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Personas Tips and Tricks Guide for Persona 5 Tactica

Fuse with confidence!

If you want to really succeed in Persona 5 Tactica, you’re going to need to get to grips with its Personas feature. I found this tricky initially, as it works a little differently from similar games I’ve played.

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Persona 5 Tactica quickly introduces you to the idea of Personas, which add secondary skills to the main skill you gain from GPs, making your favorite characters even more powerful. However, the system isn’t thoroughly explained and there are some elements that are easy to miss. 

How to use Personas in Persona 5 Tactica

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It is worth reevaluating your Personas options every time you gain new personas, which is usually after a mission. There are lots of ways to check out your currently equipped Personas:

Party menu

  • Party: Once in the list, select Details in the bottom right of the screen. Now you can scroll through all your characters and see all the details of their Sub-Persona Skills.
  • Personas: Select a character from the list and you’ll get a list of all current Personas and which character (if any) is assigned to them. It's quick and easy to reassign Personas here. 

Hideout menu

  • V.Room: The Equip Personas menu here acts like the Personas section of the Party menu. You can also Fuse New Personas here, as well as view, register, and summon them (see below).

How to Fuse a New Persona in P5T

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To fuse a new Persona in Persona 5 Tactica, go to the V.Room and select the top option on the list. Note you can get to this menu from pre-mission and quest screens as well as your hideout. I always check I have the best options before a fight!

When you fuse a new Persona, you will sacrifice two Personas you have to create a new one. They’ll be gone, but a better one will appear in its place. Don’t worry, there is a way to get back the old Personas you’ve sacrificed as long as they’ve been registered (see below).

Don’t worry about any warning that pops up (e.g. "This Persona is equipped to a character"). You can get all the way to the skill Inheritance page and if you don’t like what you see, you can just click back and start again.

The first time you get a Persona from a mission, it won’t have any inherited skills. When you Fuse two, you’ll inherit one skill from one of the base Personas. These are invariably worth having, so try to always equip Fused personas rather than base ones. 

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Should you always Fuse new Personas?

Basically, no, you should not always Fuse new Personas. Remember you can only create Personas up to your own level, but you can be offered ones that are higher. You can look at what a higher-level Persona will give you, but you can’t Fuse it yet. So, if a Persona looks awesome, it is often a good idea to save it until you gain a level and then build this one, rather than settling for Fusing a weaker Persona you don’t want.

When should you register a Persona in Persona 5 Tactica? 

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Every time you gain a new Persona from a mission or Fuse a new Persona for the first time, it will automatically be registered. If you later gain a new version of a Persona by Fusing and prefer the inherited skill set you’ve created, you should Fuse this one over the old one

It’s important to remember you need Personas with the abilities you need if you want to add them as inherited skills in your current Personas list. Otherwise, when you Fuse them you can’t get the inherited skills you want. It is always worth registering a Fused Persona over a basic one from mission rewards, as it will always then have an inherited skill to share in the future. 

To register a Persona, go to the Register Persona option on the V.Room menu. You can look at both the Current and Registered Personas to compare them before you decide. 

How to summon Personas

Later, you can withdraw a Persona you sacrificed by spending Yen, allowing you to use it again to forge another new one. Even the lowest level Personas cost around 1,000 Yen though, so be careful with your cash. You can only summon a Persona you have previously had but do not currently have

What are the best Persona 5 Tactica Personas?

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There are no right answers here, as different Personas will suit every mission, quest, or character better depending on their main and inherited skills. The key to success is to use Personas to fill gaps and strengthen weaknesses in the Phantom Thieves.

What to look for in each Persona

When choosing to Fuse a new Persona, or when equipping them to your characters, I always consider the following points:

  • Stats make a difference: Each Persona adds points to the character’s HP and SP as well as their Mele and Gun damage; a level 1 Persona may add a total of 50 points across those stats, while a level 20 Persona will add way over 100. SP is especially important, as it may make the difference between being able to use a skill one more time in a crucial situation. Unless they really suck, equipping your highest-level Personas is usually a good policy.
  • Complimentary abilities: Be careful not to give a character a Persona that matches skills they already have. Also, look for synergies. If a team member has a lot of area of effect skills, something like Mighty Warrior (increases attack when targeting multiple enemies) is going to rock as an inherited skill.
  • A balanced team: Try to give each character options. So if a character has Freeze, giving them Burn allows them to also knock back and inflict damage over time on an enemy. Also, give healing Personas to characters who don’t have the skill already where possible. The more healers the better (especially if you want to three-star missions).

If you’re looking for some help completing Persona 5 Tactica quests, check out my Quietly Storming the Castle guide and Stealing Classified Info Walkthrough here at Pro Game Guides! 

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Personas Tips and Tricks Guide for Persona 5 Tactica

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