PlateUp: All appliances and to use them

A full list of appliances and what they do in PlateUp

Build your restaurant empire one dish at a time with PlateUp. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new appliances to streamline your cooking process and boost the overall image of your restaurant. Here's a full list of all the appliances in PlateUp and how you can use them to their full benefit.

PlateUp cooking appliances

  • Hob: The Hob (or stovetop) is one of the key kitchen elements you'll start with. You can use it for everything that needs to be cooked.
    • Starter Hob: This is the Hob you'll begin with. It takes the longest to cook.
    • Hob: Works a bit faster than the Starter Hob.
    • Safety Hob: Takes as long to cook as the Starter Hob but doesn't catch on fire.
    • Danger Hob: The fastest Hob available and also the most likely to ignite.
  • Oven: Anything that needs baking can be done in the Oven. As you progress, you can upgrade the Oven into a Microwave.
  • Microwave: Bakes everything that the Oven can in just a few seconds. The downside is that it has a significantly higher chance of catching on fire.
  • Gas Limiter: Prevents both burns and fire so that all food takes 75% longer to burn. The downside is that all food also cooks 25% slower.
  • Gas Override: Cooks food completely but burns things 400% faster.
  • Counter: Where food is cut, kneaded, and generally made ready to serve. The Counter can be upgraded into a Freezer or Workstation.
  • Freezer: Place finished meals in the Freezer and serve them the next day.
  • Workstation: Allows you to knead or cut food twice as fast as on a counter.
  • Prep Station: Place pre-chopped veggies and pie doughs in the Prep Station to free up counter space. You can upgrade the Prep Station into a Frozen Prep Station. If you do this, the supplies stored in the Prep Station will carry over into the next day.
  • Rolling Pin: Drastically speeds up dough prep.
  • Sharp Knife: Lets you chop three times faster than normal.

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PlateUp serving appliances

  • Plates: The game begins with a stack of four plates. The game can drop improved items like the eight stack of plates or self-cleaning Serving Boards as you play.
  • Tray Stand: Allows you to carry two dishes at once. When the tray is removed the stand also functions as counter space.
  • Tables: While you start with two tables, there are various tables to unlock that come with different traits.
    • Bar Table: Removes the thinking period from customers and speeds up your orders.
    • Metal Table: Makes sides optional but also makes guests more impatient.
    • Simple Cloth Table: Guests can share a meal.
    • Fancy Cloth Table: Customers will pay 50% more to sit at a fancy table.
    • Coffee Table: While not technically a dining table, the Coffee Table gives customers a space to sit and wait patiently for a table to open up.

PlateUp cleaning appliances

  • Sinks: Sinks are vital to keeping your restaurant clean and serving food. There are six types of sinks.
    • Starter Sink: This is the basic sink you will begin with that cleans slowly.
    • Sink: Cleans at a regular pace.
    • Soaking Sink: Plates can be deposited in the sink, and they will slowly clean themselves.
    • Power Sink: Cleans twice as fast as a regular sink.
    • Wash Basin: Cleans up to four plates simultaneously.
    • Dishwasher: Cleans up to four plates simultaneously on its own.
  • Mops: Mops are important for keeping the floors clean, which is important if you want to keep your kitchen running smoothly.
    • Mop: The base mop you begin with.
    • Lasting Mop: Once cleaned, the floors will stay clean longer.
    • Fast Mop: Cleans floors faster than the base mop.
    • Robot Mop: Cleans floors automatically.
  • Buffers: Both of the buffers available in PlateUp clean the floors. The difference is that the Robot Buffer will clean independently, whereas the Floor Buffer requires players to direct it.
  • Dish Rack: Can store up to four dirty dishes at a time. Great for when you don't have enough sink space.
  • Scrubbing Brush: Doubles the cleaning speed of dishes and floors.
  • Bin: Bins are essential in the kitchen. There are six versions of the Bin.
    • Starter Bin: Holds two items before it needs to be emptied.
    • Bin: Holds five items.
    • Compactor Bin: Only holds one item but will slowly empty itself.
    • Composter Bin: Holds five items that can be burned.
    • Expanded Bin: Holds 10 items.
  • Kitchen Floor Protector: Keeps dirty kitchen floors from slowing down your staff.

PlateUp automation appliances

  • Conveyor: Moves plates on its own.
  • Grabber: Depending on what the Grabber is pointing away, it will grab items from where the arrows are pointing away and deposit them where they are pointing towards. The Grabber can be upgraded into a Smart Grabber, which will only pick up specific items.
  • Mixers: Mixers chop and knead food on their own. There are three upgrades available for the Mixer.
    • Conveyor Mixer: mixes food and moves it to the next Counter.
    • Heated Mixer: Cooks food as they mix.
    • Rapid Mixer: Mixes and chops faster than a standard Mixer.
  • Auto Plater: When food is placed on a Counter next to an Auto Plater, it will automatically be plated.
  • Combiner: Putting two food items down next to a Combiner will combine the two foods.
  • Portioner: Automatically cuts and portions food for plating.

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PlateUp environment boosting appliances

  • Plant: Boosts customer patience by 10% (if the customer is within two tiles of the Plant).
  • Calm Painting: Increases customer patience and order thinking by 200%.
  • Breadsticks: 20 breadsticks come on a Side Table. They slow down customer thinking times and patience.
  • Candlebox: Only works at night. Placing one of four candles on a table will increase patience by 20%.
  • Napkins: 12 Napkins are available per unit. Placing a napkin before a customer sits down will prevent messes that would have otherwise been made on the floor.
  • Flower Pot: The color of the flower placed in the pot changes the boost and can be used once a day.
    • Yellow Flowers: Increase patience.
    • Blue Flowers: Causes customers to change their orders.
    • Black Flowers: Customers leave without penalty.
  • Sharp Cutlery: There are eight pieces of sharp cutlery available each day, which speeds up the customer eating time.
  • Supplies: Breadsticks, Napkins, and Cutlery can be restocked twice a day.
  • Specials Menu: Encourages customers to change their orders (four times a day).
  • Ordering Terminal: Automates the ordering process by allowing you to access orders for the entire room instead of going to each table individually and collecting orders.
  • Specials Terminal: Once a day, the Specials Terminal allows you to change a table's order.
  • Display Stand: Plated food can be placed on the Display Stand, increasing the chances that the customer will order that food.

PlateUp research appliances

  • Blueprint Cabinet: Available at the start of the game. Holds one blueprint once it's past the blueprint stage. Any blueprint in the cabinet can also be used at research or copying desks.
  • Blueprint Desk: You can replace one blueprint for free once a day.
  • Copying Desk: Blueprints can be copied once a day if they are in a nearby cabinet.
  • Discount Desk: Blueprints in nearby cabinets can be re-priced and bought at the lower price once a day.
  • Research Desk: As long as blueprints are in a nearby cabinet, they can be upgraded once a day.

PlateUp miscellaneous appliances

  • Fire Extinguisher: Lets you put out fires.
  • Trainers: As long as you aren't walking on dirty or wet floors, you will move faster.
  • Wellies: You move more slowly but aren't impacted by messes.
  • Workboots: Makes it easier to move through messes, but you spread the mess as you move.
  • Booking Desk: Lets you call people to your restaurant for bonus cash.

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