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How to start the Kellid ritual in Pathfinder Lord of Nothing

Help a bunch of strangers, why not?

When you arrive at the Verdant Caves, in Pathfinder's DLC "The Lord of Nothing," the Kellids will seek your aid to complete a ritual. Here is how to help them and where to find the necessary items.

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How to help the Kellids prepare an uprising or an escape in Pathfinder Lord of Nothing

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As you jump through portals in the search for Mineral McGuffins (Ice Shards in this particular case), you will end up in the Verdant Caves, where a tribe of prisoners called Kellids is planning to escape from their giant captors.

You don't need to get involved or help them in any way to complete your task of retrieving the ice shard from the Giants' boss. However, doing so could ease the challenge of infiltrating the Giant's camp and killing their leader.

To trigger the quest for the Kellid ritual, first, you have to speak to the two brothers, Ardin and Tokum. They are arguing about whether they should create a distraction or confront the Giants in a fight, and you will get to weigh in your opinion and determine what should be the final approach.

While you are at it, a Kellid woman named Reyna will ask you to kill the Translator. It is up to you if you want to side with the prisoners or if you are looking for a swift and easier escape. Either way, you will need to complete four tasks to start the Kellid's ritual.

  • Find Weapons for the Kellids.
  • Free the Tanners.
  • Aqcuire a Manticore's tail.
  • Retrieve the Blood Tear from the hodag lair.

How to find weapons for the Kellids

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If you choose to help Ardin find the weapons, you will need to pick only one of your party members to join you on this special quest. I recommend bringing someone who has good Athletics since you will need to clear some debris.

The quest will trigger a cutscene where the Kellids distract a few Giants, and you and your selected party member will sneak into a Garbage Pit where the Giants throw all the remains of the bodies they eat.

Inside that cave, you will find a pool filled with bloodied water where you will need to examine remains and pass several DC 10 Fortitude checks to avoid getting Sickened by the gore. Once you've looted every box, you will see a vision of Giants eating corpses, and if you fail a Will save, you will have to fight a specter on your own (your party ally disappears for a while).

The fight is short and easy; it turns out the ghost was your friend all along, and you were fighting each other. Once you have lowered their HP, the visions fade away, and you can leave the cave with the weapons.

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How to free the Tanners in Pathfinder

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The tanners are located at the top right corner of the map, and two giants are watching them. If you face them head-on, the fight might be tough. However, if you speak to one of the tanners, you will get the option to poison the giant's food with a Potion of Reduce Person.

Once the giants eat it and become smaller, the tanners will fight at your side, making the fight much easier. Once you have defeated them, you will be able to loot the meat cart. You will need it to lure the Manticore out of its cave (separate guide).

How to retrieve the Blood Tear from the hodag lairr

After you've collected the Manticore's tail, you will need to head to the bottom right corner of the map and pass a DC 14 Mobility check to enter the lair, where you will have to fight three Venomhodags. You can loot the Blood Tear from a crystal-shaped stone near the wall of the cave.

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How to kill the Giant's Boss in Pathfinder Lord of Nothing

When you complete the four tasks, you can start the ritual. If you planned to betray the Kellids, now is the time to talk to the Translator. Otherwise, talk to Ardin and protect them from the giants as they perform their magic.

Once you have defeated the two waves of attacking giants, you can head to their camp. Regardless of whether you have chosen the ritual to summon animals as a distraction or empower the Kellids themselves, you can sprint past the giants that are busy fighting and head straight to their boss.

Ardin will help you in this final fight, and once you've defeated the Boss you can pick up the Ice Shard and exit the camp. Once you are out, Sendri will open a portal back to the Ancient Fane.

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How to start the Kellid ritual in Pathfinder Lord of Nothing

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