How to get the Chaotic Top Hat in Roblox

The last of the seven relics for the Ready Player Two Virtual Treasure Hunt quest has been found, and it's the Chaotic Top Hat! The Chaotic Top Hat was found in the Roblox Dungeon Quest game. Dungeon Quest is very popular within the Roblox community, so many of you might already be familiar with how to play.

The quest to get the Chaotic Top Hat requires multiple steps and is arguably the most difficult quest of the Virtual Treasure Hunt, so have patience. Due to certain steps that will become clear as you read, I believe this quest must be finished in one go, on one server, so carve out a good chunk of time to play. Most importantly, thought: have fun and don't give up!

How to get the Chaotic Top Hat

To get the Chaotic Top Hat, go into Dungeon Quest. This guide has broken down the quest into three major steps: Finding the Gems, The Blinking Lights, and The Boss. Each step requires plenty of work, many of which is unique to your own account. Not everything in this quest can be solved by watching a video, which is why getting the Chaotic Top Hat is so difficult. So be sure to follow these steps very carefully, and you will walk away victorious with the Chaotic Top Hat!

Step 1 - Finding the Gems

First you need to touch 7 colored gems in a specific order. Run through each gem, literally touching them. There isn’t an audio indication, so make sure you run through them!

The exact order of the 7 colored gems are:

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Blue
  4. Cyan
  5. White
  6. Purple
  7. Green

Note: If you do not follow this specific order, Step 2 of the Chaotic Top Hat quest will not trigger.

The locations of each colored emerald are as such:


Starting from the spawn point, travel forward and cross the small bridge. Continue walking straight until the path starts to turn right. Do not turn right up the path. Instead, look behind one of the first trees you find. The red gem is behind that tree.


The yellow gem is located behind a long stone building, within a crack in the wall. This long stone building is located above the spawn, and more specifically above the "Join the official ‘Dungeon Quest’ group” sign. Travel in that upward direction until you find the crack in the wall.


The blue gem is hidden behind a tree. If you follow a straight path from where you found the yellow gem, you will eventually find this blue gem behind the tree.


This gem is under the wooden bridge that is just past the spawn point. The gem is in an underwater cave. Swim below the bridge and enter the cave to find the cyan gem.


The white gem is located above the Advanced Training Bags. You will find the white gem behind one of the trees.


The purple gem can be found just past the large closed door that is built into a mountain. The door has a green emerald built in. The gem is located behind a rock wall, to the right of the large closed door.


The green gem is located behind the spawn point where the boulders are blocking a cave. Climb the boulders to squeeze through the cave. Continue into the cave until you reach an obby.

This obby is difficult. Be prepared for precise platforming and multiple attempts. For most of the obby you will want to jump at the last second, so time your jumps carefully. At the end of the obby is the green gem.

Step 2 - The Blinking Lights

Now you need a 6-digit code to unlock the cell door in order to reach Step 3. To get the code, you have to count blinking lights, 5 in total. Above the Boulder cave is where you should stand to see all blinking lights at once. Every player’s code is different, so you can’t grab a code from a video.

Note: If you have recording software like OBS, use this this so that you can watch the lights blink in slow motion. Otherwise, you will have to watch the blinking sequence over and over until you are confident that you’ve picked up the correct code.


You will know the sequence has ended when the lights no longer blink and a long pause ensues. The amount of lights blinking = a number. 

For example: If 5 lights blink at the same time, the first number is 5. Then, if the next lights only have two blinking lights, the second number is 2. Again, if the next lights only have 3 that blink, the third number in your code will be 3. My code was as follows:

3 1 3 3 5 2 0

Then go back to the bridge and look for the locked cell to the right. Enter the code here by literally clicking the numbers on the keypad. If entered correctly you will have been teleported to a bright location with a bunch of servers.

Step 3 - The Boss

This sequence is on a 10 minute timer, so move with haste. Break down the door to enter a small obby. This one is much easier than the green gem obby. Time your jumps properly and safely make it to the other side.

Break down the door to reach the last chamber: The Glitch!

The Glitch Boss - Strategy

  • When the whole ground turns grey, quickly run behind a server. If you don’t get there in time you will take a lot of damage.
  • Avoid the red and grey lines - the Glitch will shoot lasers at you.
  • While using your regular attack, spam your Q and E attacks as much as possible. This creates a three-way combo that deals tons of damage to the Glitch.
  • When the Glitch’s health reaches halfway, two stationary power machines will spawn. They will heal the Glitch over time, so take those out as fast as possible.
  • Don’t worry: if you lose a life, the Glitch’s health remains where you left off. But be careful not to lose all three lives!

When you beat him, the Glitch will disappear and you will get a Mission Completed. You have just earned the Chaotic Top Hat!

Because the Chaotic Top Hat quest is so difficult, it might be helpful to follow along to DeeterPlay's video, to get a better sense of the gem locations and the blinking lights step.

Need help finding the other Ready Player Two event quest items? We have guides in our Promo Codes List page for all of them. 

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  1. im now can get chaotic hat thank you very much 🙂

  2. I touch the gems in order and there’s no code and keypad??? I’m so confuse

  3. Dude, if you look behind the bars of the locked cell where you put in your code, the code literally is shown. I did none of the quests and still got teleported to the Glitch

  4. thank you so much for the guid but for the obby once you pass the rail part you go through the black tunnels and that is where i found the green gem

  5. boss + me = U ARE SO FREAKING DEAD

  6. Uh i tried but the glitch boss has 837884673241973829841789875634875984381923087470985 health so how do i beat it?

  7. Edit: tried again, found the code literally next to the keypad, didnt have to do the gems even. Beat the glitch in like 5 minutes. Bless you shift lock. 🙂

  8. ugh maybe i’m just a noob but the glitch boss is really hard for me i died and the controllers where bad, ill try again later.

  9. Uhm, this maybe too late for this event but… i’ve tried the same way to get the Chaotic Top Hat. But since I leave that game, idk if its my mistake or this events are ended. i remember that ive touched 6 gems and after i rejoin i touched the last gems. But when I check the gates there was no more pad lock. Is it the end of the event?

    1. same no padlock at all

  10. umm so i pressed a wrong gem so if i leave and join again will i hv to start again or i hv to continue frm the wrong one??

    1. You mean go in the gem

    2. I believe you have to start from the beginning

  11. For me, the 6 digit code also appeared in number form behind the bars of the cell where you enter the code

    1. me too!!!

  12. Great tutorial, very clear. took me less than 15 minutes to complete, pretty much a straight line.

  13. the green gem isnt at the end of the obby for me a little help?

  14. i found my code in the door

  15. so uh, regarding the lights, can anyone explain?

  16. can someone tell wat is the door thingy and where do i input the code to open the cage

  17. the door code not show up in the river why, Am I wrong?

    1. Go to the end of the river where the cave is

  18. Ok but thanks SO much to the people who actually found the locations of all the gems and put them on this list

  19. Yellow gem is covered

    1. It’s still there, just checked.

  20. Hey guys? Tip. You don’t have to look at the lights, at the door, it shows you the code!
    You can look there to find the code, you don’t have to see the lights.

    1. what is the door thingy and where is the code input at

      1. where is the door-?
        and also does it really show you the code?

  21. for the obby it is easier if you ave a speed spell

  22. how much health does the glitch have because im afraid i might 1 soth it bc i do 270 billion dmg ps

    1. it has 1k
      and u get special stuff when you fight it

  23. If I leave the game after collecting all the gems do they reset?

    1. Users have reported that the gems won’t reset if you leave the game.

  24. Excuse me, but I believe that the glitch obby is much harder than the green gem obby.

  25. is this outdated for the gems? cause i was going to the location and it was not here

    1. Nope, the gems are still there.

  26. I’m on mobile and I can’t see 1 of the lights because of the render distance ITS SO ANNOYING

    1. just go to the door thingy where the code is and behind the bars is your code

  27. Great help.
    Did you realize that after finding all gems, near the river with the code there was the code you needed for entering the numbers? I felt so dumb when I saw it, and I cracked up.
    I was rather careless with the boss fight, and finished it in 3 and a half minutes, also with the parkour. But right at the moment when I killed the glitch, I died on my last life. But I was lucky, and still got the badge.

  28. so i suggest tutorial videos from TwiistedPandora—he is more clear and the audio sounds better, its just overall more understandable that deeterplays. no offense to him but i gues people will understand twiisted better. please consider

    1. Hey, I’ll check TwiistedPandora out – thanks for the recommendation!

      1. ok thank you

  29. just question. what will happen if i entered the code? is it correct if green and orange color shows up? if this is right, i suggest that u should get ur focus blurry then u will see the lights blinking. meh code: 223213

    1. Every code is different for each player. Most likely 223213 will not work for you.

  30. The keypad isn’t there i’ve joined many servers but not a single one of them had one and the lights never flicker when I get all the crystals. What do I do?

    1. It sounds like you are not touching the crystals in the correct order.