowing items. Remember, if you’ve looted […]

Llama, Fox, and Crab Locations, Dusty Depot Treasure Location – Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass Challenges Week 1 Guide

We’re catching up on the battle pass weeks we missed from season 3, so here’s a guide for week 1 if you haven’t yet finished it! Deal damage with Pistols to opponents Simple enough to do and now with the first shot accuracy on the hand cannon makes that gun a quality pick up to […]