All horses in Roblox Wild Horse Islands and how to get

Here are all the horses you can find roaming the world of Wild Horse Islands!

Wild Horse Islands is the perfect Roblox game for girls, boys, and anyone who loves horses. Embark on an adventure across the Islands as you discover various types of horses in the wild and take on the task of taming them. There are many horses to collect, with plenty of secrets and surprises on each mystical island. Here are all of the available horses in Wild Horse Islands and how you can add them to your collection!

All horse types in Roblox Wild Horse Islands

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Many different breeds of horses are available in Wild Horse Islands, and some are rarer than others. While most horses have a chance of spawning on any island, in some cases, breeds are more likely to appear on one specific island. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled and have the patience to track down all of them.

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Despite being one of the most sought-after breeds, Friesians are not relatively strong or big. They can be hard to come across but have been spotted the most on Royal Island.

  • Black Friesian
  • Fading Black Friesian
  • Gray Friesian
  • Black Pinto Friesian
  • Liver Chestnut Friesian
  • White Friesian


The Clydesdales are some of the strongest horses, with significantly large bodies. Although they are scarce to find in the wild, they have a chance of appearing on any of the islands and don't take any special lasso to tame.

  • Brown Clydesdale
  • Bay Clydesdale
  • Black Clydesdale
  • Chestnut Clydesdale
  • Dapple Palomino Clydesdale
  • Dapple Grey Clydesdale


Thoroughbred horses are also among the most sought-after breeds. Most likely due to their high-speed stats, making them faster than all other species.

  • Brown Thoroughbred
  • Bay Thoroughbred
  • Black Thoroughbred
  • Chestnut Thoroughbred
  • White Thoroughbred
  • Dapple Gray Thoroughbred
  • Dapple Palomino Thoroughbred

Quarters Horses

The Quarter Horse is known as a starter breed on Wild Horse Islands because it is one of the most common breeds found in the wild. Although they are seen more quickly than others, they can still have a higher balanced set of skills.

  • Bay Quarter Horse
  • Black Quarter Horse
  • Brown Quarter Horse
  • Chestnut Quarter Horse
  • Gray Quarter Horse
  • Buckskin Quarter Horse
  • Palomino Quarter Horse
  • White Quarter Horse
  • Bay Roan Quarter Horse
  • Blue Roan Quarter Horse


Despite their unique names, the Fjords are not much different from Paint or Quarter horses. Although, they are known to be the rarer versions and sell for more on the market. They have higher-end stamina and strength skills and are usually only seen in white or tan-colored coats.

  • Bruhblakk Fjord
  • Rodblakk Fjord
  • Gra Fjord
  • Ulsblakk Fjord
  • Gulblakk Fjord

Paint Horses

While Paint horses are another of the most common breeds found on all islands, two types of Paint horses are rarer than the others⁠—the Blue Roan and the Buckskin. The Buckskin can usually only be found on Forest Island, and the Roan is usually on Desert Island.

  • Black Tobiano Paint Horse
  • Bay Tobiano Paint Horse
  • Blue Roan Tobiano Paint Horse
  • Chestnut Overo Paint Horse
  • Palomino Tobiano Paint Horse
  • Grey Tobiano Paint Horse
  • Buckskin Sabino Paint Horse
  • Dapple Grey Overo Paint Horse


The Arabian horses are known for their top stamina stats, outranking all other breeds with endurance. They can travel longer and farther without tiring out, although they are very rare to find in the wild.

  • Bay Arabian
  • Black Arabian
  • Grey Arabian
  • Chestnut Arabian
  • Bay Sabino Arabian
  • Black Sabino Arabian
  • Black Rabicano Arabian
  • Chestunut Rabicano Arabian


Appaloosas are another of the most common breeds, with minor exceptions. The Leopard and Red Roan types stand out among the rest as rare. The Leopard Appaloosa can only be found on Blizzard Island, while the Red Roan resides on Desert Island.

  • Bay Appaloosa
  • Chestnut Appaloosa
  • Buckskin Appaloosa
  • Gray Appaloosa
  • Red Roan Appaloosa
  • Leopard Appaloosa
  • Peacock Appaloosa


Mustangs are similar to Quarter Horses but with a few new coat variants and slightly increased speed skills. Their rare coat types are the Black Overo, Palomino Sabino, and Buckskin Tobiano, but they can still be found on any island.

  • Black Overo Mustang
  • Bay Mustang
  • Palomino Mustang
  • Buckskin Mustang
  • Grullo Mustang
  • Buckskin Tobiano Mustang
  • Black Mustang
  • Brown Mustang
  • Palomino Sabino Mustang


Andalusians are not much different from the Mustang breed regarding appearance and skills. However, they have some of the rarest coats in the game, such as the Cremello and Pearl Andalusians, which are some of the hardest to come across.

  • Dapple Buckskin Andalusian
  • Dark Bay Andalusian
  • Cremello Andalusian
  • Grey Andalusian
  • Black Andalusian
  • Red Chestnut Andalusian
  • Chestnut Andalusian
  • Pearl Andalusian

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How to get horses in Roblox Wild Horse Islands

The actual task of taming horses is usually easier than spotting the breeds you like. Although almost all species have a chance of spawning on any of the islands, the rarer breeds not only have less chance to spawn but might require a stronger lasso to capture. Don't worry⁠—when you come across a horse you like in the wild, catching it should be a piece of cake once you know how.

Craft lassos

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To catch horses, you need to have lassos. You can craft lassos by pressing Tab to open your inventory and then pressing the Craft button on the bottom left. Once the Crafting menu is opened, switch to the Lassos page. You will see all the possible lassos you can create, but some of them will require you to be at a higher level. You will always need rope and other specific materials like various ores to craft lassos. If you have the proper ingredients, you will see a little green checkmark beside the items, and you can press the Craft button at the bottom of the menu. The higher the level lasso, the stronger it will be, making catching horses much more effortless.

Catch a horse with a lasso

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Once you have lassos crafted, you can use them to catch horses you spot in the wild. Press 2 on your keyboard or select the lasso from your inventory toolbar at the bottom of your screen. When your lasso is equipped, you will see a ring of lasso symbols on the ground wherever you point your cursor. To catch the horse, place that ring around the horse and press your left mouse button to throw.

Notice that the meter over the horse will increase each time you successfully throw the lasso. The number displayed shows how many times you will need to lasso it. Rarer horses will take a few more tries than the common ones, so you might need to make a stronger lasso that will fill up that meter faster. Once the meter is filled, the horse is tamed and added to your collection.

Hogan's Shop

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If you're having too hard of a time finding the horse you want in the wild, you can always head into town at any island and locate Hogan's horse shop. Hogan sells various horse breeds here, which will switch up occasionally and differ at multiple locations. You need some coins to buy the horse you like, but remember that better rarity horses will cost more. Some of the very best horses can only be purchased with Robux.

This is the list of all the horses you can find in Wild Horse Islands and how you can catch them. Let us know in the comments below what breed you managed to collect and where you found them!

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All horses in Roblox Wild Horse Islands and how to get

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