Fortnite 5.4.0 Update – Vaulting Revolver, Storm Structure Destruction, Shield Stack Size

The Fortnite Battle Royale 5.4.0 update will be adding the Revolver to the vault, changing how the storm interacts with structures in the end game, and has some item updates that will change stack sizes and rarities! Storm Destruction Right now there’s quite a bit of turtling, structure building, and “snaking” in the end of […]

Fortnite High Stakes Event Guide – Wild Card Skin, Getaway LTM, and High Stakes challenges!

A High Stakes event in Fortnite is coming in the first week of September and we have all of the information you’ll need! There’s going to be a new Wild Card outfit skin, Getaway LTM, and the High Stakes challenge. Looks like we’re getting an interesting new event coming to Fortnite in the coming week. […]

Fortnite SMGs Guide – Damage, Stats, Tips & Tricks

Our Fortnite SMG guide features all of the damage and stats for these powerful weapons. I’m also going to run through some SMG tips and tricks so you can better utilize these guns to eliminate your foes! The SMG overall was one of the weakest and rarely used weapon types for a long time. Shotguns […]

Fortnite Season 5 Week 8 Challenges List, Locations & Solutions

It’s time to take care of week 8 of challenges in Season 5 of the Battle Pass. This week we’ll be placing traps, searching chests in Wailing Woods, eliminating enemies with Shotguns, dealing damage with a Pickaxe, using rifts in different rift spawn locations, searching for treasure between three oversized seats, and eliminating opponent in […]