Taking in the festivities in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous A Dance of Masks DLC
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Pathfinder WotR: A Dance of Masks Walkthrough – All choices & outcomes

As previously reported, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks isn't exactly your typical DLC, and not just because there's a big party in between all the monster bashing: for the first time, fans can finally continue their endgame adventures from where they left off (a long requested DLC feature). Whether you're stuck or wondering about choices and outcomes in this expansion, our walkthrough will help you through it.

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How to start Pathfinder WotR: A Dance of Masks

Arsinoe invites the Commander to a festival in Pathfinder: WotR - A Dance of Masks
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To begin the DLC, enter the Citadel, where you may have to rest for as much as three days (click the Rest button then uncheck the 'rest for the recommended period' box, and select three days in the bottom right). Afterward, Arsinoe will approach you with an invitation to a festival. Accept and she'll gift you Old Coin and send you off to Kenabres. From there, you're good to go.

A Festival for the Commander Walkthrough - Pathfinder WotR: A Dance of Masks

Exit the Citadel, taking the Fortress Gates exit, then select Kenabres (just below the West Sellen River and almost directly south of Drezen, from whence you came). Once you arrive at Kenabres, enter the Old City Gates.

A Grand Masquerade Walkthrough - Pathfinder WotR: A Dance of Masks

  • Talking to a nice old lady in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous A Dance of Masks
  • Chatting to Ichol in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous A Dance of Masks

Head east down the steps past the two guards and speak to Nice Old Lady by the well. Beat an Arcana 15 check to discover faint traces of magic in the cat and gain 13XP. Fork over 500G and she'll give you the cat (lucky you - literally, as if you check the Feline Follower buff now in your buff list, you'll see it supposedly grants you good luck).

Head west toward Ichol and Bheess, an impassioned couple set on helping with the festivities and choose whatever flag you like (it's purely down to preference).

The Wizard Illusionist puts on a performance in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous A Dance of Masks
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The Wizard Illusionist

Continue west, down below toward the festivities. Don't wait in line yet or you'll miss some of the fun. Instead, continue west and speak to the Wizard Illusionist, who will perform a play with his illusions (pick whichever you fancy) if you pay him 150G. Next up, some guards will detect trickery afoot.

This magic has nothing to do with NecromancyOpens up new line of questioning (Arcana, Diplomacy, Intimidate checks)
(Arcana) You may not have noticed... Prove the illusions have nothing to do with necromancy; 4XP; Wizard saved
(Diplomacy) If these were real ghosts...Guards believe you; 240XP; Wizard saved
(Intimidate) If he was a real necromancer...Guards believe you; 180XP; Wizard saved
Yes! Stop the necromancer!Wizard is taken off to see inquisitors
Remain quietWizard is taken off to see inquisitors

Meet the Herald

  • Standing in line for the festivities in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous A Dance of Masks
  • Herald greeting the Knight Commander in Pathfinder WotR: A Dance of Masks

Return to the lower area where the line for festivities begins (you'll know you're there if you see lots of flags and fireworks and people standing around). Your choices here are just for fun, so don't worry about the outcomes and pick whatever sounds best to you. Soon after Herald will appear and greet you as the Knight Commander. Pass a Bluff 44 check to gain 1728XP.

  • Meeting the Commander imposter in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous A Dance of Masks
  • Battling Arzov in the Arena - Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous A Dance of Masks

Enter the Arena / The Echo of Fury tournament

Enter the main square to discover an imposter "Commander". Whatever you go with, he'll be driven off the stage. Given Rovus the Old Coin and he'll tell you he's worried about this imposter, after which Drimo will invite you to the Echo of Fury arena (you won't have a choice).

Round 1

Accept the first battle which should be a piece of cake. Afterward, Zuset will greet you, before casually pitting you against a couple of dragons. These are a lot more fearsome than they look and should also go down without a fuss (but be aware of Arzov's long list of immunities in case).

Afterward, you'll learn Zuset is basically The Maven from Path of Exile (i.e. he enjoys watching powerful entities fight it out).

Nosferatu Patrician is your next fight. His wolves should go down easily enough but to kill him, you'll need to pick up the silver weapons around the arena and equip them before attacking him (don't forget to rest and switch them out afterward).

Knight Commandant Prankster is your next foe. Dropping him to 0 is easy enough, but killing him is another story—Fate's Favorite means he's saved from death every time he drops to 0. To kill him, you'll have to employ a counter-intuitive approach: heal him with something like Cure Moderate Wounds or Breath of Life, attack him to bring him to 0 and reduce his Fate's Favorite charge by 1, and repeat the process until he's out of Fate's Favorite charges and drops for real.

Your next opponent is a...kitty cat? (Aslynn.) Or is it? Aslynn should drop like a sack of bricks, but in case not, Mind-Affecting Will spells should help. Once she goes down, you'll receive Cloak of Reflections.

Achievement: Craving the Glory
Get this achievement when you defeat Aslynn at the Echo of Fury.

Round 2

The next set of opponents begins with Llamolaek the Ascended. If you're well geared enough and have strong builds, he should drop instantly, but if not, here are some tips: he likes to hit you with energy drain, so you'll want to make sure you have Death Ward on everyone (buy scrolls from the vendors listed below beforehand if you don't have the spells for it). Additionally, Silver, good, and magic sources of damage (i.e. Magic Weapon, Greater) can help punch through.

The gimmick with Flesh of the Dead God is it regenerates unless its minions explode near it, putting you in something of a bind. However, a ranged AoE like Rain of Halberds will deal with it all nicely.

To defeat the Elemental Pillar Guardians, target their pillars with ranged attacks to put an end to the infinite respawns.

Despite his incredible size, Soul-Crushing Devastator is just the decoy here: Runelord of Wrath and Field Marshal of Wrath are the real threats. Target both with Reflex spells and attacks (most anything but energy drain and Dominate will work) and try to take out Marshal from afar to avoid its detonation.

Primordial Inevitable is the main concern in the final fight this round due to the combination of Black Hole, Supernova, and Inevitable Gaze. It should be another cakewalk, but if you do struggle, focus him with spells and attacks that aren't Mind-Affecting, Electricity, Fire, or movement impairing like Destruction, or those that aren't affected by spell resistance (e.g. Ray/Rain of Halberds).

For your reward, you'll receive Heartstone of the Night Hag Queen.

Seeking Glory

Get this achievement when you defeat The Opposites at the Echo of Fury.

Round 3

Keep your Will buffed with things like Heroism to deal with the Cluster Disaster Kalavakus and avoid Electricity attacks and spells. When you kill them, they'll spawn Cluster Disaster Gallu, which you can apply the same advice to.

Wild Hunt Monarch is made easier by Freedom of Movement on everyone. Otherwise, avoid Mind Affecting and Movement Impairing skills. When the final boss of Pathfinder: Kingmaker (The Lantern King) shows up, remain calm.

Lord of Death is weird one - simply run around slapping the Dreadful and Odious Crops to death until eventually Lord of Death becomes targetable and kill it.

Shadow Monks will go down without a fight. Nothing to see here.

Drimo, Arena Champion is your final opponent. Surprisingly, there's not much special about him: Cold Iron weapons help get damage through some, but otherwise he's vulnerable to most things outside of Mind-Affecting and Movement Impairing spells and skills (and Fire), so have at it.

For your reward, you'll receive Bracers of Slaughter.

Chasing the Glory

Pick up this achievement for defeating Drimo at the Echo of Fury.

Triumphant Glory

Get this achievement for winning the tournament at the Echo of Fury.

All Echo of Fury tournament rewards

1Cloak of Reflections+7 AC; Grants resistance 35 to Fire, Acid, Cold, and Electricity, and heals you to a number of HP equal to the amount of damage prevented
2Heartstone of the Night Hag Queen+7 natural armour enhancement bonus to AC and spell resistance 38 and increase the DC of all spells you cast by 3
3Bracers of Slaughter+10 AC; Ignore all damage reduction and deal an additional 3d10 force damage with weapon attacks

Deal with the crowd / Meet Eval Vitald

A conflict between Eval and the commoners breaks out in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

In the northeast corner of the map, speak to Eval and deal with the rowdy crowd as you see fit.

Have the guards remove themCitizen protest and are taken away
I am the CommanderCrowd is pleased and allowed to celebrate
Allow them to celebrate (Success)4896XP; Crowd is pleased and allowed to celebrate
So what...? (Success)240XP; Citizens leave and Eval is grateful
Hand out a thousand gold piecesCrowd is pleased and leaves

Speak with your companions

Speak to your various companions as marked on your map now to trigger various quests:

RegillClose Inspection
WoljifTalk to the guards
ArueshalaeOvercoming Fears
DaeranN/A (This is a simple impersonation contest)
SosielWine Tasting
EmberA Banquet for Beggars

A note about the Daeran impersonation contest: amusingly, no matter who you recommend as the winner, he'll always go for the woman and attempt to bed her.

Have fun at the festival

This subquest sees you participating in a variety of activities about the Square. Here are some of the ones you'll need to complete it:

  • Look to your left (west) from the entrance to Kenabres Square to take part in the Darts Competition (Mobility check that grants 4XP).
  • On the west side of the center of the map you'll find a training mannequin/dummy on the lower level. Hit it.
  • On the northwest side of the map, look for some folks dancing among fireworks on rugs and demonstrate your musical ability for them.
  • Even farther northwest, look for five guards lined up together to take part in a push-up contest (requires Athletics 28 check; grants 4XP).
  • On the east side of the square center, you can dance; on the north side, you can drink.

Deal with the suspicious mages

  • Locating the hidden mechanism in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
  • The cultists perform a ritual in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks

This subquest will trigger after completing Overcoming Fears (or possibly any second companion quest). Once that happens, Rovus will appear and mark Meeting Point on your map, where the supposedly dangerous mages have gathered.

After heading to the meeting point, click once on your companions' portraits to have them join you. Loot the end table between the beds in the back corner to acquire Pearl of Power (8th Level). (Requires passing a PER30 check.) Equip it to your main caster if you like, then click the mechanism on the bookshelf in the north corner, opening a door across the way.

In the newly revealed back room, loot Wand of Bless and Potion of Humanity, then fight Razmir's followers (you won't have a choice in the matter). The battle should be easy and for your trouble, you'll loot a ton of Ingots (worth a heap of gold). Before you leave, passing a PER30 check along the south wall (where the benches are) will yield a Rod of Power Source.

Return to the festival / Watch the closing ceremony take place on stage

After having dealt with the suspicious mages (aka cultists), head to the eastern point of interest on your map. Click the 'Wait for the performance' interact icon. Soon after, Rovus will discover the Herald is a suspicious himself and it's his people that organized this entire event. Once you hit the stage (you don't have a choice), the Herald will reveal himself as Razmir, before portaling you both out.

Stop Razmir's schemes

Entering Razmir's palace in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
Quickly look aroundRazmir sends his minions after you
Unleash mythic powersThrow Razmir against the wall; trigger Mobility and Athletics checks
Steadfastly endure the spellsSink into a slumber, after which you find your captors have disappeared; trigger wait and break down the door options
WaitNothing happens; break down option remains
Break down the doorInconspicious door and stairs options available
[Mobility] Deftly slip past648XP; Escape and be faced with the choice of a door or stairs
[Athletics] Run headlongCaptors have disappeared (success or fail); Wait and break down options appear
The inconspicuous doorEnter room with two cultists; Listen in/attack/slip out options appear
The stairsGuards and cultists surround you; trigger Athletics and Intimidate checks ('Forces his way' and 'Tries to intimidate')
[Athletics] Forces his way forwardMinions lose the will to fight; 45XP; The chapel and throne room options available
[Intimidate] Tries to intimidate2592XP (success); Minions lose will to fight (whether you fail or succeed); The chapel and throne room options available
The chapel of RazmirQuietly exit, listen, and attack options appear
The throne room'Tells Razmir' and 'Does not hesitate' options appear
Listen inCultists argue about alchemy; attack and slip options remain
Attack the cultistsReceive alchemy items; trigger Perception check and leave option
Slip back outGuards and cultists surround you; trigger Athletics and Intimidate checks ('Forces his way' and 'Tries to intimidate')
[Perception] Take another good look around6528XP; Reveal secret passage; Use secret passage or leave options available
Leave the laboratory Guards and cultists surround you; trigger Athletics and Intimidate checks ('Forces his way' and 'Tries to intimidate')
Use the secret passageEnter chapel dedicated to Razimir with service in progress; exit, listen, and attack options appear
Quietly exit the chapel Go to throne room; 'Tells Razmir' and 'Does not hestitate' options appear
Listen to the service / Keep listeningArcana check
Attack the cultists"Razmir" and others escape; PER check (success reveals chalice is fake; 11XP); Trigger second PER check
[PER] Search the altar for the real gold chaliceAcquire real Golden Chalice; 240XP
Leave the chapelFace Razmir; trigger Intimidate or 'does not hesitate' options
[Intimidate] Tells Razmir what he is going to doMinions' spell dissipates; 6528XP
Does not hesitate / attacksTrigger Fortitude, Reflex, and Will checks
[Fortitude] Launches a direct attack
[Reflex] Launches himselfThwart Razmir; 6720XP
[Will] Resists the enemy's spells

Leave a comment if you know what happens when you pass the Arcana, Fortitude, or Will checks!

After your little text adventure, change your party by talking to Rovus if you like and/or rest using the table (?), then head through the north door. Optionally, stealth and attack the acolytes on the upper level.

Acolyte sounds the alarm in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Run west and open the south door. Go straight and continue on into the southwest room where an acolyte will alarm his friends. Pass the Religion 34 check along the south wall (between the two tables) to earn 1296XP. Pass the PER39 check at the same spot to find a secret door. In this back room, loot the chest to acquire Wand of Cure Hangover.

Back in the main room, pick the lock on the west door. Pass the Religion 34 check here to earn another 1296XP. Head down the stairs to see Razmir performing miracles, then meet with Arthox.

What's that mirror next to you?Is evasive; trigger Diplomacy and Donate options
[Diplomacy] What is Razmir wanted me to learn it?1728XP; Tells you about the mirrors
Donate 500GTells you about the mirrors
Don't answerDoesn't answer
Attack105XP; no notable loot
I have to goLets you go

Attempt to step through the mirror twice to trigger a fight with Arthox and an Acolyte, which will drop easily. Once through, wipe the cultists (who won't put up a fight) and pass the Religion check in the east corner for 1296XP. Step through the west mirror to find yourself surrounded by Mask Golems.

Loot the chest in the northwest corner to acquire Blade of the Crimson Moon and the obscene Tome of Ancient Perfection, as well as several powerful Elemental summon scrolls, at which time the Golems will attack.

Restoring the party's powers in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Read Page from a Diary on the north desk, then click the 'Determine the nature...' interact icon on the east wall to regain your powers.

Go back through the two mirrors and head for the northwest section of the map now, where you'll encounter Likun. Regardless of what you say or do here, you'll trigger a fight (decline the meal to avoid the Sickened status).

Razmir gives a speech in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Loot Sin Mage's Staff from the northwest room chest (i.e. the room across from the stairs), then go east down the stairs to take on Ma'elKoth's Razmir's followers. Naturally, some huge AoE spells will do well here (preferably not Fire) to disprove Razmir's claim of invincibility.

A greater mask golem in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Afterward the 'real' Razmir will show up to bully the fake one, then trigger round two with some more Mask Golems. Once they go down, a Greater Mask Golem will appear. You may want to avoid casting spells on it to get around Spell Turning. As for the Mask Swarms, deal with them using AoEs like Stormbolts, while an archer blasts 'Razmir'.

The Living Fraud

Obtain this achievement by foiling Razmir's plans.

Next, Projection of Razmir will explain himself and request you don't touch the mask.

I'll take the maskReceive Razmir's Mask
My powers cannot be taken awayTrigger Trickster option to sell him secrets
[Trickster] Sell him secretsHe somehow believes this and purchases the 'secrets' from you for 100,000G
I will take your treasures'Be my guest'; Treasures include 38,000+ Gold and tons of valuable gems and such

When you're ready, tell the Projection of Razmir you're ready to leave the palace to spawn a portal out.

A Well-Deserved Party walkthrough - Pathfinder WotR: A Dance of Masks

  • The post victory celebration begins in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
  • Talking to Arueshalae in the Temple of Desna - Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks

Time to celebrate your well-earned victory. Run around the tavern and talk with Daeran, Ulbrig, and Regill, then the others in the kitchen. Your choices don't matter here; just go with whatever suits you. Hit the bar to begin the celebrations, then chat with Ulbrig, Woljif, Daeran (on the table by the stairs), and Camellia, then look for Sosiel, Nenio, and Regill in the back room playing a game.

Next, click the 'Gather Everyone' button at the table before seeing what Woljif is up to. If you tell him to cut you in, you'll receive 1000G, Diamond, and Gold Ring; otherwise you can force him to give up the jig or let him go about his business.

Enter the back area and take in the debate amongst Daeran, Nenio, and Sosiel. Next, head for the other back room (with the beds, looking northeast), after which Arueshalae will take you for a trip to the temple of Desna (which can be romantic if you suggest as much and have progressed your romance with her thus far). With that, A Dance of Masks will complete.

Kenabres Square Vendor Locations and Inventories - Pathfinder WotR: A Dance of Masks

Shopkeeper (male)South central (blue map marker)Elder Greater Shock Quarterstaff +5, scrolls, Alchemist's Kits
Jewelry TraderSouth centralExpensive generic jewelry
BlacksmithSouth centralUnique sabers (That Which Bathes in Blood, Praying Killer); expensive generic weapons & armour
Shopkeeper (female)South CentralJester Cap, Grand Festival Cloak, Robe of Magma, Dagger of the Betrayer, Life Infuser, Ice Guard, and Living Fortress
Shopkeeper (short)South CentralPotions & recipes
ShopkeeperWest CentralRecipes & cooking ingredients
TalathielWest CentralWands; expensive generic equipment

Thieves in the City walkthrough - Pathfinder WotR: A Dance of Masks

  • A blood trail in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
  • A blood trail in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
  • A blood trail in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
  • Talking to Sister Kerismei in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
  • Checking out the loot in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
  • Talking to Brother Zerd in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks

Head over to the center of the Kenabres square (south of the golden statue and north of the chapel, on the lower level) to come upon an NPC that's discovered a robbery. Next, head for the north central area (the upper section by the golden statue), where you'll find Sister Kerismei chilling outside. Tell her about the robbery and she'll task you with finding the thief (albeit for no reward).

Return to the scene of the crime and inspect the blood on the ground near the four citizens. Follow the blood trail southwest and up the stairs (northwest). Head up the stairs and turn left, continuing forward toward the cart, where you'll happen upon a satchel of loot. Brother Zerd will explain it's a 'steal a load of bread to feed your family' situation.

Note: if you get rid of them (one way or another), the loot in the satchel includes 658G and a Diamond.

Once you've spoken to Kerismei, the quest will conclude.

I could turn a blind eye...Triggers Intimidate check and 'Give me one half' dialogue option
Take the thieves to KerismeiTriggers Diplomacy check and 'Decide their fate' option
Summon the guardsThieves are taken away; Lawful action counted
I will let you goThey claim they'll stop stealing; Chaotic action countedf
Give me one half of the spoilsSays they'll hide and not be seen anymore; 568G
(Intimidate) I'm taking everythingSays they'll hide and not be seen anymore; 568G; 324XP
(Diplomacy) Can't you make an exception?Agrees to take them in as friends; 324XP
Decide their fate for yourselfTells them to go and never come back

Close Inspection walkthrough - Pathfinder WotR: A Dance of Masks

Using your map, locate and speak to Regill who will prompt an inspection into the city guard. Follow him eastward slightly, where you'll speak with Corporal Sweeps. Pass the Perception check to find the structure is sound (but there are people below). Finish your interrogation, then follow Regill southeast (check your map for his marker) to meet with Sergean Wohf.

Pass the Perception 40 check to find the gate is strong but is controlled by an internal mechanism. Continue your questioning, then return to the performance area (check your map) and talk with Liwa.

Passing the Perception 36 will reveal the soldiers are placed strategically, earning you 324XP.

Following this, Regill will admit the security in the area is formidable and drop his concerns, completing the quest.

Overcoming Fears walkthrough - Pathfinder WotR: A Dance of Masks

  • Talking to Camellia during Arueshalae's quest in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous A Dance of Masks
  • Having a conversation with Arueshalae about her social anxiety in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous A Dance of Masks

After locating Arueshalae using your map and agreeing to help her overcome her social anxiety, head slightly north to where the tables are and speak to the townsfolk on her behalf, only to find yourself in the middle of an argument with "Camellia."

Open your map now and head for the northeast point of interest (marked in bright blue; lower area with banquet tables) where Arushalae will have a chat with the Arueshales. If you have her reveal herself, it'll go just fine.

Head directly west now (use the blue map marker; go to the upper area near the golden statue) and speak to the townsfolk (using the interact icon), after which Arueshalae will become fully realized as a mortal. Next, Valisa will approach and espouse some impressive wisdom for a child, and Arueshalae will be fine on her own, completing the quest.

A Banquet for Beggars walkthrough - Pathfinder WotR: A Dance of Masks

  • Ember dealing with the rabble in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
  • Talking to a grateful citizen in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
  • Approaching the Temple of Desna in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks

When you run into Noble Lady and the Boy in the north central area (before the large house and near the golden statue, in the upper area) you'll see they're in the middle of a spat. Select 'Tell me more about your sister' and 'I know Ember' to trigger this quest (the other dialogue options lead to nothing).

Head to the far central east section of the map to find the temple of Desna. To the left/north of the temple entrance, you can pick up Soaring Fist gloves among the trees.

You can't actually enter the temple, so talk to Grateful Citizen on the path in front of the temple to learn Ember has gone to the chapel.

Head south (following the yellow marker on your map), and speak to Grateful Citizen (the one in blue with the hat) outside the chapel.

Head north to the Ember icon on your map (to the upper level with the golden statue) where she'll be up to her usual patron saint business, after which the quest will conclude.

Wine Tasting walkthrough - Pathfinder WotR: A Dance of Masks

Tasting wine in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Find Sosiel near the golden statue in the north central section of the map and agree to participate in a waste tasting. Taste each wine to get absolutely zonked, then give Yumillian your rating. Your dialogues don't matter here (the outcome will be the same), so just go with whatever pleases you and complete the quest.

Talk to the guards walkthrough - Pathfinder WotR: A Dance of Masks

  • Woljif peddling his wares in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
  • Talking to the guards in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
  • Talking to Isera in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks
  • Map showing Isera's location in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - A Dance of Masks

Speak to Woljif in the south central section of the map, where he'll ask you to help drive him some customers. In the market area, talk to the Young Guard and Old Guard on either side and convince them to check him out. (When talking to the Young Guard, say Woljif is the real deal to trigger a Diplomacy check that can yield 432XP; the Intimidate check will yield only 19XP. Either way, the result is the same.)

Next, speak with Isera Voyle at the southwest corner of the banquet area who will reveal her history with Woljif. Return to the latter to complete the quest.

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