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Roblox Pirate Emperors Codes (August 2020) – New!

Our Roblox Pirate Emperors Codes has the most up-to-date list of working OP codes that you can redeem for some double experience or stat resets. Use these rewards to get your character off the ground and to get yourself on your way to becoming the strongest player in the game! All Pirate Emperors Codes List […]

How to become a Dentist in BitLife

If you’ve got a passion for dentistry and want to see that type of life play out in BitLife, then you’re only a bit of schooling away from making it happen! This isn’t an overly difficult career path to take in the game, and it also pays pretty well, so it’s worthwhile to learn how […]

How to get the Barbie Girl Ribbon in BitLife

If you’re looking to knockout a bunch of ribbons in BitLife, then one of them you’re going to need to get is Barbie Girl. This is a bit different than the others and like a lot of the ribbons, you are going to need to avoid accidentally getting one of the many others you can […]