Best player skills to unlock first in PGA Tour 2K23

Apart from the Fittings and Archetypes, one of the most vital aspects that determines your golfer’s gameplay style is the Skills. As the name suggests, unlocking a particular skill allows players to gain special abilities that will mold their characters in a direction. For example, if you get the TrailBlazer skill, all of your shots […]

How to earn money quickly in PGA Tour 2K23

Like any other sports simulation game on the market, virtual in-game money plays a vital role in accessing cosmetic content, and the latest PGA Tour 2K23 is no different. The virtual currency of PGA Tour 2K 23 allows players to purchase various accessories like golf clubs and outfits. It also helps you pay fees for […]

Best Archetypes in PGA Tour 2K23

Before beginning your journey in the career mode of the PGA Tour 2K23, it is essential to modify your character parameters to suit your playstyle. Among all the features, Archetypes and the Skill tree are the ones that will define your character. There are five types of Archetypes in PGA Tour 2K23 – Greensman, Powerhouse, […]