All free items in Roblox Luobu Event | Catch the Rabbit, Mooncake Festival

Free items available in the Luobu Event!

Called both the Mooncake Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Luobu Celebration Event offers players the opportunity to obtain a few new items, explore a new experience, and even try their hand at a few unique minigames. Though this experience is meant for Roblox China — with prevalent Chinese music, language, and culture intertwined into the game — this experience can still be enjoyed by players around the world!

The Luobu Event contains three minigames, collectable coins, quests, a shop and, of course, free items. All attainable items and how to get them can be found in the list below.

Luobu Free Items

  • Moon with bunny ears hat — No prerequisites needed to collect
  • Mooncake with bunny on a stick hat — Obtained by being one of the top 2,000 players on the leaderboard at the end of the entire event
  • Golden Mooncake with bunny on a stick hat — Obtained by being the number one player on the leaderboard at the end of the entire event (Only the top player will receive this item, no one else)
  • Men's tradition clothes — Obtained by gaining 450 points
  • Women's traditional clothes — Obtained by completing quests or winning minigames with a friend, or multiple friends, in the same lobby as you

As of now, the moon with bunny ears hat and the traditional clothes are the only widely attainable items in this event. Both of the mooncake hats will take some serious dedication to obtain, but anything's possible! Read on below for more in-depth steps on how to earn the easier items.

Moon with bunny ears hat

This item is the easiest to obtain out of all five as all you'll have to do is find the prize zone, approach the corresponding tube, and hold E to obtain it.

After you've obtained it you will be able to find and equip it in your Roblox inventory!

Men's traditional clothes

In order to unlock the male version of the traditional clothes you'll need to earn 450 in-game points. On the right hand side of your screen you'll see a menu with a scroll icon and multiple bars with 0/1 or 0/5 written inside of them. This menu is the quest menu and it aims to help players keep track of what quests they have left to complete.

Each time you finish a quest you will be awarded with 100 points, so by completing all five in-game quests you will have enough points to unlock the traditional clothes for men. Some of the quests are more challenging and time consuming, whereas others require little to no effort. The lists below will detail all five quests and how to complete them


  • Catch and return five rabbits in the Palace Lantern Shooting minigame
  • Cross the Lotus Obby to rescue one rabbit and bring it back to the starting point in the Lotus minigame
  • Win the Team Competition minigame
  • Purchase and use a Cheer Lightstick
  • Stay in the game for 600 seconds

How to win the Palace Lantern Shooting minigame

To start this minigame walk into the blue circle with the lantern floating above it in the main area. Once joined, you will be spawned onto a dock with other players who are also playing the game. The objective of this minigame is to use a firework to shoot down lanterns that are floating in the sky. Simply click anywhere on the screen to shoot a firework in that direction.

Each lantern that you shoot down will then spawn a rabbit which you should quickly pick up by walking near it. Once you've collected your rabbit, hurry over and drop it into the yellow circle on the dock. In order to complete the quest for this minigame you'll need to collect five rabbits and drop them each into the yellow circle.

How to win the Lotus Obby

Due to the game's server settings, things can be a bit wonky at times when trying to play minigames— the Lotus Obby is the perfect example of this. The obby itself is quite simple, however it can be difficult to complete if you are constantly dealing with other players or buggy leaves. Remember that collision is on in this experience, so be sure to take your time when making your way across the pond!

To complete this quest all you have to do is cross the obby, grab one of the rabbits waiting on the other side, and then retrace your steps to make your way back to the start. Another yellow circle will be waiting for you to drop off you rabbit. Only one rabbit is necessary to complete this quest, however you're awarded three additional points for every rabbit that you grab and bring back.

How to win the Team Competition minigame

This game is completely dependent on how well you can work together with your team, so be extra sure that you're pulling your weight! You'll start at the bottom of your team's base and will have to climb your way up a long ramp, making sure to avoid the falling balls as they'll reset you back to the bottom. Once you reach the top of the platform, grab a rabbit as fast as you can and head back down the ramp to drop it off in your base.

Make sure to keep your eye out for golden rabbits as those are worth three points, whereas the white rabbits are only worth one. Be mindful of the time limit at the top of your screen as well. To get down the ramp faster be sure to use the small arrowed platforms along the side— they'll give you a much needed speed boost!

After the time is up you'll quickly find out if your team has won or lost. If you're on the lucky winning team you will complete the corresponding quest on the right and unlock 100 points. If you didn't win this time don't give up, you can try an endless amount of times until the event is over!

How to purchase and use a Cheer Lightstick

As you make your way around the main world in this experience, you'll notice that there are coins floating around for you to collect. In order to complete the Cheer quest you'll need either 20, 50, or 100 coins, depending on which lightstick you prefer out of the three that are available for purchase. Coins respawn in the game really quickly, so you should have enough in no time.

After you've collected enough coins for your preferred lightstick, select the store icon on the left of the screen just below the coin icon. This will pull up the store where you can purchase items. There will be three lightsticks to choose from— choose whichever you like most!

Click on a lightstick to purchase it and then select the button on the left to confirm. Once you've purchased the lightstick it will be in your game inventory. To access it, select the bag icon below the store icon and then select whichever lightstick you purchased.

Now you can close the menu and simply click on the item and your character will use it, completing the fourth quest in the quest menu. Once you use a lightstick it will disappear from your inventory as well. There is also a scooter that is purchasable from the store, but it's only for looks and isn't necessary to complete any quests.

Spending 600 seconds in the game

This final quest is exceptionally easy and straightforward— all you have to do is remain in the Luobu experience for 600 seconds, or 10 minutes. Once you've completed this easy quest you will have finished all five quests needed to unlock the male traditional clothes! Head back over to the prize zone, approach the correct tube, and redeem your prize!

Women's Traditional Clothes

Now that you've done the hard part of completing all of the quests needed to unlock the male version of the traditional clothes and have familiarized yourself with the minigames inside of this event, there's only one item left and luckily it's simple to get. In order to unlock the female version of the traditional clothes you'll have to play and win minigames while a friend, or multiple friends, are in the same lobby as you. After completing this task you'll be able to approach the prize zone and claim your final reward.

As mentioned before, there are two other free items available for players to obtain, but they require quite the dedication and won't be given out until the end of the Luobu event. In the meantime, keep playing minigames and racking up those points— maybe you'll be the one to win the golden mooncake!

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All free items in Roblox Luobu Event | Catch the Rabbit, Mooncake Festival

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  1. What’s the link of the game pls? :C

    1. What is the link of the game?

  2. Hello, I’ve been playing with a friend (even with my noob by using 2 roblox accounts at the same time) in the same lobby. I’ve been doing this for hours. Completed quests, earned so many points and I’m still at 0/100 to obtain the women’s clothes. Is this a bug? I also bought so many glow sticks and it also says 0/1. I probably have bought like 5 of them already and I’m trying to click on the stick from my inventory, but nothing happens. Tried it with my noob too and same issues there.

    1. Since this experience is still so new and has so many players piled into one server, I’m going to assume that the issue with the female clothes is unfortunately just a bug in your game. I did have the same exact problem as you in terms of the issue with the light sticks however— the game seems to be very overwhelmed at the moment but it still stinks that obtaining the in-game items feels like it’s just based on luck. I still have yet to be able to click on a light stick and use it once purchased, however my friend had no problem and could do it instantly. Hopefully things will improve within the game soon, but unfortunately for now it’s just super buggy. Not a user error on your end at all!

  3. Hello, this page is actually very usefull but can you write down the game link or name? I can’t find it, and when i wanted to play the luobu experience i probably did enter the wrong game? Just link it down..

    1. Hey! The author Grace Doyle provided this link =)

      1. thanks ur helpfull