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Quietly Storming the Castle guide (Persona 5 Tactica)

Castle, stormed.

Persona fans are in for a treat with Persona 5 Tactica, which switches up combat to include a map grid as well as the usual turn-based elements. Quest Quietly Storming the Castle really tested me early on, so I put together this walkthrough guide for it. 

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The Persona series of anime RPGs follows a group of high school children in a series of genre-bending adventures. P5T allows you deeper strategies, as your positioning is a crucial element for success. Read on for how to beat this tough quest.

Quest 1 - Quietly Storming the Castle walkthrough (Persona 5 Tactica)

Due to the fact you’ll have already created some new Personas by the time you tackle Quietly Storming the Castle, there is no exact right way to complete it. However, no matter how you set up your team, following these guidelines will give you the solution you need to complete the quest. 


Remember you can go to the Velvet Room before the battle begins. This is important, as it means you can assign a Persona to Ann before the battle begins. You won’t have a chance beforehand, but you can do so now. Note that all Personas are temporary, so if you have only created two new Personas so far, you can switch one off of either Joker or Morgana and give it to Ann. I suggest you run with Ann, Erina, and Joker as these are the best characters for this quest. 

Make sure you have bought and equipped the best Weapons available to each character (if you haven’t bought a weapon for one of the characters but have for Mona, use her instead). You can sell old weapons, which may give you the Yen needed for upgrades. 


Due to cover, you'll only be able to use Persona or Triple Threat attacks on most of the guards. Ensure you have area effect Personas ready, as you need to take out multiple targets in just two turns. Also, try to ensure you have enough SP to use an area effect Persona effect in each turn for each hero.

Also note that while they look the same, some guards have 50 Health and others 80. While the quest says you need to defeat six targets, you actually need to defeat eight. Two extra targets will appear in turn two, always in the same area.

Don’t worry if you fail this quest a few times, as it can be a really tricky one. Remember you can also alter the difficulty level, or retry old quests (perhaps from an older save) to earn some extra Yen you can use to upgrade your weapons. Alternatively, consider taking different Skills or Personas via the Prep Menu.

Turn One

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Ignore the two guards in the smaller bunker, as the reinforcements will arrive there so you can deal with them all at once in turn 2. Concentrate all three of your attacks on the left-hand side instead (see above). 

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I find the most effective method is to use a Persona skill such as Dizzy or Shock on the guards on the right (which aren’t shootable) with your first attack. This leaves them without cover, allowing a second Persona attack to give you One More Attack. Use One More Attack to Shoot the two vulnerable guards, preferably with Erina’s area effect close-range attack. 

You should now be able to use your third and final Persona effect to take out at least two of these guards, and leaving whoever is left with very low Health. Alternatively, you may be able to target them all with a medium area effect, especially if you used an effect such as Hypno or Sweep with your second Persona.   

Finally, try to place a character with good movement (six or seven) just past the bunkers. This should give them the freedom of the map in turn two, allowing you to move them behind the right bunker for a Triple Threat attack in turn two. 

Turn Two

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If things have gone to plan, you should only have a couple (if any) of nearly defeated enemies on the left and four healthy ones on the right. You need to think about your Triple Threat triangle straight away, as whoever you attack with first may be stuck in place. Make sure you can position your three heroes in a way that will damage all enemies in the right bunker with your Triple Threat (see above). 

Now hit that bunker with an AOE Persona that hits as many targets as possible. The damage isn’t important, as the Triple Threat will take them all out. You just need to be able to trigger that, meaning at least one of the guards needs to be out of Resist cover after the attack. Now use a second hero to hit at least one of those guys without Resist with an attack, giving you the Triple Threat option. Get into position and fire. This should take out all enemies in the right bunker.

If you have any targets left in the left bunker, this leaves you one hero who can use their Persona (and possibly One More Attack) to finish off the wounded guards from Turn One. That should finish the quest. 

Best team for Quietly Storming the Castle

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The exact team I used is below. Your only other in terms of characters is to take Mona, but her two greatest qualities (speed and high SP) aren't really useful here. You should have enough SP to do the Persona attacks described above, while the extra gun damage of these guys could be the difference between success and failure. Also, note I have upgraded all of their gun weapons to the best ones available at this point in the game.

JokerRiot PoliceKouha (light Dizzy damage in a small area)  with inherited Shock from Zio.
AnnReplica SMGGaru with inherited Burn (light Burn damage in a small area) from Agi.
ErinaS.TsarNo Persona allowed.

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Quietly Storming the Castle guide (Persona 5 Tactica)

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