ASTD Troy Honda Guide

A reliable mid-tier burn unit!

Troy Honda is one of the best beginner-friendly units in ASTD due to his ability to inflict a lot of raw burn damage and target air-type enemies. Indicative of his name, he is based on the Roy Mustang character from the Fullmetal Alchemist universe. There are two versions of Roy Mustang - Troy Honda (Roy Mustang - 5 Star) and Troy Honda (Enraged- 6 Star). As an amateur player, I always equipped this character to finish several World 1 story modes like Desert Island, Hero Dome, and Vampire Hideout.

If you are a new Roblox All Star Tower Defense player who wants to know how to unlock it, study the stats, and learn some of the best team composition for the character, read the below guide in detail.

Troy Honda Complete Guide - All Star Tower Defense

How to acquire Troy Honda in ASTD

How to get Troy Honda (Roy Mustang) in ASTD

You can obtain Troy Honda(Roy Mustang) 5-star unit from the X or Y Hero Summon Section. Each banner will cost around 50 Gems. Once the character appears in the Banner section, keep rerolling for the character till you find one.

How to get Troy Honda (Enraged) in ASTD

For the six-star version, you can obtain it in two ways. You can either reroll for the character from the Z Hero Summon section for 50 Gems. The other way is to craft the unit by using the following materials.

  • x3 Troy Honda (Roy Mustang)
  • x3 Homunculus
  • x3 Homunculus II
  • x4 Homunculus III

Remember, it's better to craft the Troy Honda (Enraged) than rerolling, as the drop rate for the six-star unit is less than 1%.

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All Troy Honda Ability & Upgrades in All-Star Tower Defense

Troy Honda (Roy Mustang) - Ability & Upgrades (Max Level - 175)

As mentioned earlier, being a burn unit, the primary ability of Troy Honda is to deal burn damage that ticks over time. After deployment, he has a total of 3 upgrades. You can find all the details regarding it below.


  • Tower Type: Air, AoE (Circle)
  • Damage: 107.1 (642.6 burn damage)
  • Range: 30
  • SPA: 2
  • DPS: 53.55
  • Cost: 700

Upgrade 1

  • Damage: 171.36 (1028.16 burn damage)
  • Range: 35
  • SPA: 1.75
  • DPS: 97.92
  • Cost: 1250

Upgrade 2

  • Damage: 278.46 (1670.76 burn damage)
  • Range: 43
  • SPA: 1.5
  • DPS: 185.64
  • Cost: 1750

Upgrade 3

  • Damage: 449.82 (2698.92 burn damage)
  • Range: 63
  • SPA: 1
  • DPS: 449.82
  • Cost: 2800

Troy Honda (Enraged) - Ability & Upgrades (Max Level - 175)

Like the 5-star version, Troy Honda (Engraded) also deals burn damage to enemies that passively increases over time. Also, he is a fire Enchant type unit, causing 3x damage to enemies of nature type. You can find all eight upgrade details below.


  • Tower Type: Air, AoE (Circle)
  • Damage: 2848.86 (17,093.16 burn damage)
  • Range: 35
  • SPA: 5
  • DPS: 569.77
  • Cost: 750

Upgrade 1

  • Damage: 5697.72(34,186.32 burn damage)
  • Range: 35
  • SPA: 5
  • DPS: 1139.54
  • Cost: 750

Upgrade 2

  • Damage: 11,481 (68,886.72 burn damage)
  • Range: 35
  • SPA: 5
  • DPS: 2296.22
  • Cost: 2000

Upgrade 3

  • Damage: 19128.06 (1,14,768.36 burn damage)
  • Range: 35
  • SPA: 5
  • DPS: 3825.61
  • Cost: 4000

Upgrade 4

  • Damage: 29838.06 (179028.36 burn damage)
  • Range: 35
  • SPA: 5
  • DPS: 5967.61
  • Cost: 5000

Upgrade 5

  • Damage: 46974.06 (281844.36 burn damage)
  • Range: 45
  • SPA: 4
  • DPS: 11743.52
  • Cost: 20,000
  • + Fire Snap 1

Upgrade 6

  • Damage: 66252.06 (397512.36 burn damage)
  • Range: 45
  • SPA: 4
  • DPS: 16563.02
  • Cost: 30,000

Upgrade 7

  • Damage: 91956.06 (551736.36 burn damage)
  • Range: 45
  • SPA: 4
  • DPS: 22989.02
  • Cost: 30,000

Upgrade 8

  • Damage: 130512.06 (783072.36 burn damage)
  • Range: 65
  • SPA: 3
  • DPS: 43504.02
  • Cost: 1,00,00
  • + Fire Snap 2

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Best Team Composition for Troy Honda in ASTD

There is no use in having Troy Honda if you do not know how to build a team around him. So, here are some suggestions that can help you win most story modes in the game.

Best Team Build for Troy Honda (Roy Mustang)

Team Composition 1

  • Troy Honda (Roy Mustang) - Team Leader
  • Savon Master
  • Dr. Heart
  • Flower Magus
  • Bellma

Team Composition 2

  • Troy Honda (Roy Mustang) - Team Leader
  • Anti Magician
  • Salesman
  • Jenos Overdrive
  • Koku BlackPink

Best Team Build for Troy Honda (Enraged)

Team Composition 1

  • Troy Honda (Enraged) - Team Leader
  • Demon of Emotions (Hantengu)
  • Black Stache (Time Skip)
  • Dragon Maid (Tohru)
  • Death
  • Wish

Team Composition 2

  • Troy Honda (Enraged) - Team Leader
  • Zio (Ascended)
  • Kirffin Supa (DBS)
  • Messi (The Egoist)
  • Elite Warrior
  • Bellma Super Corp

Remember, irrespective of these build suggestions, your team composition must always be based on map and game mode.

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